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Dec 2, 2016
I've been on Temasek ROM since CM12.1 and everything was fine, but I got stuck on cm12.1 temasek v15.8 for quite a while and out of the blue my mic sound on the default call app was just gone. It worked fine on Messenger though. But since I'm more of a text guy I ignored it for a while. But recently I got a bootloop on it updating facebook (why I even use that tbh) and I decided to update the ROM since it would probably solve that problem.
So today I installed this latest version, followed the installation guidelines for the exception of TWRP (using PhilzTouch something) and everything is fine but the problem with the mic persists. Inexistent in default call app and now is kinda low on messenger (but on hands free is fine). So I haven't got the slightest idea what to do to change this. Any idea what can be done here?
in general, cm12+ roms on the S3 suffer from low speaker/mic volume. try search for "SL-Sound_L5.0.x.zip" on the forums and flash it normally.
it's basically editing the m0 file, which changes mic/speaker volume. or you could install a custom kernel and edit those values.
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Apr 16, 2011
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
Installing greenify puts me in a bootloop. Anyone help?

Given that support and maintenance on this ROM stopped over a year ago, it may be time to move onto a Nougat ROM. As yet there are no Oreo builds for the i9300, but PM me for some Nougat suggestions.

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how long it take to bootup??
i think my device is bootlooped...
help please

Given that support and maintenance on this ROM stopped over a year ago, it may be time to move onto a Nougat ROM. As yet there are no Oreo builds for the i9300, but PM me for some Nougat suggestions.

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    Temasek's UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod 13

    This is a maintainer thread for the unofficial CM13 made by @temasek, build for the i9300.

    Retirement of Temasek
    Temasek Device Maintainers - V11 is ready. This is my FINAL build with a development device on hand. I will not guarantee further updates due to no more development device after 20 August 2016.
    Big thanks to @trader418 for keeping the sources in sync

    • Please read carefully the first three posts. They contain important information and give answers to many questions you may have. It is really annoying for me to see questions in the thread which are covered in the initial posts!
    • There won't be any "magic" fixes: All problems you encounter on official CM13 for i9300 you will also have here!
    • Important: I am not a developer. I simply compile the builds for the i9300! The hard job is done by the people mentioned in the credits. If you enjoy this ROM show your appreciation to them.
    • The i9300 is no longer my main device. So don't be disappointed if one day I'll stop building for this device. But don't worry, at the moment there is no need to build for my main device and I need something to do :D


    I take no responsibility for lost data, broken devices or anything else you encountered
    during/after flashing this ROM.
    You are responsible for what you are using on your devices!
    Do some research before doing anything and always make sure to have a backup!

    Before downloading and espacially before flashing one of these files, make sure that you have carefully read the initial posts!
    Recommended Gapps: OpenGapps Direct: Pico, Nano
    Recovery: TWRP official, TWRP unofficial

    Clean (e.g. when you come from another ROM):
    1. Download all needed files from Download section
    2. Reboot to recovery
    3. Make a backup!!!
    4. Wipe /system, /data, /cache and if possible internel /sdcard as well
    5. Flash ROM
    6. Flash Gapps
    7. Reboot and have fun
    8. If you want root, simply enable it in developer options.

    1. Either download manually the update or use the built-in OTA app to do so. With the OTA app you can also check if the MD5 sum matches to avoid bad downloads and problems while flashing
    2. Reboot to recovery
    3. Make a backup!!!
    4. Flash new ROM version
    5. Optional: wipe /cache and dalvic-cache
    6. Reboot and have fun


    ROM: https://github.com/temasek?tab=repositories
    Device: https://github.com/DarkenedSky94/android_device_samsung_i9300, https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_smdk4412-common/tree/cm-13.0
    Kernel: https://github.com/DarkenedSky94/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
    Proprietary files: https://github.com/TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_samsung/tree/cm-13.0/i9300
    Toolchains: https://github.com/ArchiDroid/Toolchain

