[EOL][ROM][STABLE][TW][MM][6.0.1][CPL1][03.01.17][SM-T70X] IronRom V3.2

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Jun 3, 2007
Albuquerque, NM
Is it possible to change dpi in this ROM so that apps such as the new Skype think its a smartphone instead? The new Skype steals chat real-estate on the tablet but doesn't on the phones. So to solve it I'm told that I need to change the dpi.

Edit: OK I tried dpi changer from the play store and it fixed Skypes display issue but ruined the devices gui.

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Oct 29, 2014
Just wanna express my thanks. I've been using this room for about 2 months now. Its been solid and stable ever since, it is worth mentioning that the battery life on this rom rocks. It would hold up for more than 3 days of stand by. This is good because i dont use my tab often this last weeks, so i don't need to frequently charge it.

Keep developing this rom please, such a waste to let this gem not up to date. Peace.
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Nov 1, 2014
Read in the signature of creator that ROM is end of life/dead ... is it true Lucca? Would be quite sad as the rom is great and the TAB S is still up to date in my opinion.
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Jun 10, 2014
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Hey dear readers of this thread.

I'm very sorry to tell that my Tab S has changed its owner to someone else. I don't a Tab S 10.5 my own anymore. That happened around 3 months ago (when I changed the thread title to EOL, means End Of Life).

I simply forgot to inform you all officially with a small statement in here, so I'm doing it now. The reason I sold the Tab S are:
- It's old, too old for me
- I haven't used the tablet anymore, only for making you guys updates
- I have a big phone (the galaxy s8) so a tablet is simply not needed anymore
- Too many things to work on, I have around 6 active roms, 5 active kernels and many more smaller project. Still I work 100% in my real life, that's really hard for me to find a good balance.

If you are an owner of a galaxy s7 or galaxy s8, please don't hesitate to checkout our brandnew website www.grifodev.ch and find our most recent releases there.

Sorry that I have to leave such a great community, hope that we will see each other once again! Have a very nice day and enjoy the summer :good:
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    I'm proudly presenting you the IronRom, for both Variants of the Tab S 8.4 (T700 and T705)


    Hello my friends, I'm presenting you the latest Samsung Firmware with some changes that I made by myself.
    First of all, I'm not a the best developer here on the XDA forum, but I can just use my mind, my computer and some tools (maybe I can that not very bad :D). For creating this rom, I used archikitchen and my mind to do some changes here and there.
    I can't test this rom, because I own a T805!

    This ROM is now for BOTH variants, LTE AND NON-LTE, SM-T700 and T705, download the right file in the download section!


    ROM Features:​

    - T705XXU1CPL1/T700XXU1CPL1 Bases
    - latest November Patches included
    - Only in IronStock: dirty cow problem patched
    - Prerooted with latest supersu or phh's root
    - Aroma Installer
    - Init.d support (with fixed google wakelocks)
    - Zipaligned
    - Deodexed
    - KNOX notifications removed
    - IronStock 3.2 or stock kernel, you can choose
    - Latest TouchWiz Sources!
    - Busybox (magisk or standard included)
    - Most apps are installed as userapps, the others debloated (select in aroma)
    - Auto update of BL and CP in aroma
    - Model detection
    - 5 Way Reboot
    - Some CSC Tweaks
    - Full Privatemode Support without KNOX notifications!
    - Tab S2 apps
    - Tab S2 launcher with flipboard briefing
    - Tab S2 Wallpaper Picker
    - Tab S2 email app
    - Tab S2 video/video editor
    - Tab S2 gallery/foto editor
    - OTA-Support
    - adblocker build in
    - SmartManager
    - Xposed V87.1 included
    - Magisk V10.2 included
    - Magisk compatible phh's root r2
    - SuperSU V2.79 SR1
    - Phh r275
    - High volume warning disabled
    - Allow all apps in multiwindow

    - None till now​

    Latest Download Versions:

