[EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

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Sep 21, 2018
Sim card not working

I need help Devs plz help me out.Recently my mobile got locked so I just went to stock firmware ODIN and then flashed superman rom via TWRP,at that time sim card was working fine then brother turned off the OEM and again locked,I went through the whole process again but this time Sim card ain't working.What Am I Supposed to do Know ? Am I doing something wrong?..plz tell me something..

Alucai Vivorvel

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Oct 8, 2011
I am very pleased with the ROM Lucca delivered. I have one issue which probably is not even ROM related but maybe someone did experience the same thing, so I am asking.
I get a message : Copying code stopped. App will close. Touch it and it's gone but randomly pops up again No idea which app causes it or whether it might be related to a missing app I did not install in aroma (but should have)

Greetings 10neke
I flashed 3.0.1 (clean install after using 3.0.0 for a while) and I get that too. I even let the dalvik cache build before flashing the Magisk zip so idk what's up.

A more pressing issue for me however is that I had access to fast wireless charging on 3.0.0. Now, the option is gone. My S7 Edge's USB port is very finicky so wireless charging is my primary method for charging my phone. It's brutal without the fast option. Does anybody have fast wireless charging on 3.0.1? If so, did you have to do anything to get that option back?


Sep 26, 2015
Pelé's City
So, just to get it clear before flashing it: I can't set Magisk in Aroma installer, OK, but do I have to uncheck both options (Magisk v16.7 and Root method)?

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Dec 27, 2008
Can anyone enlighten us as to what's going on here such that it's necessary to install the brazilian csc right after rom install, fully boot the new rom install, reboot to recovery, then install the desired csc (tmb). Why not just install the tmb csc in the first place? Why do this twice? (and since the Superman rom install forces a csc install, even if it's the default btu csc, then it's actually installing a csc THREE times!)

For the record, I have followed these instructions exactly while trying to install the new SupermanRom Oreo, and it did not get wifi calling working (otherwise successful, though), however what I am also curious about is if I can flash the latest oreo tbm csc once Tkkg makes it available in an updated version of the tool, and do so without having to fully wipe and reinstall the rom first. These instructions seem to imply that installing a csc after a rom has fully booted is acceptable.... so, ... what's the difference?

I didn't see anyone respond, but I'd love to know the answer to this as well. When installing the ROM, I had to select a CSC regardless (BTU I believe), so I'm pretty sure I can go through and install my needed CSC.


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Nov 24, 2011
I didn't see anyone respond, but I'd love to know the answer to this as well. When installing the ROM, I had to select a CSC regardless (BTU I believe), so I'm pretty sure I can go through and install my needed CSC.

About having to flash a different csc (tzo?) before booting, then flashing the tmo csc...

What this tells me is that some initial setup on the first boot of the rom, that has to do with csc, is critical, such that flashing a new csc later on will not alter that initial setup. That's a bit disconcerting that flashing a new csc will not completely undo changes made by a previous csc. So just flashing a csc whenever is not a great way to properly modify. The right way is to apply the right csc before first boot, and never change it.

It's either that or the instructions to install the Brazilian (tzo) csc before first boot are not actually needed at all.

What's troubling about reading a bunch of people, of dubious competence, on forums, giving out instructions to modify their devices, is that they might actually be causing more problems than they are fixing. Xda is the WildWest. I have zero reboot issues with the latest SM rom and superstock kernel, but a lot of people just dirty flash over and over and then blame the developers for their system being unstable and rebooting. I don't want to take advice from those guys--not without first asking, "tell me why!?"

The others.xml file from the tmb csc looks like it was hacked up by someone trying ideas they collected from multiple sources.

I really hope we can get a clean tmb csc for oreo.
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Sep 21, 2018
I flashed 3.0.1 (clean install after using 3.0.0 for a while) and I get that too. I even let the dalvik cache build before flashing the Magisk zip so idk what's up.

A more pressing issue for me however is that I had access to fast wireless charging on 3.0.0. Now, the option is gone. My S7 Edge's USB port is very finicky so wireless charging is my primary method for charging my phone. It's brutal without the fast option. Does anybody have fast wireless charging on 3.0.1? If so, did you have to do anything to get that option back?
Sir do me a favour ...


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Aug 6, 2008
So I can only root my device after finishing the whole process, right?
Can I root it after installing all the apps from my backup and everything else?
I recommend flashing magisk right after you set up your phone, that's how I do it.

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For the TPG Kernel users, should I install the 6.8 which was recommended a few times, or the newer 6.9.1?
6.9.1 still has bugs, best one is 6.8.0

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Jun 1, 2013
I recommend flashing magisk right after you set up your phone, that's how I do it.

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---------- Post added at 11:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:01 PM ----------

6.9.1 still has bugs, best one is 6.8.0

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In that case, a follow-up question, which Magisk Version should I install? thre is 17.2 (beta), 17.1, 16.0?


Sep 26, 2015
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Basic Questions:
Q: How to get into Download Mode?
A: Power off your phone, than hold: home + volume down + power on button until you see the download mode.

Q: How to get into Recovery Mode?
A: Power off your phone, than hold: home + volume up + power on button until you see the recovery mode.

Q: My Phone is stuck at boot and doesn't start, what to do??
A: Update your bootloader and modem. Also make sure you have made a fresh install of the rom. Bootloader and Modem can be found in the OP. Another problem can be that you are didn't decrypt your phone. To fix this read below how to disable encryption.

Q: Do I need to update bootloader and modem after every update?
A: It's recommend to update your bootloader and modem everytime there is a new base yes. The developer will tell you if necessary on every rom changelog.

Q: I get verification failed at start up!?!? My phone is broken now?
A: Yes, you have to buy a new phone now. Just kidding :D You did not disable force encryption in TWRP (how to do so you will find below in how to decrypt your phone).

Q: I get verification FRP LOCK? WHYYYYYY???
A: Very simple answer, you did not enable OEM Unlock in developer options. Now you need to flash full rom with odin again and start from scratch. But don't forget to enable OEM Unlock this time!

Q: Which devices are supported at the moment?
A: Current supported devices are: SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8. Snapdragons are NOT supported

Q: Is this rom working on Snapdragon 820 variants?
A: No, sadly not.

Q: I want to change something in my rom setup, how can I do that?
A: Simply reflash the same rom version without any wipe and than choose the correct things you want. :)

Q: Some features are not present in this rom, but they are on stock rom, so where are they?
A: In aroma installer you have the option to select bloat you want to install or not, you probably didn't select all package, this is why it's missing now.

Q: After a clean install my phone is overbloated with many custom settings. What to do?
A: Open my romcontrol, grant it root permissions and then my default settings will be applied.

Q: Will you add X or Y feature?
A: You can kindly ask in the thread for that, if I like your suggestion I will think about adding it to the rom.

Q: You said you fixed SD card RW but Titanium Backup can't write to external SD card, why???
A: This is because of googles changes concerning SD card, to fix this open Titanium Backup, Menu, Preferences, Backup Folder Location, Storage provider and than hit DocumentProvider Storage and select your SD card. Problem solved

Q: I can't find X and Y mod. Please help
A: I've added many links and useful stuff to this post here. Hope that's what you have been looking for!

Q: I want to have my external storage like an internal as well. Google introduced it with android Marshmallow, but I can't see this option?
A: Just follow this Guide here and you can setup your SD card as normal storage

Q: I got a new strange icon appearing after nougat update. What's that?
A: This is a new advanced calling feature introduced in android nougat. Should make your call quality better or something like this. To hide it please visit following forum: Get rid of RCS icon

Q: I installed Viper or other sound mods, but they won't work, why?
A: You most likely missed to freeze sound alive, if you did this and it's still not working you it's due to the kernel. Stock kernel doesn't support these mods since we need a permissive kernel!