    Credits and big thanks to:
    • Temasek for the ROM sources
    • Trader418 for keeping temasek's sources updated after his retirement
    • arter97 for his optimizations and his f2fs backport
    • JustArchi for his efforts during CM12.1 and his ArchiDroid optimizations
    • forkbomb444 for bringing up i9300 to CM13
    • CyanogenMod for the base
    • All people who help to keep the good old i9300 alive
    • MattBooth for OTA app
    • Lord Boeffla for Boeffla Sound Mod and Charge Levels
    • If I forgot someone please let me know. I am quite in a hurry at the moment. So my apologies to the affected people.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Temasek's UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod 13, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    Darkened_Sky, Temasek, Trader418, Forkbomb444, CyanogenMod
    Source Code: https://github.com/temasek?tab=repositories

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod, SlimROM, OmniRom, AICP

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated
    Current Stable Version: 12.3

    Created 2016-01-13
    Last Updated 2017-03-11
    Accepted @arter97 resignation.

    You are now the official maintainer for I9300. :)
    4.5 online.

    small announcement:
    Tommorow my university semester starts again. As it is an important one, I decided to slow down on xda. Therefore I will be less present here, so I hope advanced users can help out with questions ;) This does not mean that I will be completely absent here ;)
    Furthermore I'll start a weekly update cycle for the i9300. So you can expect updates each weekend with the conditions, that there is an update available and that I find time.

    Have fun :)

    Kernel features:
    • Boeffla sound don't use it. At the moment it mutes the headphone after reboot and I don't know why.
    • Charge levels
    • Compiled with Architoolchain GCC 5.2
    • Ofast optimizations
    • F2FS --> Note: The initial commits were made by arter97. CM simply merged them.

    Warning this is only for advanced users:
    For configuration you have to open the 94kernel script in /system/init.d/ and modify the script to your likings. Simply uncomment the lines by deleting the "'#" and insert your preferred values instead of the "xx" (or aa, bb, cc, yy etc.)
    By default all options are disabled respectively are set to their default values. Therefore you can simply set again the "'#" before the code and reboot, and the option will be disabled. You can also delete or replace the file. In the case of boeffla sound, if you disable it, all other values won't have any effect (e.g. if you increased the headphone volume)

    a simple example can be seen here:

    For example if you want to increase the AC charge rate to e.g. 1100mA.
    search the line
    #echo xx > /sys/kernel/charge_levels/charge_level_ac
    and change it to
    echo 1100 > /sys/kernel/charge_levels/charge_level_ac
    by deleting the "#" and replacing "xx" with 1100

    The complete code can be seen here
    This script will be executed after each reboot. So in order to see the effect you have to reboot or you can also directly execue the script by typing in terminal:
    In /system/addon.d a script is included (94-kernel.sh) which preserves your configuration after a dirty flash.
    If something goes wrong simply delete the file (e.g. from twrp file manager) and reboot.

    Warning! For advanced users only! Don't try this if you are not 100% sure what you are doing!
    1. Make a complete backup of your whole device including the internal sdcard and save it e.g. on an external sdcard. I highly suggest to combine these steps with a clean flash.
    2. Download and flash a recovery which is able to format to F2FS. The one I used was the unofficial TWRP (see download area)
    3. Reboot to recovery
    4. Go to "Wipe" then "Advanced Wipe" then select "/Cache" and click on "Repair or Change File System". Choose "Change File System and select "F2FS". Do the same again for /data. By doing this you will loose all your data and your files on the internal sdcard (which is placed in /data). Note you can do the same for /system but if you flash a ROM it will be formatted again to ext4. But /system is read-only anyway so it has not impact.
    5. If you want to do a clean flash you can simply reflash the ROM and boot and restore your apps and the needed files on your internal sdcard.
    6. You can also try to restore a nandroid backup, but I am unsure if it is from an ext4 backup that it could be formatted again to ext4.
    7. Finally you can check your F2FS status by downloading a Terminal app and type in:
      mount | grep f2fs
    8. Now you are on F2FS. If you want to return to ext4 simply do the same process again but choose ext4 instead of f2fs