    For latest MM Version (V3.2):
    1. Download the rom and put it to your SD card or internal storage
    2. Download latest bootloader and modem for SM-T705 and bootloader only for SM-T700
    3. Boot into download mode, download latest Odin available and flash BL in BL tab and CP in CP tab
    4. Make sure you use most recent TWRP which can be found T705 or T700
    5. Flash TWRP with odin in AP tab
    6. Boot into recovery using: home+power on + volume up
    7. Select wipe, advanced wipe: data, cache, dalvik-cache and system
    8. Install the rom (in aroma select "dirty flash", otherwise you may have problems!)
    9. After rom installation reboot and wait around 20 minutes till the tab boots up
    10. Enjoy MM on your Tab S!​

    Support on Telegram:
    Click here to Join the Telegram Group

    If you like my work, please hit thanks a thanks down on my posts. A thanks is enough! :highfive: If you really really like my work, you can donate something to me, but it is not necessary. I created a paypal account, just in case, someone would give me a small donation. :good:
    As I said, you don't have to give me something, but this keeps me motivated to built better roms and keep updating everything. It's your choice, and I'm very thankful for every donation! No matter how big it is! Thank you so much for supporting me, cheers and have a nice day :fingers-crossed:

    Donators for this ROM:​

    - @rdheepak he was the first one, and after him came more, thank you mate :) 9XT27255AB603630K
    - @Ramer, you are a great guy, always helping people here in the thread, thank you so much 1SC64339YB386772U
    - @flymacs thank you so much, I really appreciat that you know? :) 9LN693114X159712B
    - 45691778EH304315N
    - @cyaclone thank you my friend, hope you enjoy the rom xD 51404963DF878651R
    - @FM5 Thank you very very much for the donation. You are all great guys around here in this thread:victory: 0MT442465S191674N

    -Samsung for firmware

    -Mega for the mirrors

    @JustArchi for the archikitchen http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2597220

    @ykkfive for the custom recovery http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-tab-s/development/t800-philz-touch-6-56-2-f2fs-19-8-t2851566

    @zhuhang for the V4A! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2191223

    @wanam for the perfect WanamXposed http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-wanam-xposed-customize-stock-t2383484

    @rovo89 for the great xposed installer/framework: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/xposed-installer-versions-changelog-t2714053

    @Chainfire for the root access and supersu:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1538053

    @gharrington for the 3Minit Battery Mod http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2799958

    @EMSPilot for adding the AppOps to the settings :)

    @amarullz for his fantastic aroma installer! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2409951

    @M3nti0n for the OTA app, hope it works :D http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1803562

    A big thanks to @JustArchi, @Albe95 and @iB4STiD for their help!

    If you want to take my work and need it as a base, or do other things with it, please ask me first for the permission. Otherwise you are not allowed to take it! Thank you :)!

    Donation ULR

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Stock Based Rom for Tab S 8.4, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

    Tkkg1994, DUHAsianSKILLZ
    Source Code: https://github.com/Tkkg1994/IronRom

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: SM-T700, SM-T705
    Based On: Stock Touchwiz

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.2
    Stable Release Date: 2017-01-03

    Created 2015-01-06
    Last Updated 2017-06-23



    Kitkat releases:
    Stable V1.0:
    -Intial release! Everything seems to work, except from slow wifi turn off/on.

    Stable V1.1:
    -Added Skyhigh 2.1 as default kernel
    -Much more debloated
    -SD-Write fixed
    -Some built.prop changes
    -Some more changes ;)

    Stable V1.1.1:
    -Skyhigh update to 2.2
    -Modem is now included in the ROM!
    -Busybox and supersu updated

    IronRom V1.2
    -Samsung Store readded, sorry for the mistake!
    -Synapse app added
    -Deodex now :)
    -Try the new multiwindow to see some changes :D

    IronRom V1.3:
    -Added some new apps, christmas gift to you!
    -Xposed Framework preinstalled
    -AppOps Added
    -After installed the ROM:
    1. Flash ROM, reboot
    2. Go to recovery again, flash rom again, without fullwipe, reboot
    3. Go to Xposed Installer, install the xposed installer (if the moduls are checked, uncheck all installed modules)
    4. Reboot and delete the UPSM Manager, it don't work anymore
    5. Activate all modules in xposed and reboot, finish :)
    -Philz Touch Recovery should be part of the rom