Questions concerning rom updates:
Q: Do I have to do a full wipe for the new version?
A: It is always the best option to make a clean install, otherwise please don't come and report bugs!

Q: But I don't want to make a full wipe when only small stuff changed!
A: For updates using the same bases you can install the rom with a dirty flash. BUT with a new base a clean install is highly recommend!

Q: What steps should I do to update to a new version with a full wipe but keep all data?
A: There are some different ways. One way is to make a backup with Titanium Backup, you can backup all Apps and Preferences there. Make sure to store this backup on external SD card (if you have one). Second way would be to save your data onto a google account or samsung cloud and restore it after a clean install.

Q: I miss an apk after rom update, how can I get it back?
A: Simply reflash rom and select "dirty flash" in aroma + select the app this time in aroma.

Q: My battery life is so bad and performance is very poor after an update!?!?
A: This comes actually not form the rom itself, dirty flash can cause problems even if only some small things have been changed. So simply install it clean again and it will solve your problem.

Q: Performance and battery is very poor even after clean install. What should I do now?
A: I assume you installed Xposed than, some modules can cause batterydrain and performance problems. So try to make a clean install of the rom WITHOUT xposed installed.

Questions about log and logcats:
Q: I got FC's and other Problems with the rom, what to do?
A: Take a logcat for me, developers use to say: without a log, it never happened ;). A logcat can be grabed with a PC and ADB installed, simply type: adb logcat > log.txt while your phone is connected and the error is happening. Same can be done if you have a terminal installed on your phone. Simply type adb logcat > log.txt and you will have the same output as on the PC.

Q: What kind of logs can I provide to help you?
A: Logcat: This one is for general infos about FC's
DMESG: this is for kernel related things
Last_Kmsg: this can be used after a random reboot

Q: How to get logs?
A: 1. Connect your phone to your pc
2. Make sure you got usb debugging enabled
3. Install Minimal ADB tool
4. After install open it and type: adb logcat > logcat.txt, adb shell dmesg > dmesg.log, adb shell cat proc/last_kmsg kmsg.log
5. Send me the file you got

You can also send me a log created by your phones terminal with the exact same commands!

Questions about RomControl:
Q: None of my romcontrol changes do anything, why are you such a bad dev!?!?
A: The problem is not on my end, you installed stock systemUI (which is STOCK and does not support one single mod). Use another one in aroma instead. The same thing can happen with good lock!

Q: Romcontrol gives FC's to me. HELP!
A: Very simple answer here: wipe data and cache from superman control application. Also make sure storage permissions are given to the romcontrol and root granted.

Q: Romcontrol still FC after cleaning data and cache!
A: Make sure you allow storage permission in main settings.

Q: I try to backup my current RomControl setup, but it won't work?
A: It works. Just make sure to enable storage permission in main samsung applicatoin settings. You will find it in internal sdcard under RomControl folder.

Q: I can't restore SuperMan control settings after a clean base update, why?
A: Backup for SuperMan control only works as long as you use the same version of the app, I mostly change very much things in new releases that's why it won't work there.

Q: SystemUI reboot doesn't work in SuperMan settings app, why?
A: Since Nougat update, you need to install busybox in order to get this button working. Without busybox the button will just do nothing.

Q: I enabled weather on lockscreen but I can't see anything...
A: You probably didn't setup or even installed samsungs weather widget. Without it weather on lockscreen won't work too. So reflash the rom with the widget installed this time and set it up.

How to go back to stock:
Q: I like to go back to stock rom, how is this possible?
A: I can provide you here all steps which are needed to go back to a full stock rom.
0. Make a backup and than wipe all partitions in TWRP
1. Go to Sammobile and choose your country
2. Download the file and the attached Odin on sammobile
3. After downloading, put your phone into download mode
4. Make sure drivers are installed and your pc can detect your phone in odin
5. If the box in odin turns blue, add the AP file to AP tab, BL file to BL tab, CP file to CP tab and CSC_HOME to CSC tab
6. Hit start and wait until it is finished.
7. Reboot and you have a stock rom again :)

Questions about Encryption:
Q: On TWRP there is an error about /data mount, what to do?
A: Your device is encrypted, follow the steps below to get rid of your encryption.

Q: Help, I never had a code and now after installing the rom my phone asks for a password??
A: Your device is still encrypted, on step 0 of my rom instructions it tells you to be sure you're not. So, what do you need to to in case you are still encrypted.
1. Boot into TWRP
2. Select Wipe
3. Select format data
4. Then you manually need to type "yes" with the keyboard
5. Confirm the wipe (this will remove the encryption)
6. Reboot your recovery

Q: Is there a way to get rid of encryption which is simpler?
A: Not really, you could also wipe data with stock recovery but this is quite a big hassle so above method works better.

Q: And if I want to use this rom with encryption?
A: Normally we can use the stock kernel to encrypt our device, but since the Android 7.0 Nougat update samsung makes a check kernel sides to block deodexed roms from booting. This means that even the stock kernel is build by me to disable knox and tima. So encryption won't work there and you have to encrypt your device after you set up your phone. After that go to settings, security, encrypt device. It may need some additional steps to work...

Questions about CSC/Signal:
Q: Where has the CSC selection gone?
A: To include all csc files, the rom get way to big, so it got it's own thread now, take a look here: CSC installer

Q: I have a weak cellular signal, what can I do against it?
A: Two things: first, install your providers CSC using CSC installer and flash in TWRP or flashing stock CSC with Odin. Second Thing: You can install the modem from your provider, also find your modem on Sammobile and install it with Odin in CP tab.

Q: I don't have all sHealth features, how come?
A: Not all CSCs include this feature. I recommend to use AUT or DBT as it has the best compatibility!

Q: Can I flash MM CSC on N and vis a verse?
A: No, this is clearly not recommend! You can and will face call fc's!

Questions about Xposed:
Q: Does Xposed work yet on Android N 7.0?
A: No it does not! You will end up in a bootloop when you flash it on android N

Q: I selected xposed but now I don't see an app for it?
A: Maybe there went something wrong with installing the app to /data/app from my installer script. But xposed is actually installed only the app is missing, so head over to the download page of xposed app: Material Xposed Thread

Q: I selected xposed but the app shows not active or something else with xposed is not working.
A: This can have 2 reasons:
1. You have installed latest xposed version without installing magisk, magisk is required for most recent xposed version!
2. You used 86.2 xposed (which does not need magisk) but you did not install supersu. Since 86.2 does not use magisk to be systemless it uses supersu instead!

Questions about Magisk:
Q: How can I pass safetynet?
A: 1. Make sure to fully uninstall SuperSU by chainfire
2. Flash most recent 2.4.3 SuperStock Kernel
3. Flash Magisk V12
4. install latest Magisk Manager from playstore
5. Open Magiks Manager, go to settings
6. Enable MagiskHide, systemless hosts and systemless busybox
7. Reboot the phone and check safetynet!

Q: I got out of date binary issue?
A: Since Magisk V11.1 there is no need for phh root anymore. Everything is handled inside the MagiskManager apk!

Q: Where can I configure the root settings in Magisk?
A: Since Magisk V11.1 Magisk uses MagiskSU, you can find it in latest Magisk Manager V4.1

Questions about Snapchat:
Q: Even when I did not use xposed during my setup in rom I can't login to snapchat anymore!
A: Snapchat got updated and now detects even root access on your phone!

