[EOL] [KERNEL] [I9300] [Lineage14/CM13,12,11,10/Omnirom] Boeffla-Kernel (28-03-2018)

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Jul 10, 2012
Hi lord boeffla
I want to ask you if you have plan to support apt-x codec
For Bluetooth as the stock rom
Have it but the aosp don't


Recognized Developer
Apr 22, 2008
@Lord Boeffla.
Slightly OT. Hope you won't mind too much.

I just installed you latest Omni test build into my GT-I9300 and all is good so far.

Any chance of a N8010/13 compatible version?

For n801x (and n8000) I only provide Samsung based kernels, no CM.
I am out of available time meanwhile, cannot support and work on more.

Hi lord boeffla
I want to ask you if you have plan to support apt-x codec
For Bluetooth as the stock rom
Have it but the aosp don't

Hm, what is your exact use case for it?

Are you using this to stream audio to your automotive audio device, or what exactly do you need it for?

I never looked into it as I barely use Bluetooth at all. But open to hear what you would need it for...



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Jul 10, 2012
Thanks for fast reply
Will I use is it for Bluetooth headphones
That have apt-x on them
The sound quality is amazing for Bluetooth
But without it the sound is so terrible
And I use it in my car too, but not too much
I mess the codec so much that I thought about going
Back to samsung rom

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In here they have it working on omni with little problems
But not on cm


Recognized Developer
Apr 22, 2008
I had a very brief look... Samsung does not implement apt-x in the kernel but as a shared library in the rom.

So, I will not be able to do anything here as apt-x is proprietory, closed code.



Recognized Developer
Apr 22, 2008
Understand, but Samsung put the codec into the shared lib


and this is not part of the kernel. As said, there is no source code available for it to my best knowledge, so this is where we currently end...

Better to ask CM or Omnirom developers if they see any chance of including this shared lib in their roms.



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Oct 31, 2010
For n801x (and n8000) I only provide Samsung based kernels, no CM.
I am out of available time meanwhile, cannot support and work on more.

Perfectly understandable. Sad though as the N80XX platform is in great need. Wish I could do something myself but even if I had the capability, like you, I wouldn't have the time.

Many Thanks for your great work on the S3



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Feb 17, 2013
Hello I am with Cm11 and kernel Boeffla Omni ... and I would like to know how to hear the highest volume ...
With rom samsung, no problem the audio is strong ...

With CM11 is low ...

I would like to know how best to approach the kernel to feel better without distorting

thx :good:


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Apr 15, 2012
@Lord Boeffla
Hi Andi,
Is there any option to disable dynamic fsync on this kernel?
I'm asking since afaik there is a risk of curreption on a hot reboot if dynamic fsync is enabled (I actually faced this problem in the past on another kernel)

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Jun 14, 2013
simple issue : skipping frames in youtube & facebook videos & imdb videos..... etc is it kernel issue or the rom issue is thier any fix ?

i9300 temas v41 & Boeffla


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Feb 27, 2011
I am using them as Cm build. I have tried using version 2.2.1 and have a stutter when using this kernel. (like a freeze frame type effect) I refreshed the rom and all was fine, went back to 2.1.10 and still stutters, again refreshed rom and all fine.
Anyone else had this issue? What can be causing it?

Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
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    ** Note: This kernel is end-of-life and will no more be maintained. There will be no LineageOS 15.1 or newer kernel be available anymore **

    Hi all,

    this is the thread about the CM version of the well-known Boeffla-Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3 international.

    Note: This kernel is only for CM based roms!!! Do not install it on a Samsung based rom!!!
    For Omnirom, please do not use the CM kernel but the separate Omnirom kernel I also provide.

    Difference NG kernels to normal kernels:
    NG = next generation, it does use pure Samsung source codes only, not the smdk4412 kernel sources of the CM or Omnirom team anymore.

    If you are unsure whether to use the NG or the normal kernel, I recommend NG kernel always! Try it first if it works fine for you.

    For the Samsung Boeffla-Kernel, please go HERE.

