[EOL] [KERNEL] [Bacon] [COS13,12,11/Lineage14/CM13,12,11] Boeffla-Kernel (28-03-2018)

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Apr 22, 2008
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I do not see any updates for bacon, maybe there is no change in LOS 14.1 ?
Can i use the latest ROM with your last Version 6.1 -Beta 9 kernel released on 26.09.2017
Yes, no updates for a very long time by LineageOS guys for 14.1.

As long as I don't come up with a new kernel version, you can always use latest beta safely.



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Apr 22, 2008
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Hi all,

maybe one of the latest kernel updates is out:

Version 6.1-beta10
  • Important: I meanwhile advice to switch ext4 tweaks and dynamic fsync to off for optimal data integrity. Use these two options on own risk.
  • Change: Internal kernel busybox updated to latest version 1.28.1 (self-compiled from sources, www.busybox.net)
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in bccontroller script


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Apr 22, 2008
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Ah nuts, it's 14.1 :p shame I can't enjoy my number 1 favorite kernel on O. Thank you nonetheless, great lord! And you did say maybe ;)

But that means: Maybe there is another 14.1 kernel, for sure there will be a stable version one day to close that chapter.

Also for sure, there will be no official LOS 15.1 kernel done by me. Sorry :)



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Apr 22, 2008
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Last kernel, the party is over

Hi all,

the day has come. Today is the day where I will drop support for the OnePlus One by providing a last, final LineageOS 14.1 kernel. The kernel is therefore officially end-of-life now.
LineageOS 14.1 has meanwhile be replaced by LineageOS 15, which I am not gonna support anymore for known reasons.
I provided my first kernel in October 2014, so I provided a solid support for the device for around 3.5 years, that's not too bad I would say.
I will leave the thread open for a few more weeks before I finally lock it.

And... in the unlikely case, some official LineageOS 14.1 kernel changes break my last kernel version, I will provide a new stable, final version again. However, I will not merge any more commits unless something is broken, the kernel should be really the last version now and I do not expect significant kernel updates on LineageOS 14.1 anymore.

Here we go for the last OnePlus One Boeffla kernel (drum roll):

This kernel will NOT work on CM13 or older, COS or OnePlus stock roms !!!
It will work only on LineageOS 14.x based roms.

This kernel is end-of-life and marks the end of my support for LineageOS on the OnePlus One.
There will be no LineageOS 15 kernel anymore. The journey is over.

Version 6.1 stable final
  • Note: This is the last LineageOS 14.1 Boeffla kernel provided, there will only be another update when some LineageOS kernel code changes break major functionalities
  • Change: Ext4 tweaks and dynamic fsync are disabled be default
  • Change: Build script enhancements

CU again somewhere else in future, I still have newer phones in active maintenance, maybe you can get one of that models.

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    ** Note: This kernel is end-of-life and will no more be maintained. There will be no LineageOS 15.1 or newer kernel be available anymore **

    Hi all,

    some of you know me from the Samsung devices area, where I provide my kernels already for more than two years to Galaxy S3 and Note 10.1 users for all sort of platforms (Samsung, Cyanogenmod, Omnirom etc.)

    Please note:
    I am not heading to have as many features as possible implemented, this is not my design goal. If you are more into that, move on to other, good existing kernels. If you are searching for a good mix of improvements and new functions while not sacrificing stability, you are welcome here (see below the history section for more info).


    Important: This kernel is only meant to be compatible with official Cyanogenmod / CyanogenOS and nothing else.
    So when the kernel does not run on custom rom XYZ, do not even bother me with it or ask hundred times in the thread for compatibility.
    I could not care less about it !!

    Important notes

    1) When using new anykernel concept Boeffla-Kernel: Flash stock kernel of rom first !

    2) Do NOT use TWRP's function to root your device after a clean rom flash!!! The installed supersu version is not up to date and may cause a bootloop with latest COS/CMs kernels !!!

    3) Make sure you flash the correct kernel version, depending on whether you use cm11s stock or genuine cm11, COS13.0, COS12.1, COS12.1.1 or genuine CM13 !!!