Q: What to do to login to snapchat then?
A: Clean install the rom without root and xposed and login to your snapchat, save the app with titanium backup, flash back xposed and root. For the next update of the rom just restore snapchat backup in TB.

Q: Any other possibility?
A: You could enable MagiskHide and check Snapchat inside it so root will be hidden from Snapchat. You will be able to perfectly login without any issues.

Q: I want to discuss this problem a bit deeper. Should I do so?
A: Do that, but this has nothing to do with this rom, so please go ahead and post your experience here on this Snapchat Thread.

Questions about Kernels:
Q: I want to switch kernel, how?
A: Since we have systemless xposed and systemless supersu, we have patches in ramdisk of boot.img. This means you have to reflash Magisk and supersu (or any other zip that changes some stuff in ramdisk partition) after every change of kernel!

Q: Synapse shows no UCI support!
A: Most comon issue is that no busybox is installed. Download the one from here: Latest busybox and flash it in recovery.

Q: I got random reboots, heeelp!
A: This is most likely from a custom kernel, if you face random reboots please check if you have the latest kernel installed or switch back to the stock kernel included in the rom.

Q: My screen is kind of yellow/orange and the touchscreen doesn't work at all!
A: You have chosen the wrong kernel in aroma selection. Reflash the rom without any wipe selecting the right kernel version.

Questions about Root:
Q: I lost root after installing this rom. What to do?
A: All mods (like supersu, phh's root, xposed and magisk) are stored in ramdisk of kernel boot.img. So if you flash this rom, and after this another kernel, simply reflash your preferred root method and it will work again!

Q: I selected phh root but my phone tells me I am not rooted!!
A: There are two possibilities:
1. You have mixed supersu/phh with magisk.
2. You did not install phhs root app from playstore.

Q: I get a warning about binary out of date. Help!
A: That happens on latest Magisk V11.1. Reason: Root has fully moved into Magisk Manager, no additional app required. Uninstall phh or supersu apps and only use magisk!

Q: I want to use su hide on my phone, how to do so?
A: Both below variants are outdated, I recommend to use Magisk with its build in MagiskHide. Check the thread: Magisk Thread
Link to phh's hidesu: Phh's thread
Link to chainfires suhide: Chainfires thread

I've read lots of information about CSC but I still can't understand enough about it, then I need some help...

Let me get this straight, about the CSC issue:

1. How important is it?
I was using version 2.9 and I haven't read the OP till the point of being aware about this CSC issue and, honestly, I haven't noticed any problems with my phone while using this version.

2. OK, now that I'm aware of, do I really need it in order to make my phone work properly?

Considering an YES as the answer of my previous question, I know that I have two options: using the CSC Selection or using the CSC provided by Samsung for my country (Brazil) and I really tend to install the version provided by Samsung considering the fact that it is specific for Android 8 (as you can see down below) while the CSC Selection is for Android 7.


3. In my case it should be the ZTM version (specific for my carrier - TIM) but I guess I'd rather install the ZTO (Brazil Unbranded) in order to have an unbranded device that I can sell in the future to someone who might be using some other carrier, so, what's the difference between those two versions and which one must I install?

4. Last but not least: how to flash it?
I know that, depending on the option made in the previous question, I have to flash it thru TWRP (CSC Selection) or thru Odin (using the CSC provided by Samsung), but when? Before the ROM? After the ROM? Should I full wipe my device, install the CSC and, only after that, flahsing the ROM onde again?

Sorry for taking your time, guys. Kinda insecure about it.
Thanks A LOT!
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Alucai Vivorvel

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Oct 8, 2011
Frequently getting "floating messages has stopped" and "copy code has stopped" to the point where I'm thinking of switching back to TGP or some other ROM. I really liked Superman back on Nougat but I've had many problems since 3.0.0, and now 3.0.1. This time I followed the installation instructions the first time and waited an hour after setting up the phone to allow the dalvik cache to build, before flashing the Magisk zip. But I'm still experiencing these issues. No random rebooting at least, though I switched to MoroKernel to see if that might help with random things crashing in the background so that point is moot.

It's a shame because Superman ROM Control is great, and I wish other stock-based ROMs had something similar.


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Apr 19, 2009
Frequently getting "floating messages has stopped" and "copy code has stopped" to the point where I'm thinking of switching back to TGP or some other ROM. I really liked Superman back on Nougat but I've had many problems since 3.0.0, and now 3.0.1. This time I followed the installation instructions the first time and waited an hour after setting up the phone to allow the dalvik cache to build, before flashing the Magisk zip. But I'm still experiencing these issues. No random rebooting at least, though I switched to MoroKernel to see if that might help with random things crashing in the background so that point is moot.

It's a shame because Superman ROM Control is great, and I wish other stock-based ROMs had something similar.

Yes, no matter what I do the message "copy code has stopped" comes up. Reinstalled the ROM as clean as clean can be and followed instructions to the letter. To no avail. Also, as soon as I want to go to Magisk hide, the app stops, but I will look into it in the appropriate forum of Magisk.

Love this ROM too much to even look at others (yet) :p

Alucai Vivorvel

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Oct 8, 2011
Also, as soon as I want to go to Magisk hide, the app stops, but I will look into it in the appropriate forum of Magisk.

This was happening to me on 3.0.0; after I clean installed 3.0.1, the Magisk Hide issue stopped. I don't believe it's the ROM, finicky as some aspects may be. Try reinstalling Magisk Manager and then uninstall and reinstall Magisk from the manager.


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Apr 19, 2009
This was happening to me on 3.0.0; after I clean installed 3.0.1, the Magisk Hide issue stopped. I don't believe it's the ROM, finicky as some aspects may be. Try reinstalling Magisk Manager and then uninstall and reinstall Magisk from the manager.

Thank you for the reply. I also think it is not ROM related so I looked at the Magisk forum for support. I think there are quite a few people experiencing it but did not see a solution yet. I tried uninstalling, different versions of Magisk and the App but it still persists. The only thing I did not try was reinstalling while doing a gravity-defying handstand. :D
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    What does this rom feature? Well it is based off from the latest G935FXXU2ERG2 (Oreo) base, with all apps removed that can be downloaded threw the playstore, so it is debloated as well. I really like touchwiz as it is on 8.0, that's why I only mode some small modifications to samsungs firmware.
    In the future I will add some mods as well, but at the moment I'm confident with the mods I got :)
    You have a question and want to check if it already has been answered? Please check the Q&A Post!

    Who should install this rom? All people who like samsungs stock interface with some modifications :D

    Also I'd like to make the super fast experience of the s7 edge even faster, with even more batterylife, let's see if this can be true :)
    Nobody is allowed to take stuff from my rom without asking me! Thank you.