    If you have questions to settings, presets, others configuration and wanna share your configuration, head over to the unofficial Boeffla-Config App Config sharing thread:

    Important notes

    When using new anykernel concept Boeffla-Kernel: Flash stock kernel of rom first !


    Important: This kernel is only meant to be compatible with official Cyanogenmod and nothing else.
    So when the kernel does not run on custom rom XYZ, do not even bother me with it or ask hundred times in the thread for compatibility.
    I could not care less about it !!


    First read the FAQ section on the Homepage !!!

    Click here to learn about all possible kernel settings in the config app.
    Click here to learn about using the config app.

    I will refuse any support if you do any undervolting and experience freezes or hot reboots.

    I will also not provide any support if you do not use Boeffla-Config app to tweak the kernel, other 3rd party tweaking apps are known (and intended) to cause issues.

    I will refuse to give support if you have xposed framework installed and reporting any kind of weird issues. My opinion to xposed it quite clear: too powerful for >90% of the users that just mess up their system with it.

    Change logs

    (you can also access them directly in Boeffla-Config V2 by pressing menu and selecting "change log...")

    Change log for CM12.0: KLICK HERE

    Change log for CM11.0 NG: KLICK HERE
    Change log for CM11.0: KLICK HERE
    Change log for Omnirom: KLICK HERE

    Change log for CM10.2: KLICK HERE
    Change log for CM10.1 kernels: KLICK HERE


    * Support of anykernel concept (only latest kernels) - flash stock kernel before flashing Boeffla
    * To tweak and configure the kernel, manually load and install the app "Boeffla-Config V2" from here: DOWNLOAD
    * Support for generic framework naming convention framework-2.jar instead of proprietary rom framework names
    * Upstreamed to Linux 3.0.101(www.kernel.org)
    * CPU "soft" overclocking to 1500 or 1600 MHz
    * CPU undervolting interface
    * GPU frequencies configurable (underclocking, overclocking up to 700 MHz)
    * GPU voltages configurable (undervolting, overvolting)
    * Configurable zRam
    * Configurable touch-to-wake
    * Configurable touch boost frequency
    * Configurable early suspend time (for screen off animations, 100ms default)
    * Configurable LED for fading mode, speed and brightness
    * Softkey touch button LEDs controllable
    * Configurable charger rate for AC, USB and wireless (default increased to 1100 mA for ac charging)
    * Charge information display support via Boeffla-Config V2 app
    * Charging logic supports ignore unstable power and remove safety margin
    * Boeffla-Sound engine V1.6.5 to unleash the power of the Galaxy S3 audio chip
    * Additional governors: zzmoove 0.7d, pegasusqplus, smartassv2 and lulzactiveq
    * Governor profiles for pegasusq, pegasusqplus and zzmoove for performance, battery saving etc. (2 more zzmoove profiles added - credits to Yank)
    * Additional schedulers: ROW, ZEN, BFQ (v6r2) and SIO
    * Schedulers configurable separate for internal and external SD memory
    * Hardcore speedmod sharpness fix implemented (default is off)
    * Black crush fix for better balanced display
    * SD card read ahead buffer configurable separate for internal and external SD memory (default increased to 256 kB)
    * Ext4 File system tweaks (default to on, can be disabled)
    * System Tweaks predefined supported (default is off, new Mattiadj tweak set included)
    * WIFI Multicast filter for better battery life
    * WIFI wakelock times reduction
    * Proportional rate reduction for TCP
    * TCP congestion changed from Cubic to Westwood
    * Wifi mac address change support
    * Dynamic fsync 1.2 implemented
    * Timeout for external SD card changed to improve handling of crappy SD cards
    * Swap supported (but not recommended, use zRam instead)
    * init.d support (in /system/etc/init.d - set correct permissions!)
    * NTFS (read-only access only!) compiled as a module
    * CIFS compiled as a module
    * NFS compiled as a module
    * XBox controller support as module
    * exFat support (if supported by used firmware)
    * Battery monitor wakelocks reduced
    * Android logger can be disabled
    * Disabled various debug logs and traces
    * Frandom compiled as a module (for mods like Crossbreeder)
    * Triangle away supported
    * Automatic EFS backup to external (priority) or internal SD Card (fallback) - now compatible with tools like kTool
    * Kernel initialisation log file (with history of 3 log files)
    * Emergency reset script automatically placed into /boeffla-kernel-data folder of your internal memory
    * Compatibility to common standard apps (Voltage Control, SetCPU, System tuner etc.)
    * Compiled with Google arm 4.7 toolchain
    * Internal kernel busybox version 1.21.1


