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Jul 7, 2008
Hi everyone,

Maybe you know the app 2g Toggle. It toggles your 2g/3g state and therefore runs as
Because of this the system has to be signed with the same certificate as the app. The author uses the cert platform.x509.pem from cyanogen mod. The cyanogen roms will now allow to install this app. But I found other roms like pinky desire that allow the installation as well.
My question is now how to can I tell Android not to use the original cert but the cyanogen one? Within my kitchen I already tried to signed all apks with the platform key and signed the with this key, but nothing helped.
I just noticed, that the key of the is irrelevant as cm for example is signed with the testkey.

So, can anyone tell me how I get Android to check the system parts against the platform cert? I'm really clueless right now.

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