Everyone should send a message to LG

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Feb 17, 2013
LG V20
LG G Pad X 8.0
I sent messages to Share Your Voice with the President (Share Your Voice with the LG President) and [email protected] in hopes that someone will read my messages asking to fix bugs and unlock bootloader for all V60s. I suggest others send messages and hopefully with enough emails we can get some change. The V60 is a great piece of hardware with a great camera, but A11 has introduced more bugs than things fixed from A10.

Bugs I can report on for T-Mobile US:
- Fingerprint reader bug where is the fingerprint reader is enabled to unlock phone on lock screen then the CPU runs at 100%.
- One phone where every app active when plugged into a charger and results in 100% CPU usage along with a warm (50C) phone while charging.
- The battery seems to be draining much quicker now with A11 update
- Bluetooth AptX codecs no longer work right and are greyed out in the developer options
- MMS messages do not come through while connected to WiFi.

Please take a few minutes to send messages to the above to try to generate some change.


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Nov 5, 2010
New Lisbon
Its a good thought but really useless. That is what it means when a company shuts down. I agree the V60 is a great phone but without support it is doomed in more ways than one. In kind of double screwed. I only keep my phones about a year if that. I keep them in excellent shape and sell them so I can by the next bad boy. Who is going to buy a phone that has no support. LG was one of the first to come out with the old flip phones. They have always made a good product. However there service has always sucked probably why they are what they are today. We gotta get over it. It's done.