[EOL][KERNEL][UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Boeffla Kernel Linaro/Uber

Which kernel build do you prefer?

  • Linaro GCC v4.9.1 (*aa64l491*)

    Votes: 17 42.5%
  • Uber GCC v4.9.4 (*aa64u494*)

    Votes: 23 57.5%

  • Total voters
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Dec 6, 2010
New Builds!

Hi Guys,

builds of...




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    hi Guys,

    as some of u maybe know from the Samsung Galaxy S3 or OPO area i'm doing a "build-service" for non official boeffla kernel builds and as we recently also got a boeffla kernel
    for the One Plus Two device (kudos to @Lord Boeffla!) i want to share with u my self made Linaro/Uber builds for that device in addition.

    i'm gonna reduce redundancy and keep it shorter this time as about how this started and my primary intention can also be taken from the corresponding Samsung Thread

    for people who asks themself: Linaro, Sabermod, Uber what? here some good info about it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C-ehLWl6XcStOmB30QHDA_DOdceXiGIyzXT_0eIg5nQ/edit (thx to @ViditM14 for providing the link!) and finally more infos about Uber Toolchains : https://plus.google.com/+ChetKener/posts/YzMJEkzPQgp and here: https://plus.google.com/communities...3/stream/ac70dec1-dad7-438d-baeb-f8d6644217fd

    so without further ado let's go:

    First of all the obligatorily Disclaimer:

    As also written in the title please note these builds are UNOFFICIAL, are NOT SUPPORTED in any way by Lord Boeffla or myself and might be EVEN UNSTABLE! So take them as they are! As always flash them at your own risk and make a backup before flashing! (yeah take this advice seriously!)

    About bugs: Before you report ANY issues with the linaro/uber builds provided here (doesn't matter which one!) FIRST TRY the non-linaro/uber official builds from HERE to see if they will be gone then. if they wont, you can go on and report your problems in the official boeffla kernel thread! I hope you understand that we have to treat and keep these builds here completely separate from official ones as they have in no terms something to do with each other! Not respecting this will force me to stop building further linaro/uber builds of boeffla kernel.

    About benchmarks and comparisons between toolchains:
    It's common known that linaro (maybe also uber?) builds might give us higher benchmark rates and that seems great for some people (in fact it's pointless per se in my opinion)
    so please if you really must, post them ONLY here and NOT in official boeffla kernel thread, thanks!

    Now some more precise informations about what's going on here:

    what i did:

    • the images are always build with original sources from official boeffla kernel OPO repositories from HERE
      with some not worth to mention minor changes to be able to build it on my build environment with non stock toolchains.
    • all images are compiled from special branches from this forked Boeffla Kernel repository
      with a self compiled Linaro Toolchain 4.9.1-2014.07-1 (source: https://github.com/zanezam/ct-ng_linaro) + recent version of Uber Toolchain 4.9.4 (Credits to Team Uber for the pre-configured/-build toolchains)

    all images are build with changes from different branches in following repository:

    Beside of some additional fixes from my side all changes are taken from repositories of @ak
    so all credits to him, and thx again for the starting point! ;)

    before someone asks some last words about the used toolchain versions: i did a lot of testing before releasing these builds here
    and the used Linaro / Uber versions are the maximum versions which can be used to make working builds with pure boeffla
    kernel sources and without changing a lot of code in addition. So if u are able to biuld a kernel and still want to try higher versions i must state here that Linaro versions
    above 4.9.1 and Uber verisions above 4.9.4 might produce a "messed up" image which at the end gives you a boot-looping or not booting device and that might even be dangerous, so be aware !!
    if someone has a clue what exactly has to be done to use higher versions of the corresponding toolchains (with respecting the original kernel source of course) feel free to let us know,
    it will be definitely appreciated!

    what i will do:

