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Jul 13, 2021
Do I need to flash the USER DATA file too? I flashed the whole firmware, but SIM card manager still doesnt show up. The Model number in About Status changed to U and in About phone section IMEI of ESim is visible, but there is no SIM Card Manager.

Any idea what can I do?

Also, in Software information, my Service Provider Version is showing up as XAA not TMB.

EDIT: I even flashed USERDATA, but no matter what I do, my phone doesnt get the SIM manager and the Carrier/Service Provider Software version doesn't change to TMB, its stuck with XAA.

I believe something is casuing the phone to not change the CSC
mee too. after like a dozen of flash back and forth with all the "it works for me" guidelines found on XDA, none of them works on my fone! the EID show up but greyed out, sim manager is missing and cannot turn on mobile data with physical sim. CSC is stuck with XAA. I'm giving it up.


Jan 12, 2021
After reading all the posts here i decided to get a brand new note 20 5g tmobile version.
i unlocked it by calling tmobile and good to go with dual sim now. No more flashing
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    Ok. I reset my phone back to stock, took notes.
    I'm on 986u1. Android 10 ui2.5 magisk patched.

    Remove your simcard before you flash your phone. You don't want it to pick a carrier yet.

    Start with root folder. Vendor. Default.prop
    Change active sim from 1 to 2
    And ss to dsds

    Go next into optics. Go into wwd carrier , customer.xml scroll down and change esim from false to true
    Go into network.xml and add the same line csc feature ril support esim true.......

    Change any other settings you wish to activate like real time net speed call recording etc...

    Next find your carriers folder and copy the omc and any other files except customer.xml and network.xml , move those into wwd folder but rename the ones already in there or delete them which ever you want to do

    Next. Rename the folder of your carrier to anything you want. Then rename the wwd folder to the name of your carrier. In my case I'm t-mobile. So the tmb I names to t1 and wwd to TMB.
    Go to prison and swap names of folders in same fashion

    Go into where your modem firmware and in oem file change xxxxxxxxxx....la/ss....to xxxxxx./dsds/...

    Then go into imei folder and set the carrier from xaa to whatever it you use

    Thats quick and dirty of it.

    Power off phone after you modify files. Insert sim card and power back on,

    After it loads you should now have sim manager under connection settings, when you first boot it will ask you to search for mobile plan
    eSIM is CSC feature, In case it is disable then two possibilities to enable
    1.If device is non rooted - Try changing one of available CSC that have it enabled
    2.In case device is rooted you need a line to add/edit below line

    You have to go into root into your optics prism and what ever your service provider is rename that folder to anything. Then go into the wwd folder. It's,only xmls that are written in plain English. Change settings you need. Then rename the wwd folder to same name as your service provider so when it loads it loads the renamed wwd folder. The other option is to swap files from wwd to your carriers folder. This is easiest way to edit as it's all English.
    For 986u1 go to build.props change Sim count to 2, then multi Sim option from ss to dsds

    Go to modem firmware, image modem hw,
    Copy same text as ss but change ss to dsds then link it to multi image mbn hw.bin

    Reboot phone. You get pop up as soon as phone boots into os after you put in your pin asking if you want to search for your new mobile plan or scan qr code for it

    I have tried thousands of different things. Brick phone. Lost radio. I just played and played with settings files folders etc...
    I cracked it. I got esim on my n9860

    Whoot whoot
    i just put my phone stock and am going to do over and take notes and then post