    Also note: You have to use Boeffla-Config app which I provide on my homepage to tweak the kernel. 3rd party apps will not be able to unleash the full power of the kernel.
    Saying that, the Boeffla-Sound app in Play Store is not designed to work on the OPO, neither was it developed by me, hence it will never work on the OPO ever. Boeffla-Config is the way to go here !!!


    First read the FAQ section on the Homepage !!!

    Click here to learn about all possible kernel settings in the config app.
    Click here to learn about using the config app.

    I will refuse to give support if you do any undervolting and experience freezes or hot reboots.

    I will also not provide any support if you do not use Boeffla-Config app to tweak the kernel, other 3rd party tweaking apps are known (and intended) to cause issues.

    I will refuse to give support if you have xposed framework installed and reporting any kind of weird issues. My opinion to xposed it quite clear: too powerful for >90% of the users that just mess up their system with it.

    Otherwise, you can get in touch with me via the support e-mail address: [email protected]

    Please provide kernel version, rom version, a detailed issue description and ideally supporting screenshots or log files.

    Change logs

    Change logs can be found at the first page of the kernel homepage:

    (you can also access them directly in Boeffla-Config V2 by pressing menu and selecting "change log...")


    • Support of anykernel concept (only latest kernels) - flash stock kernel before flashing Boeffla
    • Full integration with Boeffla-Config V2 configuration app (get it from http://www.boeffla.de) to configure all kernel settings
    • Additional governors: zzmoove, intelliactive, intellidemand, wheatley, smartmax, slim, intellimm, pegasusq, nightmare, lionheart
    • Zzmoove supporting native hotplugging profiles
    • Additional schedulers: fiops, bfq, sio, tripndroid, zen
    • Many Hotplug tweak profiles (Default, Optimized, 1 core max, 2 cores max, 3 cores max, 2 cores min, 3 cores min, 4 cores min, 2 cores exact, 3 cores exact)
    • Notification LED control (fading, speed, brightness)
    • Boeffla-Sound engine (Headphones and speaker volume configurable)
    • zRam (1-4 logical devices)
    • True dynamic FSync (activated if screen on, deactived if screen off), configurable
    • Touch boost frequency configurable, touch boost switch
    • Swipe2Wake gesture implemented
    • Swipe2Sleep - 3 gestures implemented
    • Boeffla generic wakelock blocker V1.1.0 (documentation)
    • CPU Overclocking up to 2.88 GHz
    • CPU Voltages interface for undervolting/overvolting
    • GPU idle frequency 27 Mhz added
    • GPU governor selection support with fixed simple_ondemand
    • Show GPU frequency usage per frequency in Boeffla-Config
    • Panel partial updates reverted to avoid graphical glitches
    • Last CM12 touchscreen firmware reverted as it does not work properly for some users
    • Color control to adjust RGB color space + inverted mode
    • SD card read ahead buffer configurable (default increased to 1024 kB)
    • Ext4 File system tweaks (default to on, can be disabled)
    • System Tweaks predefined supported (default is off, new Mattiadj tweak set included)
    • Android logger (logcat) configurable (depending on rom)
    • Kernel logger (dmesg) configurable
    • Charge rates for AC charger and USB charging separately configurable (set charge rate to 0 to have stock charge logic back)
    • Charge information display support via Boeffla-Config V2 app
    • CIFS support (module, do not mount inside /data)
    • NFS support (module)
    • exFat opensource support (module)
    • NTFS support (module)
    • XBox support (module)
    • OTG-Ethernet support (module)
    • Module support in general activated in Kernel
    • TCP Congestion changed to Westwood
    • Swap supported (but not recommended, use zRam instead)
    • init.d support (in /system/etc/init.d - set correct permissions!)
    • Default entropies increased
    • Insecure kernel (adb has root privileges)
    • Automatic EFS backup
    • Kernel survival mode by Boeffla-Config app to survive CM rom flashes (not CMs however)
    • Full support for mpdecision for best compatibility and smoothness (no min cpu frequency reset, use Boeffla-Config to configure min frequencies only)
    • Integrated full busybox 1.23.1 (own compilation)
    • Auto-Root by kernel possible by request (latest su included)
    • Kernel initialisation log file (with history of 3 log files)
    • Emergency reset script automatically placed into /boeffla-kernel-data folder of your internal memory
    • Kexec hardboot supported
    • Presets supported in Boeffla-Config by kernel (Extreme power, power, normal, battery friendly and battery saving)
    • Google gcc 4.8 toolchain used for best stability
    • Always using latest Initramfs
    • Always based on latest OnePlus One kernel sources
    • Note: I do NOT upstream the kernel to higher Linux kernel versions anymore as this usually has zero benefit but likely introduces new issues + is a waste of effort in the end


