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EU Countries get ECG/BP approval for GW3

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    I hope the US get approval soon!
    List of countries are extracted from SHM directly and listed on the thread if anyone wish to know further, the countries are listed as country codes... also SMH checks your GeoLocation, Sim Card, and Device CSC...
    Any of these 3 not listed in the list if I'm not wrong will flag service not available in your country...
    So today was/is the day. Anyone in EU got it yet?
    So today was/is the day. Anyone in EU got it yet?
    Nothing. But some website says from 22th and not 4th february 🤷
    I use ILO (Israel) CSC on my phone, for the same reason and SHM is not available in Galaxy Store. I tried v183 from Apkmirror but it's not working - "not available in your country". Modded version v183 works but BP is not synced with Samsung Health.
    I'm in EU.
    Thank you - I used the modded 183 version and it did work as described. (I tried earlier with the modded 175 version but phone was asking for SHM to update to v.183 and closing). All good now, same as before, only as you said BP does not auto sync with SH...