[EOL][ROM][9.0.0_r46][MONTANA] Pixel Experience OFFICIAL [PLUS & CAF][2019/12/13]

Do you like the new update for Plus edition?

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Nov 17, 2017
Very fluid ROM, with great features ... But camera with blurry main camera photos, and very poor quality with Google Play apps. And the ROM is not compatible with some bank app, especially Santander, app closes on launch, unable to access it.


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May 23, 2018
São Paulo
Thank you!

I have installed the last update for my Montana, it's working flawless!

Thank you for all your support and for bringing new life to my old device!


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Mar 3, 2010

I'm new and just installed this rom. I was on the Official Android 8.1.
I unlocked my bootloader, flashed TWRP (the one from JarlPenguin), installed the ZIP via TWRP (all ok) but when I try to start the system again It's stuck on the "G" (google logo) for 20 minutes already right now. I guess there is something wrong?

Any ideas?

Edit: flashed it again and now it seems to work.
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Jul 10, 2017
Moto G5S XT1792. My stock 8.1 Moto Camera was unstable, mostly after starting the app by double twist, the camera would take the picture but not save it and the camera app would crash. I lost too many pictures because of this behavior.
I finally decided to try this Pixel Experience ROM.
My first attempt I did just a simple wipe of the partition. The result was not good, will not elaborate to keep this post short.
Using bootloader I flashed removewarninglogo.bin to remove the annoying message at every reboot about phone being rooted.

I decided to do it all again. I took out the SD card, (my SD card is set as removable storage) and used TWRP to format everything, except for the SD card. Flashed the Pixel Experience ROM and before the restart, I did a dalvik/cache wipe. I did not restore the Google backup, so every app and settings were installed/configured from scratch. I put the SD card again, set it as removable storage. I noticed that the speaker volume seems lower than before.
For some reason, I did not need to reflash removewarninglogo.bin because the annoying message about phone being rooted is not shown anymore.

Everything else is good, I enjoy the many improvements of 9 Pie over 8.1 Oreo.
But the camera app is ruining my day. I am using default settings, except for the storage folder (selected the sd card). As soon as I open the camera, phone starts to become warm. Sometimes after taking a few pictures, the camera app restarts. If I try to use the "Lens Blur" option, after taking the picture the screen will freeze for several seconds and the app will close. For selfies, the front phone flash will not work, the app will only use a white screen to simulate a "flash". The result is terrible: a black picture with some highlights in green, just trash.
Short movies seem fine but I did not made extensive tests.
My SD card is a 32Gb Sandisk Ultra class 10, Micro SD HC 1. I wonder if I need to reformat it before installing the Pixel Experience ROM and/or I wolud like to hear from you if there is something I can do to make the camera app stable as expected.


Jul 10, 2017
I appreciate the effort from the developer for bringing us this ROM. I really wanted to have a Pixel look and Android Pie in my Moto G5S and this ROM provided it.
I did the flash process at least twice but unfortunately I was having these problems, most likely because I did something wrong:
- while in my pants' front pocket, the phone would vibrate repeatedly because for some reason the fingerprint sensor was too sensitive.
- Could not hide the navigation bar to use only the fingerprint sensor gestures
- the do not disturb mode would not terminate automatically
- when using the camera the phone would become very hot very quickly
- several camera options like HDR, HDRpro, portrait, etc. would cause the camera to freeze, or to become too slow to process the picture, or result in a useless picture with either too dark colors or colors way off the normal

After the first flash of this ROM I had only problems with the camera, then I decided to flash it again and the result was more problems with the nav bar, etc.

I then returned to the stock 8.1 ROM using a tutorial from xda and a stock ROM found on stockrom.net.
Could not relock the bootloader using the tutorial from xda. Therefore I followed another tutorial and flashed a custom bin file to hide the annoying "phone is untrusted" message when phone starts.

Again, thanks for all responsible for this ROM and I blame only myself if it did not worked for me.
My plan is later this year to buy another phone hopefully with Android 10.


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Jan 27, 2011
@JarlPenguin Volte doesn't work. I tried installing lienage too and there also volte doesn't work. Went back to stock and it works there.

Without volte, cant even make call because the carrier that I use is volte only. Pls fix if possibly, the rom is super smooth.


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Feb 16, 2020
I miss the support for the bluetooth controller, especially the Dualshock 4 (PS4 Controller). The control connects to the cell phone but there is no response to commands.

One thing that leaves something to be desired in this Rom is storage space, of which 32 Gigabytes, 14 are being used by the system.

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    PixelExperience for Moto G5S [montana]

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 9.0

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    FM Radio
    Fingerprint reader
    Sounds / vibration
    USB tethering

    Known issues

    SELinux: Permissive
    You tell me

    Download from Pixel Experience website

    Liked my work? Give me a beer

    Help with project translation

    Telegram channel
    Stay tuned

    Special thanks to:
    @Nowbie and @wiktorek140 for providing me with a build environment
    @ZJRDroid for the CAF bringup
    Pixel Experience team
    LineageOS team
    Any other open source devs/teams I may have missed
    To all my friends in Montana Development!

    New update!
    Download: https://download.pixelexperience.or...ce_caf_montana-9.0-20190710-2256-OFFICIAL.zip
    Device side changes:
    - Tweaked the kernel a little.
    - Switched to Pixel fingerprint.
    - Added vector icons for Moto Actions.
    - Kernel compiled with SDClang 8.0.6.
    ROM side changes:
    - July security patch
    - Merged LA.UM.7.3.r1-07900-sdm845.0 on CAF base
    - Improved pocket lock
    - Theming fixes
    - Night Light improvements
    - Updated GApps
    - Updated translations
    - Other bug fixes

    Thanks to CypherNoodle (again) for testing all of the test builds.

    Hope you guys enjoy! :fingers-crossed:
    This ROM is discontinued per new PE changes.

    I will be maintaining PE+. Thanks to all of you for your constant support and gratitude :fingers-crossed:
    Well I've decided to make this thread the official one for the Plus edition as well.
    If anyone is interested, I may continue providing unofficial updates.