Eunavi Android 10 PX6 4+64g issues

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Aug 10, 2021
Grab a coffee or a soda cause this will be a bit of a ride.
If I'm posting this under a wrong section, please let me know as this is my first post and I signed to XDA 10 minutes ago.

Just bought this radio 10 days ago from AliExpress to upgrade from my 2+32g px5 Android 6 to something newer.
My Px5 A.6 worked fine, SWC always on point, Radar/Sensor interface showing on top whatever was playing on radio when I pressed the Sensor Button, AC controls interface ETC.
I had my PX5 hooked on External amp (JL XD800v2), Dynaudio speakers and Passive Radiator box.

Where the PX5 was NOT shining was the amp signal on RCA's and the "9 band" equalizer which was actually a 3 band divided in 3 sliders.
A parametric EQ box under the seat, solved this issue somehow. There was significant increase in midbass but it was still muddy.

THIS is where the Eunavi comes in with built in DSP. Reason i chose this over the XTRONS or JOYING is cause of its appearance (8" screen w/ volume knobs), also it matched my old PX5. Small volume knobs and sleeker design over the Xtrons.
Also, Eunavi has better DSP (5.1) than Xtrons (4.1) (digital chip TDA7803A vs TDA7851).

- RCA signal: Major improvement over the PX5. I calibrated the PX5 with 3/4 Volume and a sinewave generator. Hooked up a Voltmeter and set it up as per JL's recommendation which is 28.3V on subs (50hz) and components(1000khz). Hooked up the PX6 with same settings, Voltage on amp went up to 53V, had to tune it down to 28.3.
- 30 (or 32) bands of EQ with Q Factor for each band and each frequency can be fine tuned to whatever you want (ex. 30hz band slide it to 31,32................60hz) to match your preference.
-Time delay for each speaker
-Aditional fine tuning for each speaker, from what to what hz you want each speaker to respond.

- Radio would reboot EVERYTIME i would pull out and insert the key. It's not a wiring issue between constant 12V and signal. Already checked those.
- SWC: Even when chosen the right CanBus with model and year, "prev" & "next" would not work. Choosing different makes, will make them work but you'll lose your "mute" and AC interface on screen
- Radar/Sensor interface: I have front and rear P. sensors and would like the "car" interface to show on screen whenever they're on and NOT only on reverse. I didn't have this issue with the PX5.

Alternate route on trying to fix this issue. In settings, there was an option " support standby". I checked this box being sure it'll fix the restart issue.
Yes it DID fix it. But when it would "wake up" from standby, the WiFi wasn't working anymore. Even if manually clicking it on, it would turn back off. So I unchecked this box.

Under "module" there was another setting "Delay shutoff when ACC off". Max option for this was 2 hours. Now, when i would take the key out, the radio would falsely "shut off". No signal to the amp so no battery drainage. But after 2 hours it would restart when I would put the key in.

Seller sent me a firmware of android 10. This was a 2020 version compared to what the radio had (2021).
I lost the DSP, radio STILL reboots, No video on reverse, no sound and CanBus it's still doing the same ****ty job with SWC and P. Sensors interface.

Current status with ALiExpress. I'm blocked to send message to ANY seller because i was trying to find a way to call the seller to help me with the firmware. Also he was taking a long time to reply and I was trying to fix these issues before the "dispute" time is up.
I was mentioning "whatsapp", "viber", "skype", "messenger", and i would get this "abide with local laws and policies" message but i could care less cause I'm not a politician.
Little do i know, these app names got me BANNED to message any seller on Ali Express, so my only "warranty" was to open up a dispute.

I do have sellers email so he asks me to cancel dispute, but I'll do that when my issues are fixed.
I asked him to try and send me the original OS to at least get the radio back to where it was.

Current status with Eunavi radio. It sits here in my house with less functional Android 10, trying to find a solution to the problem.
-What could cause the Wifi to die when waking up from standby?
-Why P. Sensors only show on Reverse and not on any screen (like px5)
-Why SWC don't work?

Please if anyone could chime in...
If pics or more info are needed, let me know. I'll find a way to upload them and post them.

P.S. I upgraded the px5 from A.6 to A.10 and installed it back to the car. Runs smoothly.


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Sep 27, 2017
santa maria di licodia
Ciao ti parlo in italiano perchè il mio inglese è scarso.Ti faccio una domanda il tuo eunvi è il y47?quello con ventola di raffreddamento?Pultroppo non ho una buona esperienza con eunavi il primo è morto dopo 7 messi,la seconda eunavi è arrivata con diversi problemi,fili invertiti per far funzionare la ventola di raffreddamento,obd2 non si collega proprio.Per quanto riguarda il tuo problema fatti inviare il firmware originale per la tua autoradio,ho risolto alcuni problemi con la vecchia in questo modo.