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[EOL][ROM][8.1.0_r50] Pixel Experience [12 Nov 2018]

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Dec 14, 2017
Nice ROM bro. Everything works very well. Congratulations

Except the default camera app. But I must say this version is very stable and good. The only better alternative than this ROM is LineageOS 14.x which works a little big faster and reliable on moto g4 plus, but this lineageos 15.x is getting there. In the 14.x version they even fixed the default camera app, which is great!
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Dec 14, 2017

Sorry my friend, I didnt understand the links you provided. Do you recomend installing the app of the first link (pixel gapps) or from the link ARM-64 ?


Feb 8, 2014
I installed the Pixel Experience ROM (8.1) quite a while ago.

The battery drains were VERY quick. I was literally getting a screen on time of just TWO hours. Also, the phone was getting warm even on daily light usage.

Then I switched to the Resurrection Remix ROM even though I never wanted to. It works just fine.

What could be the problem??


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Aug 2, 2010
So far it's working great. The only issue I've found is when I'm connected to Android Auto, phone calls will only be heard through handset or speakerphone, but not through my car speakers via Bluetooth. Music works through Bluetooth. It only seems to be phone calls. Defeats the purpose of hands free. Not sure why but would love to figure out how to get this working again!


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Nov 26, 2018
I've flashed the latest rom 17/2/2018 but I'm unable to call....the call connects but mic and speaker doesn't seem to work... calling via WhatsApp is fine..
Please fix!

I was with that problem too, and the solution was to update the app "Phone" from an apk.
I recomend that link ( apkmirror . com /apk/google-inc/google-phone/ ), and chose the newest version of app, your processor achitecture and the screem dpi...

My english isen't the best one, sorry ;p
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Mar 3, 2007
Is Whatsapp issue fixed ?

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Is Whatsapp issue fixed ? I have Oreo on G5 plus, battery performance is outstanding, I want to flash Oreo on G4 plus but I use Whatsapp a lot.

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