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Question Evox for Poco F3

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Nov 12, 2005
I installed the 07/09 build of evox and everything is lovely except the Face lock doesn't want to work. It registers the face with no problem but won't even try to unlock the phone


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Sep 29, 2013
The best rom i have tested thanks to Alexstv


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Mar 16, 2018
Hi all,
So sorry for noob question, but im on Arrow atm and would like to change to this ROM.
Can anyone please help with a step by step guide?
Many thanks
Hello. Everything is simple, as with the global rom. You need to download the latest build, unpack it anywhere on your computer, then go to this folder and run the bat file "Update.bat". If you want a clean installation, then run the file "Format & Data.bat"
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Dec 6, 2010
Hope the official rom will be so smooth like the unofficial rom, crdroid is also with the drunken kernel not so smooth like the unofficial evox :/
in smoothness HentaiOs at first and then unofficial evox on the 2. has the best scrolling smoothness so far, arrow is little behind

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    Don't know if this phone will receive good support... Which is sad, cause mine arrives tomorrow morning. I had hoped for good custom ROM support, but that doesn't seem to be the case
    Hmm, yeahhh, cos there's only around 15-20 ROMs, a couple of kernels and a couple of twrps, plus whatever else is in the pipeline... how many more do you want? lol
    News on the Official ROM!!

    DarkAngelGR said "maybe" (keep in mind, MAYBE) this weekend will be released the OFFICIAL version!!

    More details will be updated on this thread, or in the Official thread, who knows... ;)
    Finally, I moved to Evox from Arrow, I preinstalled xiaomi.eu STABLE, then installed the july 8th version of Evox, and you can notice the changes inmediately in terms of battery. Previously in Arrow, I had a battery drain at night of 3-4%, and with Evox was at 0,3%!!! I have AOD, dt2w and even pocket detection to test how much battery it drains.
    The amount of wakelocks, sensor use and alarms are notably lees than Arrow.
    Don't misunderstand me, I liked Arrow, it is a very smooth ROM, but the autonomy is key to me, and in this first day, I guess Evox will be my daily driver.

    I'll be checking with BBS how is it going, and today was released another update, so I'm gonna test it too.

    Any question, I'll answer it ;)
    I just installed the version from the Gdrive above and so far its great. So many customizations and no hiccups yet.

    Will edit if anything changes.
    So, to the point, how good is the UNOFFICIAL Evox for Poco F3?

    For those who don't know, there is a Russian build in a russian forum.

    MOD EDIT: Link Removed

    Everything is in russian, ofc ;)
    DarkAngelGR may be working on EvolutionX 😉