    IronRom V1.4:
    -Updated Wanam Xposed (now without my settings)
    -Removed UPSM Manager
    -Removed Philz Touch Recovery...should be the users choice!
    -Converted some system apps to user apps (that you can remove them if you want)
    -Added Viper4Android
    -Hopefully fixed 5 GHz Wifi (can't test it)
    -Lot's of tweaks, should run very smooth now!
    -Host file edited = Adblocker enabled :D
    -Rom is now cleaning cache and dalvik-cache :)

    IronRom V1.5:
    -Updated playstore app
    -Incrase maximum volume for speaker and headphones
    -Fix google play error
    -Removed some apps
    -Added a better messenger than Whatsapp :D
    -Bug fix update ;)!

    IronRom V1.6:
    -Less sound boosted than befor :D :D
    -Audio Recorder from Note 4
    -NotePro Keyboard port
    -AC3 audio support
    -Dropbox removed

    IronRom V1.7:
    -SkyHigh updated to V2.3
    -Added some system apps to user apps
    -OnScreen buttons in portrait mode
    -3Minit Battery Mode

    IronRom V1.8:
    -This version need the latest TWRP recovery!!!
    -Updated Skyhigh kernel to V2.4
    -Updated a lot of user apps
    -AppOps is now in the settings
    -Added an AROMA Installer, FULL costumization!! :)

    IronRom V1.9:
    -Removed some Aroma themes => useless
    -Remade the whole aroma installer (Hopefully better experience now!!)
    -OTA Support
    -Added DUHAsianSKILLZ custom boot animation to aroma, thanks gos to him!
    -Skyhigh kernel updated to V2.5

    IronRom V1.9.5:
    -Updated our beloved skyhigh kernel to V2.6
    -Minor changes in aroma installer (no more lags!!)
    -Ota App fully functinal
    -Added printer stuff to aroma :)

    IronRom V1.9.6:
    - Changed kernel form Skyhigh to IronKernel (V1.3) isn't out on XDA, so enjoy!
    - Updated Busybox
    - Updated SuperSU
    - Added face unlock to aroma!
    - Updated all google apps
    - Fixed various google problems
    - Hopefully fix the problem with first time login to google accounts/tablet
    - Updated Viper4Android to the latest version

    IronRom V1.9.7:
    - Updated 3mint battery mod
    - Updated to IronKernel V1.3.5
    - Added Samsung TTS back (finally )
    - Fixed the google issues (added the old configurations back)

    Lollipop releases:

    IronRom V2.0:
    - Latest lollipop Bases
    - OTA Updater
    - Tweaks for speed and batterylife
    - Sound Booster
    - Multiwindow Tweaks
    - Adblocker
    - AC3 support
    - Debloated
    - ODEX, deodex in next version
    - NO aroma installer at the moment, I got lot to do...
    - To install this rom and have a working root access:
    1. Flash CF-Autoroot from here: Link
    2. This is a must have: LOLLIPOP BOOTLOADER
    3. Install the rom (use latest TWRP)
    4. Flash the updated supersu.zip I attached down here.
    5. Wipe cache and ART cache and reboot

    IronRom V2.0.5:

    - T800 currently online here: XDA Download Link
    - Latest lollipop build :D
    - T805 here: XDA Download Link
    - Coming from stock Kitkat, you need to flash the official update first:
    1. Download all drivers
    2. Download Odin3.10 to your pc
    3. Download the official update from sammobile
    4. Make a backup of your current rom
    5. Flash it in odin, click AP and select the file
    6. Wait until it is finished
    7. Flash your recovery
    8. Flash chainfires CF-Autoroot
    9. Wipe everything and install the new rom
    - Fix problem with signal
    - Remove more knox apps
    - Remove some unneeded notifications
    - Added AppOps
    - Added Hulk-Kernel control
    - Check your kernel version, small surprise but a lot of work for me :D
    - Wipes wifi passwords, if you try a dirty flash. But please don't report any bugs with a dirty flash..
    - I did wipe everything on my tab, clean installed V2.0.5, without cf autoroot or something, root worked! Try it also this way.

