[EOL][UNOFFICIAL][ROM][PPR2.181005.003][11/27] Benzo Rom 9.0 for Pixel 2 XL

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    [UNOFFICIAL][ROM][PPR2.181005.003][11/27] Benzo Rom 9.0 for Pixel 2 XL


    Rom Features:​

    Kernel Features
    Built using DTC Clang 8.0

    Benzo Features
    AOSP Based
    Built Using DTC Clang 8.0.0
    Animation Controls
    -Screen Off Animations-
    -System Animations-
    -Toast Animations-
    App Ops
    Battery Enhancements
    -Enhanced Battery Prediction-
    -Early Warnings-
    Battery Lights
    Button Controls
    -Keyboard Cursor Controls-
    -Power Menu Options-
    -Screen-Off Torch-
    -Volume Key Music Controls-
    -Volume Rocker Options-
    Gesture Options
    -Double Tap-
    -Navbar Gestures-
    -Three Finger Swipe Screenshot-
    IME Options
    Lockscreen Options
    -Double Tap To Sleep-
    -Quick Unlock-
    -Scramble PIN-
    Media Scanner Options
    Navigation Bar Options
    -Battery Bar-
    -Disable Navbar-
    -Back to Kill-
    -Back to Kill Delay-
    -Button Changer-
    -Left & Right Buttons While Typing-
    -Pixel Animation-
    -Switch Back & Recents-
    Notification Lights
    Notification Options
    -Headsup Options-
    On-The-Go Mode
    Quick Setting Options
    -Animation Settings-
    -Automatic Brightness Icon-
    -Disable Brightness Slider-
    -Disable on Secure Lockscreen-
    -Rows and Colums-
    -Tile Option-
    Quick Setting Tiles
    Rotation Optionsa
    Security Options
    -Automatic Face Unlock-
    -Quick Unlock-
    -Scramble Pin-
    -Swipe to unlock-
    Statusbar Options
    -Battery Bar-
    -Battery Styles-
    -Brightness Control-
    -Carrier Label Options-
    -Clock position-
    -Date and Date style-
    -Double Tap To Sleep-
    -Show 4G Instead of LTE-
    Sound Options
    -Increasing Ring Feature-
    Toast Icon
    More and more to come

    Download: Androidfilehost

    Source Code: https://github.com/BenzoRom
    Kernel Source: https://github.com/DirtyUnicorns/android_kernel_google_wahoo

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: UNOFFICIAL Nightly
    Okay, here is the new build: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904005433

       * art/
    - ART: ARM64: Support DotProd SIMD idiom
    - ART: Fix VecLoad/Int16/StringCharAt
    - ART: Fix art_quick_osr_stub signature
    - ART: Fix and re-enable lld for runtime
    - Simplify and correct deopt/exception instrumentation interaction
    - Extract odex filename only when the dex has normal filename
    - ARM: Reimplement the UnsafeCASObject intrinsic
    - Revert "ARM: Reimplement the UnsafeCASObject intrinsic"
       * build/soong/
    - Allow product_variables.malloc_svelte inside target
    - Prebuilts shouldn't inherit linker interface
       * external/jemalloc/
    - jemalloc: update to version 5.1.0
       * build/soong/
    - Prebuilts shouldn't inherit linker interface
    - Allow product_variables.malloc_svelte inside target
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    - PowerUsageSummary: open advanced usage on header click
    - Settings: Change launchers adaptive icon style
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    - Setting: Reverse an incorrect check in AutoRestrictionPreferenceController
    - Settings: Fix app battery usage stats
       * vendor/googleapps/
    - switch to xanaxdroids googleapps
       * kernel/google/wahoo/
    - switch to unicornblood
       * vendor/google/wahoo/
    - switch to dirtyunicorns device tree
       * vendor/google/
    - switch to dirtyunicorns vendor tree
       * device/google/taimen/
    - switch to dirtyunicorns device tree
       * frameworks/base/
    - Parse Exif OffsetTime in MediaScanner
    - libs: hwui: Enable perf mode and disable pgo
    - Can't enter "Connected devices" after pairing the BT REF phone
    - SystemUI: add qs quick tile column auto to follow columns
    - GlobalScreenshot: Fix screenshot not saved when appending appname with some languages
    - Launch default music player on headset connect [1/2]
    - Use getCompressedSizeLong to get correct size for 2G file
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    - Settings: Fix app battery usage stats
    - Setting: Reverse an incorrect check in AutoRestrictionPreferenceController
       * frameworks/av/
    - OMXNodeInstance: Do not use already freed memory
    - Use uint32_t instead of int to support 2G or bigger file
       * external/expat/
    - expat: update to version 2.2.6
       * prebuilts/r8/
    - r8: Update D8 and R8 to 1.3.19-dev