    Rom features of V3.0.1 Oreo:
    - Based on latest G935FXXU2ERG2 Oreo base
    - Latest Busybox installed (1.29.2)
    - Aroma installer! with support up to 4GB zip files
    - Full edge support features support
    - Adblocker enabled or disabled (choose in aroma)
    - Full rom control!! V2.1
    - Zipaligned
    - First fully deodexed rom without odex framework
    - Rom informations and logo
    - choose IOS or stock emojis in aroma
    - DM-Verity disabled
    - Force encrypt disabled
    - ADB fully working
    - Modded SystemUI with many tweaks in RomControl
    - Applock feature supported
    - Floating Message support
    - Many csc tweaks!
    - No sms to mms auto convertion
    - Auto Call recording
    - 3Minit Clock/battery in romcontrol
    - Custom clock positions and customizations in romcontrol
    - LED indicator in settings
    - USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up
    - Remove high volume warning for headphones
    - Private mode fixed for all kernels
    - Enable TouchKey light duration in RomControl
    - Knox stuff is removed
    - Stock ERH1 Kernel, SuperStock-Kernel or SuperKernel (choose in aroma)
    - Based off from latest touchwiz source available at this moment
    - Many apps are selectable in aroma debloat menu now
    - Selinux permissive on custom kernels
    - Sound Mod with lot improvements! (choose in aroma)
    - Latest Xposed V90.2 beta 3
    - July Security Patch
    - Camera Mod included (choose in aroma)
    - Many other features, please read changelog to see what changed over the time

    Rom review (thanks to @shark jungle):

    How to install the rom:
    For guys who install roms all day:
    1. Be sure you got latest TWRP installed, encryption disabled and OEM Unlock ticked
    2. Bootloader and modem should be up to date (can also be updated within aroma installer)
    3. Flash rom and don't chose magisk in aroma, it messes with the dalvik-cache build on startup
    4. In case you want VoLTE and Wifi calling make sure you got your csc installed

    For guys who already have some knowledge about android and Roms:
    0. Make sure you have a not encrypted device and OEM unlock is enabled in developer settings!!
    1. Download the LATESTTWRP recovery(from here: TWRP) and follow the instructions on the TWRP page to get a working recovery (this step is essential!)
    2. Download the rom and put it on your external SD card
    3. Backup all your things to your external SD card (apps with Titanium Backup for example)
    4. It's recommend to update your bootloader to G935FXXU2ERG2 and modem to G935FXXU2ERG2. You can update manually via odin flashing the files from here or update the bootloader and modem via the aroma installer (only F/FD models can update BL/CP during flashing progress!)
    5. If you have to install the bootloader and modem, boot into download mode and flash the bootloader and modem with latest odin using CP and BL tab
    6. After you successfully installed your new bootloader and modem, boot your phone to your TWRP recovery
    7. Now wipe everything (in TWRP: wipe, format data (keyboard will pop up), type yes, reboot recovery
    8. Install the rom and DON'T chose magisk! That is important as it messes up dalvik-cache build on first boot
    9. Install your providers/carriers csc
    10. Reboot and wait around 10 minute (deodexed roms need longer to boot the first time)
    11. Don't interrupt the process of booting the phone, even when it restarts
    12. After successfull boot, setup your phone with the initial screens
    13. Reboot your phone into TWRP and flash magisk (find it here)
    14. After setting up your account etc. go to romcontrol, grant it root access that my default Settings can be applied!
    15. Enjoy the new rom version ;)

    For guys who are beginner on android:
    1. Start your phone, go to settings, about device, software info and hit build.number around 10 times so developer options will show up
    2. Open developer options and tick: OEM unlock
    3. Shut your phone off
    4. You now need a computer, download latest odin
    5. You have two possibilites: 1. Update bootloader and modem during aroma installation of the rom (F/FD/W8 model only!). Or 2. Update bootloader and modem via Odin. To update manually via odin, please do following: Download this two files, BL is bootloader and CP is the modem: Choose your correct model version
    6. Boot your phone into download mode by pressing: home+volume down+power on
    7. Open the downloaded odin on your windows pc and click on BL tab and add the file that name begins with BL (bootloader), same for CP (modem) tab
    8. After this, reboot to download mode again
    9. Install TWRP (latest one is needed to support new BL's) will be next step, for this, follow all steps provided in this forum: TWRP Thread (booting into download mode: press home+volume down+power on, booting into recovery mode press: home+volume up+power on)
    10. When you got TWRP working: We need to disable encryption, for this you should boot into recovery mode (as described above)
    11. To get rid of encryption, go to "wipe", format data (keyboard will pop up) then type "yes" and format it, then reboot to recovery
    12. After flashing this, hit wipe, full wipe (this will clean all internal memory and your data will be lost!!)
    13. You can test if encryption is still enabled, if TWRP shows error about not mounting /data your phone is still encrypted
    14. Now you can download the rom onto your PC and then transfer it via usb to your phone
    15. It is rom installing time :) install the rom! One important thing to mention here: don't chose magisk as root. Why? It messes up dalvik-cache on first boot and that will result in a lagging device. We will setup magisk later on.
    16. Install your desired CSC right after rom install! That's the best way. You find the link below.
    17. After successfully installing the rom and csc hit reboot and you are good to go!
    18. After successfull boot, setup your phone with the initial screens
    19. After the initial setup, boot into twrp recovery and install the magisk zip. You can download it from here.
    20. After flashing the magisk etc. go to romcontrol, grant it root access that my default Settings can be applied!
    21. Enjoy the new rom version ;)
    22. If you want you can use my csc selection to get your desired csc, if you want that you can grab it here: CSC Selection V2.4.5

    For guys who want to watch with a video (thanks to @aaj!):

    Downloads for SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8:
    V3.0.1 on Androidfilehost
    V3.0.1 via GrifoDev
    SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8 Bootloader and Modems
    CSC Selection V2.5.0
    Latest SuperMan MM release (V1.19.1)
    Latest SuperMan N release (V2.9.0)

    Useful links:
    Question and Answer post
    Question and Answer Thread for users under 10 posts
    All Changelogs
    General useful links and infos
    DarkSide of N theme infos

    Telegram/GrifoDev Links:
    Our own new Forum on grifodev.ch
    Telegram SuperMan Chat
    Telegram Channel (latest infos)

    Known Bugs:
    - None

    - Rom Source
    - SuperKernel Source
    - SuperStock Source
    - RomControl Source

    Official XDA signatures made by @Quicksilver:



    - Samsung for the Source
    - SuperR for the Kitchen
    - Chainfire for the root access
    - Sound mod V19 thanks to zubi182
    - amarullz for aroma and nkk71 to make it compatible with bigger zip files
    - wubydax and daxgirl for SuperMan control
    - topjohnwu for systemless Magisk
    - myellow for all the great animations!
    - mwilky for his fingerprint after reboot mod and general help
    - Asc1977 for all the help on latest N release!
    - zeroprobe for his camera mod V8
    - "Superman DC Universe Online" by "Fictional-Battle-Omniverse", available under CC BY-SA 3.0
    - Credits for settings landscape: Designed by Freepik
    - If I forgot someone, please send a private Message to me!

