[EOL][KERNEL][09 AUG][OP3/3T][OOS/H2OS/AOSP] HolyDragon [Oreo 8.x.x and Pie 9.0.0]

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Sep 14, 2008
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Jul 29, 2019
@HolyAngel , Currently on oos 9.0.4. with hdk oos pie kernel. (Op3t)
the gpu freq at minimum is 214 whereas 133mhz is available. i can set it via ex kernel manager but not via hdk mod.
Can you please make 133mhz the default value in next update please.
Regarding thermal settings - should i disable core control and enable intellithermal ( will it really help to avoid thermal throttling ?) or can i enable intellithermal alongside core control ?
Also i have found that disabling touchboost helps a lot in smoothness as well as heat generation.
the standy by drain is amazingly low. thanks for your amazing kernel.
Looking for more optimizations in future !!
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What's the difference between 0.12 and 1.0 @HolyAngel?
1.0 seems with official Pie blobs, 0.12 is some kind of unofficial?

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What's the difference between 0.12 and 1.0 @HolyAngel?
1.0 seems with official Pie blobs, 0.12 is some kind of unofficial?


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Sep 14, 2008
What's the difference between 0.12 and 1.0 @HolyAngel?
1.0 seems with official Pie blobs, 0.12 is some kind of unofficial?

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What's the difference between 0.12 and 1.0 @HolyAngel?
1.0 seems with official Pie blobs, 0.12 is some kind of unofficial?

V12 is the kernel that ships with SD, will work on any pie rom using oreo blobs still.

V1 is for rom that use official pie blobs, like latest los/havoc/nos

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    Back again!

    You may remember me from my SkyDragon kernels for N6/M8/M7/G3 among other devices, I've been off XDA for a year or so, quietly making kernels and roms for myself and personal friends. Decided to come back to show the OP3 some love under my own moniker while the team is on hiatus.

    This is the kernel I use as my daily driver, I'm not really looking to add things so if you want more, please find someone/thing else. My goal here to get as much performance out of our device(s) as possible without sacrificing any battery life or stability whatsoever. No Ofast or ffast-math flags that break IEEE and math operations. No beta toolchains. I compile my own toolchains from recent stable release, build them optimizing and targeting a specific processor instead of the whole architecture, and then I use those to build my kernels that are optimized for that same processor. So this kernel is meant to be as stable stock, all the performance, and none of the loss in battery. Anyways, on with the show..

    Kernel supports all OP3/OP3T devices running OOS Stable 5.0.x or OpenBeta 32-3x(OP3) and 23-2x(OP3T):good:
    Kernel source is based on official OnePlus 3/3T openbeta source code :good:
    Kernel has been compiled targeting msm8996 specifically :good:
    All but C++, AR, objdump compiled with my custom-built Linaro 6.4.1 toolchain with LTO targeting msm8996/SD820/SD821 :good:
    C++, AR, objdump from Qualcomm SnapDragon LLVM v6.0.2 targeting kryo :good:
    Using ld.lld from clang 7 for linker :good:
    No user setup required - optimal settings already applied :good:

    No user clock-speed modifications
    Flar2 sleep/wakegesture features (Disabled by default, no vibration, enable with EX App)
    Stock wake gestures still have vibrate functionality
    Swappiness set to zero by default (we have plenty of ram)
    vfs_cache_pressure set to zero by default (we have plenty of ram)
    ZRAM disabled (why write to slow storage when we have all the ram)
    Maple IO Scheduler set to default (IMO best balance of performance/battery life)
    Westwood TCP Congestion Profile set to default (Personal preference)
    CRC Check Toggle-able (disabled by default)(~%30 performance boost when disabled)
    FSYNC Toggle-able
    Boeffla's LED Notification
    Boeffla's Wakelock Blocker
    Savoca's KCAL Control
    Fast Charge support for PC charging (1amp instead of .5amp)
    Tweaked Alucard Governor (not default, will need to set manually)
    DTS Eagle+DTS Ultra
    KLapse-Livedisplay Support

    ~*~*Credits and Thanks*~*~
    Telegram Group <333



    HDK_OP3_AK2_V6.6 Oxygen/Hydrogen OREO LINK
    HDK_OP3_OOSP_V1.0 Oxygen/Hydrogen PIE LINK
    Kernel zip tries to disable DM-Verity and forced encryption, you may need root however in order to boot.
    Install if on something else: If in doubt, download this, flash latest openbeta zip from OnePlus, immediately reboot back into twrp, swipe to allow modifications, install this kernel, install magisk/supersu, profit.
    If you're already on this: you can just flash my latest kernel zip and profit.


    HDK_OP3_AK2_OMNI_V0.12 AOSP Oreo/Pie LINK
    MD5: 736a8ee96e8462d21164eaf3f329e9d1
    This kernel is built from Omnirom source), but should work fine on all AOSP based roms with Oreo blobs..
    Has been tested and working with basically every aosp rom except DU and PixelExperience

    Official Pie blobs - AOSP/LOS
    MD5: 63a744f828631aba39fc8f452788665d


    Kernel's have been thoroughly tested but if you somehow find an issue or just want to leave feedback, that's always appreciated ^^
    You can find changes(changelog) by looking at my posted source. You can also find my custom toolchain's, crosstool-ng, and other sources listed there.

    If you want to contribute to testing pre-release kernels, or need further assistance please join our:
    Discord Server


    If you want to donate to my coffee fund, I prefer any cryptocurrency over paypal.
    Donate with Coinpayments
    or just use paypal, thanks!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [EOL][KERNEL][09 AUG][OP3/3T][OOS/H2OS/AOSP] HolyDragon [Oreo 8.x.x and Pie 9.0.0], Kernel for the OnePlus 3

    HolyAngel, Liam_Davenport, MarcAnt01
    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/holyangel/OP3.git

    Kernel Special Features: Maple IO, Flar Wake Gestures, KCAL, Notification LED customization, slow zram disabled, vfs/vmswap tweaked for performance, DTS Eagle for better audio experience, smoothest+best battery life.

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.0 / 9.1
    Stable Release Date: 2018-06-10

    Created 2018-01-09
    Last Updated 2020-01-14
    AOSP Oreo/Pie kernel version 1.6 is posted. 122 Upstream, it is noticeably snappier/smoother :good:
    New omni/aosp kernel posted. Upstreamed to latest (.131).
    Version 4.0.0 released!

    Main change is merged in latest commits from OnePlus for OpenBeta 31/22, looks like a spectre patch to me..

    Other changes:
    ♦ Tweaked maple preset settings, should give us a bit more battery life.
    ♦ Disabled debug_fs and rerouted wakelocks to proc/ folder. Debug_fs is constantly writing when enabled so disabling it saves us some battery life and gives a little boost. This is stable branch and I'm not debugging it so yeah. Off.
    ♦ Lots of small background changes that should help with battery/security

    ♦ Fast charge support: This is only for charging from pc. Should be able to pull 1+amp from a computer usb port.

    ♦ Vibration with wake gestures:
    Stock gestures (settings->gestures) ALL vibrate, that is unchanged. Disable these if you don't want gestures or want to use flar's.
    Flar wake gestures (need a kernel app to enable) do not vibrate at all. You need to have stock gestures disabled.
    Sweep2sleep does not and cannot have vibration on my kernel.


    Think that's everything, let me know ^^
    Yay for 3 kernel updates in 24hrs :silly:

    New builds are up (again), KLapse finally works fine now! No more WLED.
    Note: When enabling sometimes screen may go black for a sec but that's it.
    No issues here. Enjoy :good: