[EOL][ROM][3&3T][AROMA] FreedomOS 3.3 [8.0][OOS][5.0.1][STABLE][SAFETYNET ✓]

Should i create a new post for the CE version ?

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Dec 28, 2012

failed to flash magisk from here. I will try clean flash again today and make sure tick magisk to install. will see how..

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failed to flash magisk from here. I will try clean flash again today and make sure tick magisk to install. will see how..

its all good now after reflash clean he rom..thanks all


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Aug 6, 2015
i need some help.
flashed a twrp found in AOSiP forum.
but afterwards on boot twrp asks for password.
i can boot into my rom though.
i would like to get my old twrp back(or how to fix?probably im not asking in the right place) -(i used the twrp thats mentioned in the op)
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Apr 20, 2011
Hey guys, i'm still on the final stable nougat version and I was going to wait for Oneplus to upgrade us to 8.1 but I'm tempted to try this now are there any problems with Oreo?


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Jan 19, 2013
Guys, end of an Era, this ROM is now marked as End Of Life.
I've discussed with @NevaX1, and its decision follows the tweet he made here : https://twitter.com/NevaX07/status/956099190232440832.
This thread will stay open, as unofficial builds seem to be released here.

Thank you @NevaX1 for your great work - you really improved the experience of thousands and thousands of OP3/3T users, and we are super grateful for that. Success for the future, and I am sure that you will achieve even bigger things! :highfive:


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Apr 20, 2011
Has anyone else noticed a bug where nothing can appear on top keyboard like copy paste pop up or if you use it, native clipboard?


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Jan 15, 2012
Does the EOL in the title means a that the rom is "End of life" and it will not be further developed? I wanted to give it a shot. D:

I see that this rom is not supported anymore, but should I install it anyway? Any good OOS ROM left?
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Dec 11, 2015
OnePlus 3
OnePlus 3T
Does the EOL in the title means a that the rom is "End of life" and it will not be further developed? I wanted to give it a shot. D:

I see that this rom is not supported anymore, but should I install it anyway? Any good OOS ROM left?

Just install OOS and use magisk modules and root apps to change stuff yourself. Like there's an OOS debloater module, there's substratum themes, viper, Xposed, etc.


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Jan 31, 2010
Does the EOL in the title means a that the rom is "End of life" and it will not be further developed? I wanted to give it a shot. D:

I see that this rom is not supported anymore, but should I install it anyway? Any good OOS ROM left?

While the ROM is EOL, it is based on the latest stable OOS. It is one of the reasons I am still on this ROM.

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    FreedomOS allows you to debloat your ROM smartly.
    Everything is customisable, you can install the most minimalistic rom, like a fully modded rom.
    So basically, it install the untouched stock rom and install and remove all the functionality you have selected in the aroma.

    Features :

    Install/Uninstall Google apps:

    - Android Pay
    - Calculator Google
    - Calendar Google
    - CallSync
    - Camera Google
    - Cloud Print
    - Contatcs Google
    - DialerFramework
    - Dialer Google
    - DMAgent
    - Google Drive
    - Exchange Google
    - FaceDetect
    - FaceUnlock
    - GCS
    - Gmail
    - GoogleTTS
    - Hangouts
    - Hotword
    - Keyboard Google
    - Messenger
    - Package Installer Google
    - Pixel Icons
    - Pixel Launcher
    - Photos
    - Play Games
    - Print Service Google
    - Search
    - Speech
    - Storage Manager Google
    - Tag Google
    - Talkback
    - Wallpapers
    - YouTube
    All the others apps have been removed

    Install/Uninstall system apps :

    - AntHal
    - Android Pay
    - Basic Dream
    - Bluetooth Midi Service
    - Bluetooth Test Mode
    - Desk Clock
    - Document (File Manager)
    - Download
    - EngineeringMode
    - EngSpecialTest
    - Facelock
    - Galaxy
    - Holospiral
    - Animated wallpaper
    - LogKitSdService
    - Music
    - Noise Feild
    - OemAutoTestServer
    - OEMLogKit
    - OnePlus Camera
    - OnePlus Gallery
    - OnePlus OTA
    - OnePlus Setup Wizard
    - Phase Beam
    - Protips
    - SensorTestTool
    - SwiftKey
    - Tags
    - WifiRfTestApk
    - Dive Icons
    - Rifon icons

    - Enforcing kernel (security first)
    - Permissive kernel if wanted
    - APT-X & APT-XHD support
    - SafetyNet pass
    - Magic 11.1 with Magisk Manager
    - SuperSU | systemless 2.79 STABLE
    - Xposed Installer Material | Flash the Xposed zip after the AROMA installation
    - Adaway
    - Android Debugging Bridge
    - Substratum Theme Engine Legacy
    - Google DNS
    - EmojiOne
    - MultiWindows
    - Patched Stock Kernel, disable force encryption and some tweaks.
    - ARISE Sound System with Enforcing support
    - Sony Music Player
    - Google Assistant
    - Wideband wifi support over 2.4GHz
    - Center Clock
    - No traffic indicator

    Instructions :
    You need an unlocked bootloader with latest official TWRP.

    - Make sure you are using the correct TWRP, read FAQ
    - Download and copy the zip file in your OP3
    - Reboot to TWRP
    - Make a nandroid backup (optionnal)
    - Clean flash Wipe data/system/dalvik/cache | Dirty Flash: Wipe System/Cache/Dalvik
    - Install > Select FreedomOS zip file
    - Enjoy aroma installer
    - Done


    If you have ROM issues please post the issue along with a LOG in this thread or in GitLab issue tracker.
    Posts will be removed by moderators without warning if they do not belong or are not accompanied by a LOG

    FreedomOS Mirror 1 [FR] - Mirror 1
    @genesixx Mirror [FR/CA/SG]- Mirror 2
    @xByt3z Mirror [NL]- Mirror 3
    @casual_kikoo Mirror [NL]- Mirror 4 Down for the moment

    Make sure to be updated to the latest version of TWRP, link in the FAQ.
    Don't forget to put md5 file in the same directory of the the rom zip.


    GitLab | Github (Mirror)

    Enjoy what I do? Want to show your appreciation? You can donate HERE.​

    Special thanks to :
    People who have donated to support ongoing development,
    to all contributors ,
    and of course all the beta testers.

    Credits :
    OnePlus for everything.
    @kickoff for the aroma theme,
    @Chainfire for SuperSU.
    @amarullz for aroma project and the themes!
    @topjohnwu for magisk
    @rovo89, @DVD android for Xposed Installer.
    @xpirt for the python script.
    @A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems,
    @xpirt for the python script.
    The Open GApps Project,
    Maybe more people, tell me!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    FreedomOS 3.3 for OnePlus 3/3T, ROM for the OnePlus 3

    NevaX1, casual_kikoo
    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/Nevax/FreedomOS

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Included
    Based On: OxygenOS 5.0.1

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.3
    Stable Release Date: 2018-01-13

    Created 2017-04-09
    Last Updated 2018-03-22

    How to pass SafetyNet?
    - Follow the aroma installer, after that make sure to enable "Magisk Hide" in Magisk settings.

    Magisk or SuperSU
    Both are good to go, but depends of your need.
    I have made a small comparaison, of course it does not contains all the criteria (different point of views are welcomed).
    A standard, compatible with almost all "rooted apps"
    Break SafetyNet
    Can increase battery drain

    Magisk :
    Include modules support (FOS include patched module for arise)
    100% Systemless, do not break safetynet

    Young project, some apps are not compatible

    Which recovery should i use?
    Use the latest official TWRP available here.

    Want to report an issue, a problem?
    Please report it HERE, it much more handy compared to the forum.
    Provide as much information as possible, the installation logs or logcat are important.
    You can also suggest your ideas :)

    What does mean CE?
    - CE stand for Community Edition, it's based on the beta branch of OnePlus, the non-CE builds are based on stable branch, and ready for daily use.

    I'm getting an signal 11 Error at the end of the aroma installer
    You have ticked to rebvoot your device at the end of the installer, and it just fail.
    This is not a problem, just reboot it into twrp.

    How to downgrade to non-CE?
    - All you have to do is to perform a clean flash that means (wipe: data, system, dalvik, cache).

    Can i dirty flash this rom ?
    - You can dirty flash if u're using my previous version, but if anything wrong, a clean flash before reporting is a must.

    I got a bootloop caused by a incompatible/bad layer.
    Boot into TWRP.
    Go to Mount.
    Select System.
    Return to Home.
    Go to Advanced.
    Go to file manager.
    Go to /system/vendor/overlay/ and remove the bad overlay apk.

    My installation is stuck at XX%.
    - Wait one or two minutes and touch two times at the bottom right of your screen, if you got nothing reflash the rom.

    I have unselected/selected a setting in the aroma and now i (don't) want it.
    - Reflash the rom

    Tips :
    For reducing the battery usage, i recommend to disable Viper4Android for the phone speaker for everyday usage.
    The economy will minimal but we don't need an audio treatment for a simple *ding* notification.
    New update!

    Happy flashing ;)

        REMOVE: Arise (until fixed with oreo builds)
        UPDATE: Google Apps for Oreo
        UPDATE: OxygenOS 5.0
            Update to Android O (8.0)
            Added Parallel Apps
            Added Picture in Picture
            Added Auto-fill
            Added Smart text selection
            New Quick Settings design
            Updated security patch to September
            Added notification dots
            New app folder design
            Now able to upload photos directly to Shot on OnePlus
    New update
    UPDATE: OxygenOS 4.1.3
        UPDATE: Increased system stability
        FIX: General bug fixes
        UPDATE: Magisk manager
        FIX: Comeback to old Google Assistant activation
        FIX: Missing WebViewGoogle when exclude is selected
        UPDATE: ARISE Deuteromony 3.31 SwanSong
        UPDATE: Sony Music Player (Cleaning app cache is recommanded)
        And much more, check Gitlab...

    NOTE: Unable to pass SetupWizard or Google Play are also fixed.
    Hi guys,

    Actually, it's becoming more and more difficult to find free times to work on FreedomOS.

    During these few days, i was mainly busy with my studies and also a lot of new stuff has happened in my life, so I'm currently not working on this project as I would like.
    But you may ask, did you plan to stop working on FreeedomOS?
    Of course not! And I can say some improvements are already in active development for a few weeks.

    New update available!

    Happy flashing guys :)

    ADD: Lift up display
        ADD: Gaming Do Not Disturb
        ADD: Low priority notification
        ADD: Network speed in status bar
        ADD: Scheduled night mode
        ADD: OnePlus Slate font
        UPDATE: Redesigned Dash Charge animation
        UPDATE: System stability and battery improvements
        ADD: Shot on OnePlus wallpaper
        UPDATE: Redesigned calling UI
        ADD: Shot on OnePlus watermark
        UPDATE: Redesigned photo editor in Gallery
        ADD: Secure box