    Please hit thanks if you like this work here :) or you may want to buy me a beer? You can donate down here clicking the image or the link ;)


    SuperControl Pro on PlayStore

    XDA:DevDB Information
    SuperMan-Rom for hero2lte, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/Tkkg1994/SuperMan-Rom

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Custom Recovery
    Based On: Stock Based

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V3.0.1
    Stable Release Date: 2018-08-31

    Created 2016-04-11
    Last Updated 2018-09-25

    Old Marshmallow V1.X Changelogs:
    SuperMan-Rom V1.10:
    - Rebased on G935FXXS1APG5 firmware
    - all mods remade by zero
    - added potato clock into aroma options
    - updated xposed to V86.2
    - updated xposed application
    - fixed s7 splash screen not centred
    - fixed USSD codes not working for some users
    - removed weather on lockscreen (could not find a good way for romcontrol)
    - update OTA icon and romcontrol icon in settings (thanks to @myellow)
    - added screenshot and screenrecorder buttons to reboot menu
    - added settings and qs observer
    - Added aroma option for stock or new message app
    - some more things I may forgot

    SuperMan-Rom V1.10.5:
    - Added new RomControl V2.0
    - LockScreen Timeout adjustable
    - Updated battery bar to V2
    - Updated traffic manager (network speed)
    - added a button to statusbar (so reboot menu will appear)
    - added data usage to statusbar
    - added a switch in rom control for multi user avatar
    - made a switch for heads up notifications
    - added a switch for on ongoing charging and media connected
    - enable gear device infos
    - enabled carrier lable (color and custom can be set)
    - Notification panel background can be set
    - rounded or stock notifications can be set in romcontrol (also background of them)
    - custom background for incall UI
    - Added weather on lockscreen to rom control
    - Next alarm will now only be displayed if a new alarm is set (and the icon will not be there if no alarm is set)
    - Many more things I may forgot

    SuperMan-Rom V1.11:
    - Fully rebased to APGO firmware (not rebased to BPH6, reason: no kernel source, not rootable and no edge build...)
    - fully remade all mods from scratch
    - 3dot lag solved, finally!
    - added torch to reboot menu (rom control entry)
    - battery percentage is now colorable (rom control)
    - added ram bar to recent (rom control)
    - enabled lockscreen rotation (rom control)
    - low battery warning is now adjustable (rom control)
    - flashlight on camera can now be used on low battery too
    - Updated SuperKernel to 1.6
    - SuperStock updated to 1.2
    - private mode now fully working, even after reboot
    - fully customize the brightness slider in statusbar (rom control)
    - network speed has now two separate colors for up and download
    - magisk v3 with PHH's root added (this option needs a FULL WIPE)
    - Xposed V86.4 added (only works with magisk)
    - long press back key to kill application (rom control toggle)
    - cleaned up rom control in general, was a bit messy
    - added adaway and ota to settings (thank to @myellow for the icons!)
    - added new modded camera thank to @zeroprobe
    - updated CSC to APG1
    - updated 3minit app
    - added f2fs/ext4 selection to aroma. If you do not understand this, just keep default ext4 and change nothing, f2fs is applied to cache and data, system does result in a bootloop
    - more things I may forgot
    - I did not have time yet to fix the white on white background on notification, for this just change general background in rom control. same for the weather widget, will do this in next release!

    SuperMan-Rom V1.12:
    - Fully rebased and remodded on BPH6 source (flat users can use the new BL since we got a twrp update)
    - removed colorable battery percentage (because of issues with white on white background)
    - new gallery app included
    - august security patches applied
    - superkernel updated to V1.7 and superstock to V1.3
    - Added a toggle to remove emergency mode from reboot menu
    - Added rom control option to enable music skip
    - Update notification background, it can now also be transparent (should fix white on white issue)
    - Added carrier label is now colorable on lockscreen
    - you can now change the size of the font in settings (so you can read it better when you got two sections)
    - magisk updated to V6
    - phh's root updated
    - xposed updated to V86.5
    - added magisk compatible supersu zip
    - virtual lock buttons updated
    - weather on lockscreen updated, thanks to @tamirda for his help!
    - csc updated to ITV BPH1

    SuperMan-Rom V1.13:
    - Rebased on official BPHJ base
    - all mods remade from scratch
    - stock kernel updated (BPHJ), superkernel and superstock updated with latest ramdisk
    - added autostart option to settings
    - removed FOTA (since we don't get any official updates)
    - updated supersu to V2.78
    - added magisk busybox
    - added magisk viper4android
    - updated romcontrol to V2.1
    - colorable wifi, LTE, airplane, roaming toggle
    - added toast notification who are configurable (romcontrol)
    - Superkernel has for this special version NO OC and UC (for testing) if it get's better with freezing
    - fixed quicklaunch in recent not appearing
    - Fix problem that incallui bg is the same as notification bg
    - Camera mod to V5 updated
    - September patches

    SuperMan-Rom V1.13.1:
    - fixed 2 times autostart
    - fixed gallery crashing
    - fixed gear vr crashing

    SuperMan-Rom V1.14:
    - Fully rebased and remodded on BPIF
    - latest BPIF ZTO csc included
    - updated supersu to SR1
    - updated xposed installer application
    - autocall recorder fixed
    - Superstock updated to 1.4 (including BPIF ramdisk)
    - SuperKernel updated to 1.8 (Prerelease on rom)
    - Enabled launcher rotation
    - colorable clear and notif buttons
    - colorable user text on lockscreen
    - hopefully fix applock
    - add torch into settings
    - last but best feature: use fingerprint after a reboot, biggest thanks to @mwilky for his awesome work he did there!

    SuperMan-Rom V1.14.5:
    - iOS 10 emojis added
    - screenshots are colorable now in romcontrol
    - reworked xposed/supersu selection in aroma
    - added phh latest supersuser
    - updated magisk to V7
    - Updated xposed to V86.6
    - Updated all magisk mods
    - Added TW swipe to modded launcher
    - Updated superkernel to 1.8.5
    - Updated superstock 1.4.5
    - Romcontrol default values adjusted
    - zubis sound mod updated to V18
    - Adblocker updated
    - Phh's apk updated to latest beta (looks much nicer now)
    - xposed apk updated
    - magisk apk updated
    - samsung music apk updated

    SuperMan-Rom V1.15:
    - Rebased on latest BPJ7
    - Remodded and retweaked everything
    - Fixed volume rocker problem
    - Install supersu before magisk so magisk is compatible now with supersu
    - Magisk updated to V8
    - Magiskmanager updated
    - Remade aroma installer, hopefully little bit clearer now
    - UDS and Screencast toggle in statusbar
    - InCallUI colorable
    - Fixed superman control FC
    - Updated both kernels with latest ramdisk base
    - Fixed some synapse stuff (eg after clean flash no UCI support showed)
    - October security patches included
    - CSC updated to latest INS one
    - Replaced potato clock with 3minit clock
    - Many more things I already forgot again lol :)

    SuperMan-Rom V1.15.5:
    - Fixed toast message not working in romcontrol
    - fixed contacts crash
    - updated sms application (the patched one, should now support more lanuages)
    - updated applock
    - updated floating message
    - added network powersaving
    - updated all kernels (except stock) to fix the urgent security issue
    - updated phh superuser apk
    - changed to DBT csc as default, hopefully for those who had problem with volte it will work now
    - changed debloat title, was confusing before
    - remind users at the end of installation to flash csc

    SuperMan-Rom V1.16:
    - Update to base BPJG
    - November security patches
    - remodded from scratch
    - busybox updated to 1.25
    - busybox app updated
    - launcher rotation disabled (no one seems to like it)
    - magisk app updated
    - magisk phh root updated to r266-2
    - updated all kernels to BPJE source drop base
    - Xposed apk updated
    - new smali/baksmali method used for deodex
    - hidesu phh root added (r266)
    - OperaMax apk as debloat in aroma (and without any launcher icon now)
    - UPSM apk as debloat app in aroma (to control apps on UPSM)
    - added double tap to sleep on statusbar (credits to @tamirda)
    - adaway enabled or disabled in aroma (because of 3minit battery)
    - fixed AppLock fcs because of signature
    - fixed sms patch apk scheduled settings
    - added samsung nougat emojis
    - added aroma selection for csc. Default would be ITV as it is the base for it. You can also chose to install no csc when you flash the csc selection right after rom install
    - eventually some more things I don't remember