    For all information and downloads (stable AND testing versions), visit the Boeffla-Kernel homepage:

    History and design targets

    Basically I created my first Boeffla-Kernel in 2012 as there was no kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3 around that had exactly the mix of functionalities that I wanted. I wanted to have full flexibility in undervolting and charge rates for instance, but did not like the sharpness and/or brightness tweaks many kernels have implemented as per default.

    Hence, I began to create my own kernel after a while, adding all the features I like. This is the result of my work, which in the end I decided to share with you. I hope you like it as much as I do.

    The objective of this kernel is to have a kernel for daily use. It does not aim for best battery life, or best smoothness or best benchmark scores. Also it does not aim to have the broadest feature set available everywhere.
    It aims more for a good mix of all, not sacrificing stability and functionality in the end.
    And - most important: It aims to stay quite close to stock !!!

    These design targets are also valid for the OnePlus kernel here!!!

    This said, I will definitely NEVER implement:

    • things I do personally not need
    • things I do not like
    • things that are in any way dangerous
    • anything which is highly experimental
    • custom hotplugging algorithms
    • a CAF based kernel
    • anything that requires upstreaming of kernel parts to a higher kernel major version
    So do not even ask for it if it falls into the listed categories. Everything else I am happy to check and decide.

    And: I do not really care about benchmark numbers, they say almost nothing as long as something is not completely wrong. Important for me is the feel-good factor.
    I am also not interested in gaming at all, so never expect a gamer kernel. It will just not happen...


    To reiterate it again: Flash the correct kernel depending on whether you are on stock cm11s or genuine cm11 !!!

    Configuration of the kernel

    To tweak and configure the kernel, manually load and install the app "Boeffla-Config V2" from the downloads section on www.boeffla.de.

    You need at least version 2.1.48 or higher for the OnePlus One Boeffla Kernels.


    If you like my work, feel free to donate: Donation-Link

    If you donate at least 2,49 EUR (to be in line with the donation app prices on Google Play store), you will receive a personal donation code which unlocks some nice little comfort functions in Boeffla-Config V2 on top.

    Source code

    All sources can be found in my Github repository: http://github.com/andip71

    Credits to developers

    Of course, I had never been able to create all that by my own. So I want to give credits to the really good developers around, that have given me all the inspiration and from which I cherry picked lots of the implemented functionalities:

    * ZaneZam
    * Yank555
    * Hardcore
    * Chainfire
    * AndreiLux
    * Netarchy
    * Gokhanmoral
    * Simone201
    * Mialwe
    * Entropy512
    * Faux
    * Harunjo
    * FranciscoFranco
    * Ak

    ... I just hope I did not forget someone. If so, please let me know and I will add you of course.
    Thanks to all of you for your great work !!!


    *** As always - Flash on our own risk! ***

    Make sure you flash the correct version depending on your firmware version!

    I can and will not take any responsibility for bricked phones or lost data.

    It is generally recommended to run a complete Nandroid backup in your custom recovery and safely store your personal data before you flash a new kernel.

    Cheers and enjoy
    Some statistics...

    Hi all,

    this morning I decided to take a look at traffic statistics on my web servers and I was really more than surprised, yeah... somehow even "amazed".