    IronRom V2.1:
    - Deodex now!
    - Zipaligned
    - FIx titanium backup problem
    - Fix freezing for some people
    - Removed CSC (no more curious language as default)
    - Coming from lollipop, full wipe is recommand, but you can try a dirty flash
    - Coming from kitkat, follow the instructions on XDA! (Above this post)

    IronRom V2.2:
    - Aroma Installer
    - Updated to latest TouchWiz Sources!
    - Updated to latest SuperSU & BusyBox
    - Most apps are installed as userapps
    - Floating- & 4 Multiwindow Support
    - AppOps in Settings
    - 5 Way Reboot
    - Some CSC Tweaks
    - 12 Apps in Toolbox
    - Full Privatemode Support without KNOX notifications!
    - Customizable Folder button in Launcher

    IronRom V2.3:
    - Totally rebased on OE3 base
    - Full wipe is really really needed!
    - Coming from kitkat, please install the requiered bootloader (lollipop)
    - We can choose now in aroma:
    - Tab A apps
    - NotePro Keyboard
    - xposed
    - Tab A weather widget
    - etc.
    - Hopefully wifi fixed for all people
    - Smartmanager added
    - All previous mods included
    - PRIVATE MODE NOT WORKING AT THE MOMENT, if you need it you can try to get it working with wanam xposed
    - IronKernel updated to V2.2
    - Modem not included, everyone should have the one from his country

    IronRom V2.3.5:
    - Reverted sound booster a little bit because it destroyed the sound
    - Private Mode now working again
    - Fix weather widget not working for some people
    - Unlocked hidden settings for the lock-screen. This allows weather on lock-screen(aka lock-screen cards), personal message on lock-screen, multicolored pattern lock and maybe more
    - Added 3 new themes in Aroma: Avengers, Black Elegance, and AOSP + ability to change background in settings apk( guide coming soon)
    - New build prop tweaks for better battery life and performance

    IronRom V2.4:
    - Fully rebased on T800XXU1BOG2/T805XXU1BOG2
    - Features all features from the previous releases
    - Added: tab s2 weather widget, tab s2 myfiles, tab A email (tab s2 does crash to much), tab S2 launcher with flipboard briefing, tab s2 splanner, tab s2 contacts, tab s2 smemo, tab s2 samsung account, tab s2 gallery, tab s2 photo editor, tab s2 video and video editor, tab s2 calculator, tab s2 browser, tab s2 clock app, tab s2 music with new soundalive version, tab s2 like systemui and new tab s2 wallpaper picker!!
    - in aroma, you can now select google apps again, if you want to install, google plus, hangouts, google play games etc.
    - in aroma you can now also select if you want to install apps like the clock app: you can choose between clock from tab s, tab s2 or not install it.
    - xposed updated to V6, means sygic is fixed
    - IronKernel updated to V2.3, means rebased on OG2 opensource release, build with new toolchain, fix overheating issues for some people and updated ramdisk
    - Stagefright fix by google included
    - Updated root to V2.49 to fix root issues with stock kernel
    - Office apps by microsoft included
    - Many more things I did forgot :D :D

    IronRom V2.4.5:
    - fix phone app appearing on T800 (Thanks to @tamirda)
    - Add latest IronKernel V2.5
    - Add fully ported S2 systemUI (Thanks to @tamirda) (to get that just select tab s2 systemUI in themes)
    - Add Tab S2 Email app (Thanks to @tamirda)
    - Add Tab s2 Smartmanager (Thanks to @tamirda)
    - Add UPSM control app
    - Add back wssyncmlnps.apk
    - fix phone call not working with Tab S2 contacts, now works great
    - add tab S2 sms app (Thanks to @tamirda)
    - Some other general fixes

    IronRom V2.5:
    - A full wipe is a MUST if you are installing xposed (otherwise bootloop)
    - updated xposed to V75
    - Updated busybox to 1.24.1
    - updated supersu to v2.52
    - updated peel remote tab
    - update samsung app store
    - reworked all mods, so everything is new again
    - update kernel to V2.5.5, means ramdisk update and linux 3.4.110 update
    - I already said it, but make a full wipe!
    - Stagefright V2.0 also fixed
    - SmartManager is now available officially for our Tab S!!