    For all information and downloads (stable AND testing versions), visit the Boeffla-Kernel homepage:


    Basically I created the Samsung version of Boeffla-Kernel as there was no kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3 around that had exactly the mix of functionalities that I wanted. I wanted to have full flexibility in undervolting and charge rates for instance, but did not like the sharpness and/or brightness tweaks many kernels have implemented as per default.

    Hence, I began to create my own kernel after a while, adding all the features I like. This is the result of my work, which in the end I decided to share with you. I hope you like it as much as I do.

    The objective of this kernel is to have a kernel for daily use. It does not aim for best battery life, or best smoothness or best benchmark scores. It aims more for a good mix of all, not sacrificing stability and functionality in the end.
    And - most important: It aims to stay quite close to stock !!! Which in fact for the CM kernel means now... close to CM kernel sources.

    This said, I will definitely NEVER implement:

    • dual boot (I do not need it)
    • color "calibration" (I do not like it, but I like the crispy stock colours)
    • real hard overclocking higher than 1600 MHz as this is outside of Exynos specs
    • f2fs - it is known to cause various issues and compatibility problems
    • a CAF based kernel
    • anything that requires upstreaming of kernel parts to a higher kernel major version
    So do not even ask for it. Everything else I am happy to check and decide.


    To reiterate it again: This kernel is only for CM10.1 and CM10.2 based firmwares. It is not designed to run on Samsung based roms!

    Configuration of the kernel

    To tweak and configure the kernel, manually load and install the app "Boeffla-Config V2" from the downloads section on www.boeffla.de.


    If you like my work, feel free to donate: Donation-Link

    You will receive a personal donation code which unlocks some nice comfort functions in Boeffla-Config V2 on top.

    Source code

    All sources can be found in my Github repository: http://github.com/andip71

    Credits to developers

    Of course, I had never been able to create all that by my own. So I want to give credits to the really good developers around, that have given me all the inspiration and from which I cherry picked lots of the implemented functionalities:

    * Yank555
    * ZaneZam
    * Hardcore
    * Chainfire
    * Harunjo
    * AndreiLux
    * Netarchy
    * Gokhanmoral
    * Simone201
    * Supercurio
    * Mialwe
    * Entropy512
    * Faux

    ... I just hope I did not forget someone. If so, please let me know and I will add you of course.
    Thanks to all of you for your great work !!!


    *** As always - Flash on our own risk! ***

    Make sure you flash the correct version depending on your firmware version!

    I can and will not take any responsibility for bricked phones or lost data.

    It is generally recommended to run a complete Nandroid backup in CWM recovery and safely store your personal data before you flash a new kernel.

    Cheers and enjoy
    A picture...

    A picture says more than 1000 words.

    2.2 stable

    Hi all,

    finally it is there - 2.2 stable (both Omnirom and CM11 Kernels).

    Version 2.2 stable

    • Slight correction to zzmoove Yank profiles (credits to Yank555)
    Will change OP soon.

    Kernel updates for CM13 and a very last CM11 one

    Hi all,

    I am back from my x-mas holidays, so I release a new CM13 Boeffla-Kernel for you in beta4.

    At the same time, CM11 is finally "dead" now (in terms of CM builds), so also two last CM11 kernels (NG and normal) are finally released.

    CM13 -- Version 5.0-beta4

    • Important: You need at least Boeffla-Config V2 in version 2.2.16 or higher on this kernel !!!
    • Update: Updated with latest official CM kernel commits
    • Update: Ramdisk of official CM13.0 build of 28.12.15

    CM11 (NG and non-NG) -- Version 2.13 stable - Final

    • Updated ramdisk to version of nightly 13.12.15
    • Changed compiler switches

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