    What started with a small and simple project for the Galaxy S3 in October 2012, to just provide one single Boeffla Kernel for Samsung based JB roms, meanwhile grew to a "monster". Currently I provide 12 active kernels for 4 different devices (Galaxy S3, OnePlus One, Tab 10.1 n8000 and n8010), and the statistics meanwhile are going through the roof :)

    Look yourself at the attached web server Webalizer stats (sorry, headings in German due to being on a German hoster).

    The facts to call out:
    • You guys meanwhile create a download traffic of avg. 20 GBytes per day !!!
    • Just in January 2015, so far a total traffic of 228 GBytes for downloads were created.
    • Boeffla-Config app has been auto-updated around 40.000 times this month already
    • Boeffla-Config app has been downloaded manually around 26.000 times this month
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Kernel in version 7.2 (for Android 4.4.4) has been downloaded 7456 times in January.
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Kernel in version 6.2 (for Android 4.4.2) has been downloaded 4846 times in January.
    • CM12 alpha kernel for S3 also 4652 downloads
    • Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 kernel on 4027 downloads
    • Then first OnePlus One kernel for CM12 with 3052 downloads
    ... and so on.

    All in all, my various kernels have been download approx. 28.000 times only in January so far.

    Guys, this is AMAZING!!!

    Seems like the Boeffla-Kernels are a quite successful and liked by their users. Although it was never planned to reach that size, ever.

    I just want to say THANK YOU for the trust and confidence in me. In the past 2,5 years and hopefully also the same in the future.

    (and I hope, my web hoster is not trying to get rid of me due to that huge traffic)

    New betas...

    Hi all,

    ok, finally new kernels for you with the unofficial new touch drivers (as they seem very good) and a new zzmoove governor (credits to ZaneZam).

    Please note, the kernels are for CM12.1, CM12s/COS12 and for CM11s. However, I have not tested the CM11s kernel at all, so you will see how it behaves.

    Here we go:

    CM12.1 -- Version 4.0-beta18
    Note: Only for CM nightlies of 14.05. or newer (and custom roms having these new changes in)

    • New, unofficial, selective touch screen drivers implemented (Gerrit) - this should fix the touch screen issues for many without draining battery
    • zzmoove governor updated to version 1.0-beta7 - stability improvements and hotplugging optimisations (credits to ZaneZam)
    • New zzmoove governor profile "relax" added, aiming to avoid audio stutters during screen off
    • Replaced kernel-internal busybox by a new version
    • Ramdisk updated to official CM12.1 version of 01.06.15

    CM12s/COS12 -- Version

    • New, unofficial, selective touch screen drivers implemented (Gerrit) - this should fix the touch screen issues for many without draining battery
    • zzmoove governor updated to version 1.0-beta7 - stability improvements and hotplugging optimisations (credits to ZaneZam)
    • New zzmoove governor profile "relax" added, aiming to avoid audio stutters during screen off
    • Replaced kernel-internal busybox by a new version

    CM11s -- Version
    2.10-beta1 stable (untested by me !!!)

    • New, unofficial, selective touch screen drivers implemented (Gerrit) - this should fix the touch screen issues for many without draining battery
    • zzmoove governor updated to version 1.0-beta7 - stability improvements and hotplugging optimisations (credits to ZaneZam)
    • New zzmoove governor profile "relax" added, aiming to avoid audio stutters during screen off
    • Replaced kernel-internal busybox by a new version

    Update for all kernels...

    Hi all,

    after I returned back from my business trip yesterday night, I now provide you kernel updates for all three active kernels: CM12, CM11 and CM11s.

    CM12 - Version 3.0-beta6

    • Reported issue about not working hotplug profiles (e.g. restricting to 2 cores only etc.) seems to be resolved, could not replicate it anymore
    • Updated with latest >50 CM kernel commits for CM12 until 23.01.15 (-> c2b66bcd5), those are mainly camera related by the way
    • Removed a few optimisation commits for stability purposes
    • Ramdisk updated to official nightly of of 22.01.15

    CM11 - Version 2.1 stable

    • Updated with latest CM kernel commits for CM11 until 23.01.15 (-> f0a2e1d)
    • Removed a few optimisation commits for stability purposes

    CM11s - Version 2.1 stable

    • Removed a few optimisation commits for stability purposes