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Feb 14, 2011
My s21 ultra has started boot looping after the second May update, it worked fine for a few days but after waking up today it just constantly restarts. It's completely stock. I've tried wiping cache and repairing apps. Any ideas?


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Jun 14, 2006
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Im not sure, they have solved the problems, have not have reboot problems yet after second may update, but have had the same problems with it been laggy and background apps start to crash one by one, until i reboot the phone.
i dont think it help wiping cache, might still being webview related, and kernel since they have going back to another kernel.


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May 31, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Hi. Any one having issues with Samsung members app not loading on WiFi?
Works on mobile network.
Not sure what the issue is as I have tried reinstalling the app and wipe cache. Just doesn't want to work with my WiFi .


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Oct 11, 2016
Installed the ORO Anroid 13 version, it's smooth and I can finally use SmartSwitch, Software update, notifications appear with no lag... etc. Before installing this I called Samsung center in my town with this matter and they told me that my handset is manufactured for UK not EU (info based on the IMEI) and that's the reason I couldn't receive android 13 update, notifs didn't work, smartswitch had the "Please reinstall from app store", knox showed sometimes an error "your device is rooted" (it wasn't rooted since I bought it from Samsung store). Unfortunately there still was a problem with the default Netflix app saying it's an uncompatible device and won't work anymore on the handset. The only workaround I found is to deactivate stock netflix app and download another kit from thirdparty apk sites and now it has no problem.

Thanks a lot for this.


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Jul 10, 2008
What's the latest OTA update for OXM people out there?
My phone CSC is VGR (OXM) and even though I had quick OTAs till recently, I am stuck in EWD3 for quite a while now.
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