    SuperMan-Rom V1.17:
    - Based on BPKA firmware
    - Remodded and retweaked from scratch
    - Updated Magisk to V9
    - Updated Magisk Manager to V2.5
    - Updated SuperSU to SR4 (I know there is SR5 now but I don't want to reupload the rom just cause of this)
    - Updated AdBlocker apk to latest official release
    - Updated Host file
    - Ask in aroma if you want to update modem, will be flashed if you like (BPJG is still latest), so Modem is now updatable in TWRP
    - Added BL (bootloader) update to aroma (I added a warning, WHEN UPDATING BL, PHONE DOES AUTOREBOOT AFTER SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION) Means you need to flash csc after first boot, so my suggestion is: flash rom without BL and flash it in odin. So you can set up your csc correctly
    - All ramdisks updated to BPKA
    - Changed CSC to AUT (since we never had issues with it)
    - Updated baksmali/smali
    - Added some files which will may help for wifi calling (please tell me if it worked)
    - Changed operamax with official one from playstore (many of you thought it is a spam app)
    - Updated Xposed Installer APK
    - Updated Xposed Framework to V87
    - some things I forgot

    SuperMan-Rom V1.18:
    - Rebased on latest BPL3 base
    - December security patch
    - Phh superuser updated to r275
    - Many aroma script changes
    - SuperKernel updated to 1.9.5
    - SuperStock updated to 1.5.6
    - host file updated
    - Updated build-in bootloader and modem to BPL3 and BPKG
    - Backup function! When you reflash V1.18 you now have to option to restore your configs from last time in aroma installer and jump directly to install screen!
    - Added kernel adiutor to kernel selection
    - No more model choose! Everything is done by my script
    - If you have a K/L/S/W8 model, that will be changed in build.prop accordingly
    - Added an option in aroma to install full stock settings apk

    SuperMan-Rom V1.18.1:
    - Updated SuperStock Kernel to V1.6
    - Updated SuperKernel to V1.9.6
    - Updated SuperSU to V2.79
    - Added W8 bootloader and modems to aroma installation as well (auto update), that's why the zip got bigger again lol
    - Updated viper4android magisk installation
    - Added magisk viper4android apk file
    - Added viper4arise sound mod (untested)
    - Good lock SystemUI added in aroma
    - Updated Xposed to 87.1 by topjohnwu (xposed will show 87.0 but magisk 87.1)

    SuperMan-Rom V1.19:
    - Fully rebased and remodded on BPLB base
    - Probably the most annoying bug: fixed superman romcontrol not working from stock settings (due to package change)
    - fixed not installing synapse and kernel adiutor
    - added build.prop tweaks selectable in aroma
    - Only display csc warning if you did not install default csc which comes with the rom
    - Changed ARISE to deuterium which you guys reported working fine
    - Updated samsung browser with fixed secret mode thanks to @mwilky
    - Some other scripts cleanups
    - Changed xposed 87.1 in xposed.prop as well (87.1 will now be display in xposed app :) )
    - Updated phh superuser apk to latest beta 10 (material)
    - Updated adblocker hostfile
    - Added phone info app as user app
    - Updated Samsung music app (and install as user app as well)
    - Updated SuperSU to V2.79 SR1
    - Another attempt to fix magisk viper4android.. (included a modded audioconfig file)
    - Added TWRP recoveries to aroma. You can now choose if you want to update your recovery during aroma or not!
    - Updated nougat emojis from latest samsung beta
    - Updated BL's to BPLB (CP is still the same)
    - Updated stockkernel to BPLB
    - Updated Ramdisk of SuperKernel and SuperStock to BPLB (no source code yet)
    - Added scrolling launcher background to romcontrol
    - Updated Kernel adiutor
    - Check rom info tab for little christmas easer egg by @myellow

    SuperMan-Rom V1.19.1:
    - Updated magisk to V10.2
    - Updated Magisk apk to version from playstore
    - Updated phh magisk to r2 version by topjohnwu
    - Updated phh superuser apk to latest beta
    - Updated SuperSU V2.79 SR2
    - Readded normal logo in settings (christmas is over :( )
    - Added an option in aroma to keep force encryption enabled
    - Updated SuperStock Kernels to V1.6.5 with new base
    - Updated SuperKernel to V1.9.7 with new base
    - Updated sqlite binary
    - Readded max build.prop tweak (removed a few critical, you tell me how they work)
    - Added init.d script for sqlite and zipalign only (no more issues)
    - Updated iOS emojis to latest update
    - Some scripts clean up

    Latest Nougat V2.X Changelogs:

    SuperMan-Rom V2.0:
    - Updated to DQAS (FULL REBASE TO ANDROID N 7.0)
    - All kernels updated to DQAS (Stock, Super and SuperStock)
    - Latest Busybox 1.26.2 included
    - Latest SuperSU SR3 included
    - Latest BL DQAS and CP DQA3 included
    - Latest Magisk Manager APK included
    - Latest TWRP 3.0.2-5 included
    - Latest SuperUser Beta11 apk included
    - Latest Sound Mod V19 included (updated for Nougat)
    - Latest Camera Mod V7 included (updated for Nougat)
    - Removed Xposed (not compatible with Nougat)
    - Added many additional apps to bloat selection
    - Added support to aroma to support 4GB zip files
    - ARISE sound mod updated to V2.4
    - DAP sound mod included
    - Many Nougat CSC features included
    - Floating message working
    - AppLock working
    - Private Mode working
    - Aroma Theme reworked
    - All SuperMan icons reworked
    - Bootanimation reworked
    - Splash screen reworked
    - Multi User fully functional
    - 3minit clock included (romcontrol option)
    - Battery bar included
    - Safe volume warning removed
    - Weather on lockscreen enabled (can be a bit buggy, N just got released LOL)
    - Hide or show lockscreen clock (inclusive seconds)
    - Quick launch in recents
    - Network speed indicator with tint
    - Background colors for QS tiles colorable
    - Statusbar icons colorable
    - 3minit clock aroma choosable
    - Virtual lock buttons
    - Ambiente display
    - Data usage in statusbar
    - Dynamic statusbar
    - Reboot to recovery, screenshot toggle, screencast toggle etc added
    - Gear reboot on statusbar (romcontrol)
    - Gear device info
    - Latest adblocker included
    - 0.25 animation speed in settings added
    - Some more things I maybe forgot again
    - For all credits please check my V2.0 release Post :)