    Marshmallow releases:
    IronRom V3.0:
    - Fully rebased on latest samsung release T805DDU1CPH7
    - Security patch is up to date with September patch
    - Fixed googles problem with overlay detected
    - Updated all included Tab S2 apps with Tab S2 MM
    - Reworked Aroma installer
    - Magisk can now be installed with the rom
    - Xposed V86.5 added
    - SuperSu updated
    - phh's root added (aroma choose)
    - Adblocker included
    - Stock/IronStock included (I do not have the time to rebase Ironkernel on MM, at least for now)
    - many more things I may forgot...

    IronRom V3.1:
    - Based on latest CPJ6 release
    - October security patches
    - Fixed dirty cow problem in kernel
    - Update kernel to 3.4.113 linux
    - updated magisk to V9
    - Added magisk manager
    - Updated adaway apk
    - updated host file for adblocking
    - Added some multiwindow permissions
    - updated xposed to V87
    - added xposed v86.2 as last not magisk xposed version
    - allow all apps in multiwindow
    - disable high volume warning
    - update phh magisk root to r266-2
    - update supersu to SR5
    - some script changes
    - ramdisk updates
    - Maybe something more I forgot

    IronRom V3.2:
    - Rebased on latest CPL1 release
    - November security patches
    - Phh superuser r275 added (without magisk)
    - Phh apk updated to latest beta
    - SuperSU updated to V2.79 SR1
    - Magisk Updated to V10.2
    - Magisk manager updated to version on playstore
    - Magisk phh root updated to R2
    - Updated host files of adblocker
    - Added phone info app as user app
    - Fixed smartview not working with build.prop tweak
    - Updated Stock and IronStock kernel with latest CPK2 base release
    - Added bootloader and modem (T805 only) in aroma, you can auto update them in aroma!
    - Xposed upated to V87.1
    - Updated all Tab S2 apps to latest release
    - No more model choose, script auto detects your model and flashes the right files!
    - Some multiwindow changes to fix your mentioned issues
    IronRom V3.2 Release:

    IronRom V3.2:
    - Rebased on latest CPL1 release
    - All changes made on previous Tab S 10.5 model are also included in this update! Rom is 100% equal to the big tab S!
    - November security patches
    - Phh superuser r275 added (without magisk)
    - Phh apk updated to latest beta
    - SuperSU updated to V2.79 SR1
    - Magisk Updated to V10.2
    - Magisk manager updated to version on playstore
    - Magisk phh root updated to R2
    - Updated host files of adblocker
    - Added phone info app as user app
    - Fixed smartview not working with build.prop tweak
    - Updated Stock and IronStock kernel with latest CPK2 base release
    - Added bootloader and modem (T705 only) in aroma, you can auto update them in aroma!
    - Xposed upated to V87.1
    - Updated all Tab S2 apps to latest release
    - No more model choose, script auto detects your model and flashes the right files!
    - Some multiwindow changes to fix your mentioned issues

    Download V3.2
    Download BL/CP for all models

    Plus I've released a separate kernel zip here:
    IronStock Thread

    Have a nice day and happy new year by the way!

    If you want to join telegram for early access builds click here!

    Some Screenshots, thanks to @terryee! :good:







    finally a new ROM!

    IronRom V2.5:
    - Rebased on latest T705XXU1BOK3/T700XXU1BOL1 firmware!
    - all mods are NEW
    - busybox updated
    - updated supersu to 2.52
    - updated xposed to V75
    - fixed stagefright (V1 and V2)
    - Smartmanager build in
    - flash open gapps with the rom, so you have the latest gapps included
    - added 5 way reboot
    - enabled 12 apps in toolbox
    - added a lot of tab s2 apps, like: wallpaper picker, launcher, flipboard briefing, gallery, video, email, music etc. etc
    - Ironkernel updated to V2.5.5
    - this is now the same version as on T800/T805, only themes are not included
    - please check xda to get the bootloader! FULL WIPE NEEDED

    androidfilehost select the right one that is needed for you tab and flash it with odin using BL tab!
    Rom Download