    • build the source code with linaro/sabermod toolchain and (like Lord Boeffla usually does) provide a CWM image of recent boeffla kernel versions.
    • do a test for about 1 day with this builds and if they work without any big issues, add them here in the thread.
    • i will try to keep the linaro/uber toolchains as up-to-date as possible till the need of bigger code change will be reached.
    • not providing versions that are not released by Lord Boeffla yet.
    • not providing an image if it is not working - well of course not *g* but it will be marked as "canceled" then for info.
    • not change the source code to add/remove features or fix boeffla kernel related bugs.
    • not support the whole stuff here.

    what i will maybe do (sooner or later):

    • provide ZZMoove Governor test builds if there are any new versions to test - more infos and discussions about ZZMoove Governor can be found HERE
    • maybe tune the build flags if some more linaro/sabermod/uber experienced dev comes up with "better" ones (feel free to post and let me know, toolchain specialists! *g*)


    One Plus Two Oxygen OS 2.x.x
    (*l491* linaro / *u494* uber)

    One Plus Two Oxygen OS 3.x.x
    (*l491* linaro / *u494* uber)

    One Plus Two CM13.0
    (*l491* linaro / *u494* uber)

    One Plus Two CM14.1 / LineageOS 14.1
    (*l491* linaro / *u494* uber)

    Mirror on Androidfilehost for all devices (only latest kernel versions)
    ZZMoove has arrived!

    Hi Guys,

    after many hours of implanting and connecting "the heart of zzmoove" into the newer conservative
    version of the One Plus Two Boeffla Kernel, im happy to announce a working first development version
    of the ZZMoove governor with full big.LITTLE support! yesss! :victory:

    sooo why i'm announcing this? because i've prepared a zzmoove-boeffla-kernel-test-version (hey also a premiere here! *g*)
    for some very brave guys who maybe want to test this early dev version. i'm asking U guys because the "problem"
    with my OP2 is that it's still not my daily driver (yah still in love with my OPO(s)! *g*) so there are surely people with
    more experience and "feeling" for the device out there. so this test-request goes especially to more experienced users
    i only can say the governor is stable under normal circumstances, under "pressure" - u tell me.. ;) and that's important for me
    to know now as i have to know if i'm fine with this new base.

    ok long story short, if u wanna test u can find the test kernel image on the usual places here:
    it's called: Boeffla-kernel-1.1-beta1-zzbLEdev1-OOS2xx-OnePlus2-aa64_u494-2016-01-10-000408
    and is of course a "u494" build with Uber toolchain as this is my preferred build ;)

    ok one few last words a about the new version:
    it still has a very low feature list which is atm:

    • zzmoove freq scaling method (without limit functionality)
    • proportional scaling (all modes)
    • fast scaling up/down with afs (fully functional)

    yeah for what the hell has this taken hours, well maybe i'm getting slow :D but anyway
    i will of course add more features from actual zzmoove snapdragon version as much as they
    are possible/reasonable. at least if this version is considered as "good" :fingers-crossed:

    and for the kernel:

    • Boeffla ramfs: add missing tunables of second cluster governor to debug info file creation
    • boeffla_defconfig/Boeffla ramfs: add conservative governor
    • cpufreq: add ZZMoove big.LITTLE Edition (bLE) development version as of 09.01.2016
    • cpufreq: ondemand: add support for saving tunables per policy governor instance
    • cpufreq: conservative: add support for saving tunables per policy governor instance

    for those who will start to ask: sources are hold back for now, i don't want to give out this
    early dev version yet. if all goes well we will see them soon officially and as usual at first in
    upcoming boeffla kernel versions. thx for understanding...

    ok now i wish all testers much fun with mini-zzmoove on the OP2 :)
    and as always don't forget the nandroid !! ;)
    peace, i'm out..
    New Builds!

    Hi Guys,

    builds of...

    Boeffla-kernel-1.1-beta3-zzbLEdev1-OOS2xx-OnePlus2 -> updated zzmoove test-build



    PS: after another "try and cry" to bring up u531/521 or u600 builds -> no chance, there still was only cry :)
    this source base can't take more than the used toolchains, anyway we at least have these working ones ;)
    New Builds!

    Hi Guys,

    builds of...




    PS: Mediafire upload pending....
    New Builds!

    Hi Guys,

    builds of...