    SuperMan-Rom V2.1:
    - Rebased and retweaked on latest DQB3 release
    - Bootloader updated to DQB3 and modem to DQB1
    - CSC updated to most recent BTU version as well
    - Updated Magisk to V11.1 (removed phh's apk, root for Magisk is now INSIDE Magisk apk)
    - Updated Magisk Manager to 4.1
    - Fixed a busybox problem which didn't install it correctly
    - Updated all kernels with latest ramdisk and source code (DQB3 isn't released yet)
    - Updated adblockers hostfiles
    - Removed ARISE sound mod, they have their own aroma installer and everything now, download it here
    - Updated Camera Mod to V8
    - Updated my own romcontrol a bit, changed colors and stuff :) hope you like it
    - Removed knox entry from settings
    - Added custom clock settings
    - 3Minit clock can now be enabled and disabled inside RC (no need to choose in aroma)
    - Clock can now be moved left, in the middle, right or disabled
    - Clock can be colored
    - Clock style can be choosen
    - Date in statusbar can be choosen etc etc (just check the clock settings in RomControl)
    - For lockscreen I've fixed the weather issue, however flat users may have some problems since the display is smaller than on edge phones. I got a S7 flat and I know what I'm talking about (let me know what you think)
    - Fixed weather widget displaying time twice
    - Added 18 different analog clocks in RomControl (to display on lockscreen)
    - Added rambar back to romcontrol (it will be displayed at the top so you can't use it at the same time as recent quick launch)
    - Volume skip added (skip tracks with volume control)
    - Fixed ambient display not working
    - Added auto call recording
    - Updated pulldown statusbar colorizing
    - Fixed alarm on lockscreen
    - Added app shortcuts to romcontrol
    - Added launcher gestures (all working fine except enabling flashlight)
    - Added touchkey light duration in settings
    - Added autostart manager in setting
    - Added LED indicator in settings
    - Updated all toggles in restart menu to match nougat design
    - Updated shutdown animation (looks perfect now)
    - Added many default superman wallpapers (will only appear after a clean wipe)
    - Added the dark side of superman theme
    - Someone requested me to add knox apps in aroma. So there you go, knox is in debloat menu but for sure I did not flash that onto my phone :D
    - Added google assistant in aroma choice (debloat settings)
    - Added brightness fix
    - Updated all additional (none samsung & google) apps to most recent version
    - Added CPU-Z and Tapatalk in debloat settings
    - Removed amplify in debloat (sorry for confusion!)
    - Disabled signature check for apps
    - Probably some more things, but I can't remember sorry guys!
    - Before someone ask, all credits can be found on V2.1 Release post!

    SuperMan-Rom V2.2:
    - Updated to latest DQB7 base with February security patch
    - Full rebased and remodded since last base
    - All mods have been updated
    - Kernel are all updated to DQB7 ramdisk
    - Kernels do now fake knox 0x0 on running system
    - Added a much better selection of build.prop and init.d tweaks in aroma (you will see what I mean)
    - Added new 3d boot animations by
    - Moved themes into seperate aroma installer by Check this post here
    - Added an aroma choice for ambient display (should fix lockscreen lag, please report back to me)
    - Added another google assistant, this hopefully fixes the problems (you have to update the google app after installation in google playstore)
    - Updated BL to DQB7 (modem is still the same)
    - Added new toast animations in romcontrol
    - Changed some default values in romcontrol
    - reboot background menu is now colorable
    - matrix in recents
    - Move signal and wifi to the left in romcontrol
    - added an option in romcontrol to change your carrier on lockscreen
    - Camera mod updated to V8.1
    - Possibly some other things I already forgot again sorry

    SuperMan-Rom V2.3:
    - Rebased on top of DQBO release
    - Updated all kernel with latest ramdisk to version V2.2.1
    - Added a note to aroma that busybox is needed for romcontrol/synapse
    - Removed the cache init.d in aroma which caused bootloop
    - Updated bootloader to DQBO
    - Reworked SuperMan Settings app (will now show "free" in addition)
    - Free means that this is the app with the rom and not the one on playstore, I will release a "pro" app (same functions) with translations and just to donate me
    - Added Back to kill option
    - Added Recent to kill option
    - Fingerprint unlock without enabling display added (works only as long as fingerprint sensor doesn't go to deepsleep)
    - New icons inside the SuperMan settings app
    - Added blur effect on pulldown menu
    - Added clock on lockscreen is now colorable to different colors (MM/H/SECS)
    - Added notification colorable with notification text colorable
    - Added search bar colorable and hidden switch
    - Added fully working secure folder to the rom (will also be display in pulldown menu)
    - Added Samsung Pay to Knox in debloat option (since it works together)
    - Updated samsung pay and samsung pay framework with latest apps from sammobile, if that doesn NOT work well just uninstall the updates (those are not system files so you can easily uninstall them)
    - Added custom icons for Signal/Alarm/Wifi in romcontrol
    - Fixed left clock being displayed on lockscreen, is now hidden
    - Added "clear all" and "notification settings" colorable
    - Added colorable background the notification pulldown
    - Basically everything is colorable now in pulldown :)
    - Updated AdAway to most recent version
    - Updated included adblocker files
    - Updated included bloat apps (as instagram, snapchat, signal etc)
    - Updated Magisk Manager to latest 4.2.6 (which fixed all fc's)
    - Fixed OTA/Rom Control icon displaying a grey background
    - Updated OTA app to match superman design
    - Added new superman gifs in romcontrol (black/blue and red/yellow)
    - Possibly more things to mod which I already forgot again (sorry :( )

    SuperMan-Rom V2.4.1:
    - Updated base to DQCG
    - Reworked from scratch!
    - March security update included
    - Improved permissions in system/bin (rom should now work even better)
    - Update stock kernel to DQC5
    - Update SuperStock to V2.4.1 (with flicker free included)
    - Update SuperKernel to V2.4.1 (with flicker free included)
    - Updated Bootloader and Modem to DQCG / DQCG
    - Added W8 BL/CP files to be flashed with the rom
    - Added font apk (installs many fonts), it's choosable in debloat menu
    - Moved romcontrol and OTA to debloat menu too (if you don't want them, don't install them)
    - Removed framework selection, ambient is now called a different way
    - Ambient is now also working without AOD (thanks to @mwilky)
    - Updated Magisk to V11.6 (safetynet shall pass with usb debugging on now)
    - Updated Magisk Manager to latest version
    - Updated included bloatware apps
    - Updated AirMessage and Applock app
    - Updated TWRP to 3.1.0
    - Added a switch in SuperMan settings to enable or disable RCS (cloud icon) (thanks to @MisterEvo)
    - Added a switch in SuperMan setting to toggle 4G/LTE (thanks to @MisterEvo)
    - Added a choice in aroma to include software keys
    - If you choose knox, tima and knox will be enabled automatically, if not they will be disabled
    - Aroma log will be saved at sdcard/SuperMan/aroma/
    - Music and the Simcard notification of the FD variants should be colored too (let me know if it works!)
    - Adjusted weather on lockscreen to match better, in next version there will be a big rework
    - Fixed alarm icon being weird on theme ( @_alex74_)
    - Added blur effect on pulldown colorable
    - Added a switch to hide brightness slider on pulldown ( @mwilky)
    - Added SystemUI tuner thanks to @lyapota (long press on settings icon in pulldown to activate it)
    - Added option to color stock battery icon
    - Added a switch to enable rounded notifications (aren't colorable for now)
    - Added blur effect on recents
    - Added many new items on pulldown menu
    - Added back "Torch on Lockscreen", it's now in SuperMan settings under "misc systemui"
    - Enabled lockscreen notification limit can be raised from 1-3
    - Updated smali/baksmali for deodexing
    - Updated all social media bloat apps (for example "signal" got secure video call feature)

    SuperMan-Rom V2.5.0:
    - Rebased on latest DQD3 release
    - Remodded everything from scratch (this base had many changes compared to previous updates)
    - April Security patch
    - Updated Magisk to V12
    - Updated Magisk Manager
    - Updated phh superuser to r310
    - Updated included adblocker host files
    - Updated included BL/CP to DQD3/DQD2
    - Fixed barometer displaying weird stuff on lockscreen
    - Updated all bloat apps such as telegram/snapchat/titanium etc
    - Updated Kernels to V2.5.1 version (new linux and new ramdisk)
    - Updated included modded camera thanks to @djb77
    - Added S8 camera to aroma, thanks to @_alex74_
    - This update is mostly for stability and security!

