(EOL) [Kernel][04.10.21][Q:1.6.3][R:2.6.0] JimboK - Kernel for SM-8250 (S20 and Note 20 Snapdragon)

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Sep 20, 2009
I am generally against permissive due to the security issues it might bring. Why do you need it to be permissive? If it's a thing most people want/need I might think of changing that
To install some mods like viper and etc.
I think that people who wanted to unlock their boot loaders and install custom kernels know what the're doing :)
It will be nice if you upload both permissive and enforcing kernel for newer releases.


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Mar 21, 2012
Yes look at the title it says Android Q & Android R
R being Android 11
LOL, no fc bro...for those of us who got android 11 AND ui 3.0 at the same time, I just wanted clear clarification...but I definitely appreciate you let time me know that android r is 11...great heads up


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Hey Everybody, R-2.1.0 has been released. Upstreamed to 4.19.172, Moved to a different DTS source for all devices in order to improve stability and DTBO compatibility.

The main thing to mention is that you will find 2 versions of the Kernel. There is one with the word FLICKER at the end of the zip file, this version has the DC DIMMING or FLICKER FREE added but i must warn you:

On x1q, y2q and z3q:

  • Colors might look washed out from time to time, specially when the screen has been off for too long.
  • Screen in low light environment and with auto brightness or manually set a low brightness will produce a greenish tint
  • Weird shadow artifacts might be seen around the icons or when pulling the statusbar

on c1q and c2q:

  • Weird artifacts around the icons on the screen
  • Shadowing when status bar is pulled down
  • Unable to change brightness level

So, it was added just to show how broken it is on our devices. Reason for this? Samsung has a messier and deeper VRR / GAMMA config that is messed easily. I will not continue supporting DC Dimming on future versions of the Kernel, please don't request for it after this release.
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Dec 14, 2017
@jimbo77 Does it look good on 100% brightness with flicker free?

I'm asking because I see you have also integrated Klapse into the kernel. Klapse has a dimming feature too, and it can even dynamically scale brightness.

So if flicker free version looks good on 100% brightness, by combining with Klapse we can effectively achieve dc-dimming.
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Jul 29, 2010
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R-2.4.0 is up. Changelog is in post #2.

I have been really busy with work and personal stuff that's why i have taken a bit to drop you the updates. I haven't heard anything negative on the Kernel so i am assuming it's been working fine.

Anyways, please leave any feedback and don't forget to tip your dev :p
Thanks man!
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R-2.5.0 is up. This is a small update, needed to sync some missing code from the upstreamed branch. I also tweaked a bit the defaults for the DEVFREQ BOOST driver so as the SCHEDHORIZON defaults. Performance is no longer the default GOV for LITTLE cluster.

As always, any feedback is good feedback! And don't forget to tip the dev! :)



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Apr 11, 2011
Hi, new owner of S20 here, coming from Nexus/Pixel line. Really interested in this kernel as I don't really like the stock display calibration. After flashing this kernel, will I stop receiving OTAs? Or will that happen as soon as I unlock the bootloader?


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Hi, new owner of S20 here, coming from Nexus/Pixel line. Really interested in this kernel as I don't really like the stock display calibration. After flashing this kernel, will I stop receiving OTAs? Or will that happen as soon as I unlock the bootloader?

It will happen as soon as you root or flash a non stock image like this Kernel
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    I want to introduce my first custom kernel for the SM8250 family of Snapdragons. This is based of latest Samsung OneUI 2.5 Sources and I cherry-picked commits to make improvements to the stock base. I'm not a developer, but i really like to port stuff over .

    I will try to have this Kernel updated as soon as new source tarballs are drop by Samsung. If you want to request for specific features, let me know and i'll do my best to bring them over.

    Special Features:

    Changelog is in post #2

    How to Install:

    First, make sure you are in any OneUI 2.5 (BTH* or BTI*) ROM and have TWRP on the device. Make sure you take a backup of your current boot partition in twrp, now install either the boot.img (extract from the tar file) or use ODIN to flash in Dowload mode. Please make sure to read Post #3 regarding issues with the current OS Patch Level. Images from 1.5.0 onwards are pre-rooted but you will probably need to update magisk either manually or by flashing latest magisk.zip file.

    Keep in mind the following table to determine your phone model:

    x1q = S20 - G981X
    y2q = S20+ - G986X
    z3q = S20U - G988X
    r8q = S20 FE - G781B
    c1q = Note 20 - N981X
    c2q = Note 20U - N986X

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems some users need to flash a vbmeta image file provided by Google in order to boot and user the Custom Kernel. If you find yourself in a situation were you are not able to boot, please flash the attached vbmeta img along with the Kernel and if still bootlooping share the last_kmsg to determine what's driving the issue.


    Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you use this and brick your device or if your device blows up, implodes, flames start shooting from it or it kills your neighbor's dog. Flash at your own risk. I am not responsible.... It was the other guy... I swear....

    You can use THIS link to get the latest builds. These and other downloads can also be found in the Telegram Group.

    Sources for Q? https://github.com/Jimbo77/JimboK_common_sm8250
    Sources for R? https://github.com/Jimbo77/Jimbok_common_sm8250-R

    Join the Telegram Group for additional discussions and downloads - HERE

    Special thanks to:
    Lord Boeffla

    For their work and dedication to development!
    1.6.0 is up. Merry Christmas everyone!
    Happy New Year everybody! May you accomplish all of your goals this year and succeed in anything you set for!

    As promised, 1.8.0 is up. This is a very interesting update, i have worked both the DEVFREQ and CPU_INPUT BOOST functionalities and fine tuned them for our Device frequencies. You will notice a change in the smoothness of the system overall but i need you to be aware that battery life might be a bit compromised (nothing to be worried about) since now the device will wake up and react to inputs with higher CPU, GPU and DDR frequencies.

    I hope this works as intended for everyone but please leave feedback in case anything breaks and as always, if you can... Support the efforts! :)
    1.7.0 is up! As mentioned in Telegram. I know several users want dc dimming / flicker free dimming added to the Kernel but let me tell you it is not an easy task :(. It will need several hours invested to port it correctly and i don't have too much spare time nowadays so this specific feature might take a long or will not ever make it to the kernel at all. I apologize but i have other priorities right now :).

    Enjoy this release, and 1.8.0 will be dropped around new year's eve if everything works fine on my internal testing.
    R-2.3.0 is up..! Read the changelogs and report any issues you face