Everytime i tried to root my SM-207M (samsung a20s) i got secure check fail

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Sep 21, 2018
At this point idk what to do. I guess i unlocked the bootloader properly (since where i've read about it said that if the OEM button in developer options is grey it means it's properly unlocked) and also downloaded the right fimware from both frija and samsung fimware downloader. I double checked if the fimware was right by typing *#1234# in the dialer and seeing the fimware details, all was correct. Patched the .tar trought magisk properly, actually i followed this tutorial from here (bc it seemed the same for all samsung models), but everytime i flash the archives with odin, after it's done i get "secure check fail: recovery.img" (if i selected recovery in magisk) or "secure check fail: boot.img" (if i didn't selected recovery)
Idk what to do. I'm a noob but i've rooted other phones before and i'm lost rn bc i'm doing everything that it was suposed for me to do. Help please?

SECURE CHECK FAIL : recovery.img - Security Error: This phone have been flashed with unauthorized software & is locked. Call your mobile operator for additional support. Please note that repair/return for this issue may have additional cost.