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It's annoying if anything hope it's not a singh of things to come generally samsung is one of the quickest to update phones in the last few years anyway this is my first fold device had a flip 3 as well but generally I'm happy with it but wish I'd head out for pixel 7 pro now hahaha
I'm obsessed. Shouldn't even care...but, don't like to be the last one. haha.
Even note 10 has received october update 🙃🤣 and the wait continues doesn't look like today also ffs


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Jul 15, 2010
EUX is finally out downloading now on my UK Fold 4, :) September patch though not October.

Way things are going atm with the Fold 4 next update will probably be in December for the November patch, or worst case scenario we have to wait until Android 13 drops.
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Shouldn't that be 11/10 sammobile 🤣


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Feb 17, 2010
1.4gb is huge. They must have fixed a boatload of bugs. I think it' why it took so long.


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Jul 15, 2012
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The recent Community post claims that these new Good Lock features designed for Galaxy devices running One UI 5.0 are coming on October 24-25. It could mean that One UI 5.0 will be ready for public release on October 24 or the day after, at least in South Korea and other select markets.

Already guessing that the release is possible next week ... LOL
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