    Clean flash is recommended. I don't know how the ROM is behaving with the Gapps now included. Maybe you have two versions of Dialer, Contacts etc if you do a dirty flash.
    Battery stats have been fixed and I don't have the flicker at Google Camera and Google Photos anymore. Have fun!
    JFYI: I did a new build with the latest updates from the Benzo Repo (fixes the battery usage data) and I switched to the Google Apps from Xanaxdroid, the original ones for Benzo Rom. So you will get the real Benzo experience. I also switched to the device tree and blobs from Dirty Unicorns. That seems to fix the distortions in Google Photos and the flickering at Google Camera. Only problem right now is that Now Playing stopped working but I try to fix it. When it's done I will push that new build ;)
    New build is up: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=11410963190603859489
    Now we can apply Substratum themes without reboot :good:

       * build/make/
    - build: Introduce SubstratumHelperService
       * build/soong/
    - Revert "soong: Update for latest clang-8 [1/2]"
       * frameworks/base/
    - WindowManager: Fix Google Maps freezing in PIP mode
    - OMS: Exposures: Squash commits for pie on gerrit
    - Extras: Add dynamic theme sound effects support
    - Extras: Add dynamic theme shutdown and boot animation support
    - OMS: handle target or overlay package disabled
    - OMS: try harder not to update assets if nothing changed
    - SubstratumService: Rewrite installation method for Pie InstallSession API
    - Unbreak public api by hiding substratum interfaces
    - Pie OMS: allow non-system overlays from Substratum
    - SubstratumService: Refactor & cleanup according to AOSP conventions
    - base: modify/define custom overlay management
    - SubstratumService: unify permissions
    - SubstratumService: allow CHANGE_OVERLAY_PACKAGES permission
    - base: Introduce SubstratumService
    - OMS: StrictMode and files under /data/system/theme/
    - Hold "volume up" during boot to disable all overlays
    - ThemeSafety: Introduce App Crash Intent
    - ApplicationsState: add filter for Substratum overlays [2/2]
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    - OMS: Exposures: Squash commits for pie on gerrit
    - Settings: Introduce Substratum changes
       * prebuilts/r8/
    - r8: Update D8 and R8 to 1.4.11-dev
       * vendor/benzo/
    - prebuilt: Add SubstratumSignature
    - prebuilt: Clean up makefile location
       * external/skia/
    - skia: Silence a few warnings for cpp
    - skia: Clean up -Wextra-semi-stmt warnings
       * frameworks/base/
    - SystemUI: qs brightness slider enhancements [1/2]
    - BatteryStats: Correct formatter for pkginst in battery stats.
    - hwui: Fix a use-after-free found by HWAsan
    - Fix NullpointException in NetworkPolicyManagerService
    - Fix uid check error when activity is running in other process
    - Nullify the default wallpaper component if it does not exist
       * packages/apps/BenzoSettings/
    - BenzoSettings: qs brightness slider enhancements [2/2]
       * system/sepolicy/
    - Introduce sepolicy exceptions for theme assets
    - Initial sepolicy rules for substratum service
       * vendor/google/
    - Bluecross: Modify APK signatures to allow apps to update via Play Store
       * device/google/wahoo/
    - Let's really fix the flicker issue this time, yeah?
    - Fix display flicker after exiting AD/AOD
       * vendor/google/
    - taimen: update blobs to PQ1A.181105.017.A1
       * external/libjpeg-turbo/
    - libjpeg-turbo: update to 2.0.1
       * vendor/google/
    - Crosshatch: Import blobs from Android 9.0 (PQ1A.181105.017.A1)
    - Blueline: Import blobs from Android 9.0 (PQ1A.181105.017.A1)
    Sorry guys but there won't be any update from me for this ROM. It was getting more and more difficult to compile it for our taimen so I decided to stop it. It is not worth the effort. There are many other good ROMs out there. I recommend Pixel Dust.