    SuperMan-Rom V2.6.0:
    - Rebased on most recent DQG1 release
    - Updated all included kernels to latest ramdisk/kernel source
    - This update includes the July patch already!
    - Updated Magisk to v13.3
    - Updated SuperSU to 2.82 SR1
    - Updated included bootloader to DQG1 and modem to DQF2 (still latest one)
    - Updated included BTU csc
    - Readded outdoor mode in settings app
    - Removed OEM unlock switch with modded settings (so no one can accidentally turn it off)
    - Added a switch in romcontrol for immersive mode
    - Added support for calculator unit converter
    - Added a switch to romcontrol to enable/disable transparent background
    - Notification icons can now be colored too in rc
    - SMusic app can also be fully colored thanks to @Thereassad
    - Updated busybox installer
    - Updated all included bloat apps (telegram, tapatalk etc.)
    - Removed the "no csc" choice, since this only messes settings entries
    - Removed S8 camera, we have a full port for this and the camera doesn't work perfectly on s7 base anyway
    - Removed all needless build.prop and init.d tweaks, in my opinion this is the reason for heating and battery drain!!
    - Fake system status to official (before was custom) @mwilky
    - I simply didn't had the time to investigate into the SystemUI crashing while moving apps to SD with modded UI, I hope you can forgive me as I already promised it before...
    - I hope that was all, maybe I forgot something

    SuperMan-Rom V2.7.0:
    - Based on latest DQIC release by Samsung (full rebase)
    - Includes most recent August security patch (Samsung doesn't release the September patch to any device due to Blueborne fix)
    - This base includes blueborne fix for bluetooth vulnerability
    - Updated included modem and bootloader to DQIC for F/FD devices and BQH2 for W8 models
    - Updated kernels to latest V2.9.0 versions build on DQIC source drop
    - Updated Magisk to latest V14.2 beta
    - Updated SuperSU to latest SR5 beta
    - Updated sound mod with latest sound file, this should fix some issues with wifi calling
    - Removed viper4android, due to the fact that it broke sound on s8 roms, you should flash ARISE or similar mods after the rom itself
    - Updated busybox to latest 1.27.2
    - Added some more apps to debloat selection, edge apps for example and some more voice files and for VR :)
    - Removed OTA due to the fact that it wasn't working anymore, we will come up with a better solution in the future
    - Added a switch in romcontrol to enable/disable high volume warning
    - Added a new function to clear memory in pulldown menu
    - Updated romcontrol application, changed name to SuperControl Free
    - Updated included CSC
    - Updated AppLock, ScreenRecorder and AirMessage
    - Updated included bloat apps such as Telegram, Signal, Hike and Snapchat
    - Included all fixes from last time, means Weather and alarm on lock screen works fine without any need to flash a file :good:

    SuperMan-Rom V2.8.0:
    - Based on latest DQK1 base released just a few days ago!
    - Includes the latest November security patch
    - This base includes Krack fix (if you want more informations about it, check it here: KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2)
    - Updated included bootloader to DQK1 for F/FD models (modem is still the same)
    - Updated kernels to latest V2.10.1 versions build on DQK1 source drop
    - Updated Magisk to latest V14.4 beta
    - Added Xposed V88.2 magisk (this xposed variant will only work if you select magisk at the same time!)
    - Removed many 3rd party bloat apps, like this we save much space
    - Added GBInstagram (modded instagram), GBWhatsapp (modded Whatsapp) and modded Youtube to allow background playing!
    - Added listview animations to romcontrol
    - Added colorable screenshot text to romcontrol
    - Fixed long press on settings icon on pulldown not enabling SystemUI tuner + fc
    - Fixed imsservice crash with the switchable RCS icon
    - Updated the updater script binary
    - Fixed notification panel custom image not sticking after a reboot

    SuperMan-Rom V2.9.0:
    - Rebased on latest DRAG base
    - Includes the latest January security patch
    - Updated included bootloader and modem to DRAG for F/FD models
    - Updated kernels to latest V2.11.0 versions build on DRAG source drop
    - Updated Magisk to latest V15.3 stable
    - Updated Xposed to V89.2 magisk
    - Install Xposed app as user app, before it got installed as system app
    - Updated TWRP to latest 3.2.1-1 version
    - Updated GBInstagram, GBWhatsApp and modded Youtube (to play background videos)
    - Updated busybox
    - Updated included csc
    - Updated applock, airmessage, screenrecorder
    - Updated zeroprobe camera mod
    - Added quicktiles for VoLTE and Wificalling
    Useful posts and links

    App on PlayStore:
    Find my own SuperMan app on PlayStore: SM Settings App

    Find all latest odin and samsung tools on this link: Samsung-Tools

    In case you need help:
    Try to take a look at my Q&A Thread where hopefully some general questions are already answered.

    TWRP links:
    TWRP S7e Thread
    Official TWRP website for s7e

    Bootloader and Modems:
    SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8 BL and CP (all models in one folder!)
    SM-G935F/FD BL and CP
    SM-G935K BL and CP
    SM-G935L BL and CP
    SM-G935S BL and CP
    SM-G935W8 BL and CP

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    Roms made by me:
    SuperMan-Rom which you are currently on its thread :)
    HydraRom which is a full note 7 rom compatible with our s7.
    SuperStock-Rom which is as close to stock as possible with some nice additions.

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    How to donate:
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    Batterylife with V1.16:


    Geekbench 4 Results with V1.16:

    Antutu Benchmark Results:



    Due to the fact that this thread is only OT talk and ETA talk I will close it right now and re open it when I finished with V3.0. The base I'll use is the G935FXXU2ERG2 one :good:

    In the meantime you can still use the grifodev forum for real problems/reports.

    To see how far I got with the development, check this progress bar. I have not started yet. After the next week I will have time to work on it.

    You can expect a release in the first few august weeks :fingers-crossed:
    Last Post

    Dear readers of this thread

    Why EOL?
    You maybe read it in the thread title or not that this rom is EOL (End of Life). It still seems that some people don't understand what this means. So I'm going to explain it a bit further:

    The rom update to 3.0.1 was the last update I released for this rom. Why? I don't own this phone personally since 1.5 years now and it's really difficult to get a device for testing, without testing it's almost impossible to release a rom without bugs.

    But this is not the only reason. Starting from the early 2018 I begun to work while studying full time. This leaves almost 0 time for myself and even less for the android development (maybe you can imagine now why the update took so long, I normally use my personal holidays for updates).

    And development for other devices?
    Given my current management over my personal time I can't tell you whether I'll be able to do a rom for the s9/s9+/n9. I personally just use stock to be honest (with root of course :D )

    I may be able to do a very stockish rom without a romcontrol but again, this will take time...

    Where is the CSC update??
    Yes, the csc. Thanks for all who send me their files! I downloaded the missing ones last week and guess how much I had to download? 72 csc to download... ups I undercalculated this a bit :D

    Anyway I got the files now and it shouldn't take to much time to add it to the zip and upload it. When it's ready you'll find it here. And yes, this will be only for s7 based rom and not ports!

    You may have seen that my PayPal isn't working anymore. I called them twice and sent them a few mails. They are currently reviewing my case BUT they think I do this for business and earn a living for it... really PayPal? You're joking or what :silly:

    To be honest I doubt that I will ever be able to use it again so I may switch to crypto donating in the future project.

    What's left?
    Saying thanks to everyone. We had a great time here over the last 2.5 years :highfive:

    The S7e community is one of the best here on xda. I'm very honored that I could work together with you over such a long time period :good:

    I wish you the best for the future, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy your life! :fingers-crossed:

    The forum on our on website will be opened for all time here. So in case you still have questions or need support, that's the place to ask.

    Love you all <3