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May 27, 2009
ZTE UK have mistimed the launch, the Amazon pro-order listing that went up yesterday was the official one even though the countdown only ended today - so there's a one month wait plus 2-3 weeks for delivery! And it's still not listed on ZTE UK's website.
The Quartz Grey should be launched sometime in August and there currently no plan at all for the 6GB / 128GB model.
It's a better phone than the OnePlus 3 but ZTE really need to sort out their marketing and distribution.
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Jun 28, 2016
All the amazon links for the phone in Europe, except UK, are currently showing as unavailable...The european launch just gets worse and worse.


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May 25, 2012
All the amazon links for the phone in Europe, except UK, are currently showing as unavailable...The european launch just gets worse and worse.

It seems that all the efforts are now focusing US market and they are forgetting about european market for now.



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Jun 28, 2016
Some good news guys!! Those who have ordered from the UK amazon seller i sent them an email complaining about the delivery date and got the reply that the ZTE original supplier dispatched from China on 15th July, so we should be getting the phones on time/ ahead of time, hopefully by the end of next week!
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Jul 21, 2016
Since amazon UK won't ship internationally, will other Europe site do that? Couldn't spot that on amazon sites.

Thinking of software side, there shouldn't be any differences between phones shipped by, .de, ... , or is there?


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May 25, 2012
Since amazon UK won't ship internationally, will other Europe site do that? Couldn't spot that on amazon sites.

Thinking of software side, there shouldn't be any differences between phones shipped by, .de, ... , or is there?

Presumably they should be the same. The uk listing says it is an eu model

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Any idea on how to get the phone in Europe?, pretty much, all the Amazon listing are gone and Amazon UK doesn't ship internationally.



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Sep 7, 2003
Axon 7 could be only a vapour ware in Europe.
The availability is already uncertain.
The better option is simply ignore Axon 7 go for 1+3 or wait for the next nexus devices.


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Jun 28, 2016
This was the email i received from the Amazon UK seller for those who are curious:

Dear client,

Thanks for your kindly patience and i just confirmed with our product manager and ZTE original supplier good news that the items has been dispatched from China to UK on 15th July.
Thus we hope all the orders would be dispatched in time /ahead time .

have a nice day
ekeyuk team service


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Apr 1, 2010
Hmm. Snapdragon 617, 16mp camera and 2700mAh for 300$? Will be good if they dont change audio

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    Mine arrived this morning from Amazon Germany. Within a couple of hours I decided it should go back to
    Here's why:
    - I haven't seen 3G on my phone in Brussels since moving here two years ago. This phone has been in 3G almost all day. I can only get 4G by standing in the middle of the avenue near me and deactivatg then reactivating mobile data. Pathetic. And yes, the apn values are correct
    -The audio is as mediocre as the early reports for the EU model said. My Honor 7 can drive my Sennheiser HD 25s to uncomfortable volume. This phone can't. It manages exactly the same volume as my wife's Nexus 5x. Dolby is off (it's a gimmick anyway) and I've tried the standard and super Headset Hi-fi settings. I can take full volume on my Sony EX650AP iems without much discomfort. On the Honor I can't go above 60%. The volume limiting is VERY aggressive and this is ZTE, not the EU. The noise floor is very low at least but selling this as a portable hi-fi experience... that's just trolling.
    -The camera is indeed bad. Noise reduction is very aggressive and the smearing effect is not nice to look at. A lot worse than the Honor 7 and truly terrible compared to the Nexus 5x. I'd put it up there with the Nexus 5, if that.
    -That ******* notification bell ��

    And the good? The screen is nice (I didn't buy it for that) and MiFavor is not so bad (after EMUI). Or also feels very good in the hand. But slippery even with the case. So slippery that I just dropped it in the street. Now I have a 2mm scratch on the screen. So it's not going back, Amazon would refuse the refund. I'm stuck with the thing now. But I need a decent camera for work. So I'll have to buy a point and shoot. Tempted to just shove it on eBay and cut my losses.

    Wish I'd canceled my order.

    Hi guy,

    Received mine one hour ago.
    I saw that it's displaying 3G as yours. I was a bit disapointed.
    But, I've checked with LTE discover.
    The phone is displaying 3G for LTE network and 4G for LTEa.
    I've compared with a S6 edge, and it's nearly the same attenuation.
    S6 display 4G Axon 3G. With a speed test we reach the same speed.

    So this is not a problem, the axon is displaying the real name of the network as LTE is still 3G.

    Still not tested sound :p
    can you settle the grey debate?

    Is it quartz grey (ie dark grey) or silvery grey?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, i`m sorry guys i just come home from work ,this was a long day
    color is same like on us version depends of light angle it is not too dark but also not too light i took few pic`s with my wife s6 edge
    Consumers in the EU buying from elsewhere in the EU benefit from the same terms and conditions as local buyers. It's part of the single market rulebook.!lightbox-uid-0

    Obviously, if you buy online from a dodgy place in Germany they will be just as dodgy as a dodgy online place in, say, the UK. However, you have the same right of redress as you would in your home country. In the case of Amazon this problem doesn't arise.

    As for the warranty, the standard minimum period in the EU is two years, whether you buy it from Argos in the UK, Mediamarkt in Germany or indeed Amazon UK, Spain, France, Germany or Italy. The warranty is handled by the retailer or, if they go bust, the manufacturer. ZTE Europe has decided to offer an additional year's warranty to EU buyers. Their W Europe HQ is in Paris and they have branch offices in Spain, Portugal, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands (my phone was sent to Belgium from there) among other places. Their E Europe HQ is in Istanbul and they have branch offices for this region in Vienna and Budapest.

    My passport warranty is in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

    What about Brexit?

    Even in the event of a hard Brexit, with article 50 being notified to the Commission in Q1 2017, it will be two years before the UK quits the EU and even then, the contract with Amazon, based in Luxembourg won't be broken. Since the third year is a gift from ZTE this takes the form of an informal contract between the buyer and the manufacturer.

    The EU is really bothered that people don't have the confidence to buy crossborder ( I write about this kind of thing) and next year plans to make things even clearer to consumers in order to boost trade, probably around the same time roaming fees are abolished from June 2017.

    UK consumers will enjoy these benefits for a minimum of 21 months (assuming article 50 is notified in March 2017) and a maximum of your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine months before probably losing them.

    But then, freedom isn't free, as the Team America song puts it.
    Actually they usually charge you when the item is being processed for shipping. What does your Amazon account says ? I'm still waiting for some movement on my order of the gray one (2 August)... :(
    But the month of waiting is worth it, even more when you take the 36 euros price drop into account :D.

    Amazon order says Dispatching now, but without Delivery estimate so far.

    ---------- Post added at 09:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:49 PM ----------

    Just received THAT email, the order has been dispatched! Delivery on Wednesday (September 7) by UPS (from Germany to Prague).
    I'm worried about the standing of the Passport warranty if I order the phone from abroad.
    For warranty, you need to get the device back to the reseller. With amazon, no matter the country it's easy.
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