    ROM Features:
    • ROM compiled with Sabermod GCC 4.9 toolchain
    • Archidroid Optimizations
    • All CM features (themes, adjust buttons, skip track with volume etc.)
    • OTA by MattBooth
    • Sound:
      • Boeffla Sound by Lord Boeffla does not work at the moment...
      • Viper4Android
      • adjustable volume steps (alarm, DTMF, music, notifications, ringer... helpful if you want e.g. many steps for music but less for ringer)
      • Enable/disable camera shutter
      • enable/disable screenshot sound
    • Statusbar:
      • Double-tap-to-sleep statusbar to turn display off
      • Clock: (alignment, color, date, font, size, seconds)
      • Battery symbols and battery bar
      • Temperature
      • Brightness control (slide over status bar to adjust)
      • Network traffic (incoming and/or outgoing)
      • Carrier label
      • Notification count
      • Disable Headset icon
      • Disable SuperUser icon
      • Configure all status bar icons which should be shown/hidden (Cast, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Do not Disturb, Alarm, Wifi etc...)
    • Notification drawer:
      • Task manager
      • Custom header image (see screenshots for example)
      • Quick and smart pulldown
      • Show/hide brightness slider and/or brightness icon
      • Force expanded notifications for apps which supports it
      • hide immersive mode messages
      • additional tiles
      • QS panel background transparency
    • Lockscreen:
      • Weather information
      • additional shortcuts
      • Change corner shortcuts
      • Double tap anywhere to put device to sleep
      • Different fonts for Lock Clock
      • Enable torch on power button longpress while having screen off
      • Blur lockscreen
    • Recents:
      • AOSP recents (with clear all, memory bar, search bar...)
      • Omniswitch aslo as main recents possible when home button long pressed
      • SlimRecents (Recents as sidebar, with many customization like only showing active apps etc....)
    • ParanoidAndroid PIE control
    • On-the-go mode: camera as semi transparant overlay over your display
    • Adjustable Power menu
    • App circle bar
    • Gestures anywhere
    • Configurable Toasts and other animations
    • Heads-Up White- and Blacklist
    • Enabled doze --> experimental: The S3 is lacking the needed sensor, but some users report that it works and has positive impact on battery life
    • Selinux switcher --> not working with builtin su. Only works with SuperSU

    1. Q: How do I get root?
      A: Enable it in developer options.
    2. Q: But can I use SuperSU instead of the built-in SU?
      A: You can, but many suffer from bootloops when they try. Anyway some were succesful to use it, so search for it in the thread.. If you want to use it, make sure that the built-in SU is disabled in developer settings. Afterwards flash SuperSU. By default after a clean flash built-in SU is disabled, so you can also directly flash SuperSU after a clean flash. Note: bug reports seen after flashing SuperSU are not accepted. Built-in SU works as it should.
    3. Q: Which gapps do I need?
      A: This ROM is based on CM13/Android 6.0x/Marshmallow. Therefore choose your gapps accordingly. If you want to use the recommended opengapps, choose the ARM 6.0 version. I highly suggest to use either the pico or the nano package. All other gapps can later still be installed via playstore!
    4. Q: Selinux switch in developer options is not working?
      A: This option only works with SuperSU. But think about it, if you really want Selinux to be permissive.
    5. Q: Help! I have a problem/issue/bootloop/....?
      A: Please follow these steps:
      • Make sure that the problem is not already mentioned in either this thread or in the CM13 thread.
      • Make sure that you can reproduce the problem on your device with absolutely no additional modification and after a clean flash. This includes being on stock kernel and ext4 as all partitions' formats, no xposed, no SuperSU, no theme!
      • Try to replicate the problem on official CM13. If it appears there, please ask there.
      • If your problem couldn't be solved with above steps, post here, with an exact description of how to reproduce and if possible with logs.
    6. Q: Is xposed working?
      A: Yes but make sure to use the latest and the correct version for Marshmallow. Inform yourself in the xposed thread. Everything is clearly explained there which version you need. The version that works for you on official CM13 will also work here.
    7. Q: Viper4Android is not working?
      Normally Viper4Android needs Selinux to be permissive to work correctly. In the case of this ROM by using stock kernel this is not needed, and Selinux can stay in enforcing mode. If you want to use other kernels Selinux will probably have to be in permissive mode.
    8. Q: Can I use custom kernels?
      A: Yes. Users which use SuperSU sometimes report problems with bootloops after flashing a custom kernel. Therefore I'd suggest to use built-in SU.
    9. Q: I have added files to my /system partition (not /data !!!), but after each ROM update they disappear?
      A: Yes during a flash the /system partition is wiped (not /data !!!). In order to backup your files in /system and automatically restore them use addon.d scripts. Here is a thread by temasek which explains how to do it.
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