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  • MiuiPro 10

    Votes: 239 49.9%
  • Masik v1.4

    Votes: 62 12.9%
  • Revolution OS

    Votes: 92 19.2%
  • Miui 10

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New member
Nov 5, 2018
I'm one Havoc os 9.0 pie. So what I've to download . Because I don't really understand what's thé differences with arb(removed or not).
Thanks for replies

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Senior Member
Apr 19, 2016
South Sulawesi, Indonesian
When battery only 5%, my phone shutdown herself.
Also GPS very slow.
There is no animation lockscreen I found, font default MIUI, not Apple fonts. LED only white. I'm back to MIUI.EU and Blackbox Kernel, there's no problem I got. Everything's fine.
But this ROM very smooth, by the way.


Mar 13, 2017
This is from their site

The only mandatory rule for visiting such a resource is solely the individual use of files stored on it. That is, we strictly prohibit the transfer , sell, donate or publish for general use all of our files. And individual use is limited only by your device.

This thread is clearly a violation of the agreement when the miuipro roms were downloaded by the OP.

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    Now all of us know MIUI Pro and it was the modded Rom of the official MIUI Rom which has a lot of features but now MIUI Pro became for those who pays money so i will try to give you my MIUI Pro Rom weekly updates if it exists... :) ;)

    MIUI-Pro special features working again on (8.12.20), see the new download link in download section ;)

    Download Link​

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.10.11

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.10.18

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.10.25 [All MiuiPro features are working again] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.11.1 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.11.8 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.11.15 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.11.22 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.11.29 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.12.6 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [OLD] MiuiPro 8.12.13 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    [NEW] MiuiPro 8.12.20 [All MiuiPro features are working] ;)

    1- iOS Global Font - San Francisco Text.
    2- Network custom settings depending on condition (i.e: Switch off wifi after incoming call-Switch off mobile data when connected to wifi-etc).
    3- Custom timeout for selecting primary calling SIM for both SIM cards.
    4- Custom animations - Screen off, app switching, etc.
    5- More settings for MIUI launcher - hiding apps, app icons labels, shadows etc.
    6- Rounded screen corners.
    7- Custom volume controls.
    8- Volume bar timeout.
    9- Custom sound options.
    10- Face unlock.
    11- Gesture Support.
    12- Battery text & colors.
    13- Full-Screen Mode.
    14- On-screen buttons.
    15- Hide search bar in statusbar.
    16- Hide brightness panel in statusbar.
    17- Hide weather in statusbar.
    18- Change statusbar icons style and layout.
    19- Hide network speed below certain speeds.
    20- Set number of toggles in status bar.
    21- As compared to Xiaomi.EU it is more smooth and fluid, better multi-tasking.
    22- Emergency SOS feature support.
    23- Icons reflection on desktop.
    24- Shadows of icons on desktop.
    25- Gestures on the desktop (i.e: Swipe UP-Double tap-Appliction on Swipe or Double tap).
    26- Awesome battery life.
    27- Additional settings with more options and gestures.
    28- Optimized system resources and power consumption.
    29- Required minimum of Google services.
    30- Extended reboot menu.
    31- Tweaks build.prop.
    32- Modified stock dyker and the application "Phone" (the ability to turn on the maximum screen backlight when you call and configure the action after the end of the call).
    33- Possibility of including full-screen photo when calling.
    34- Option to select the default photo when calling.
    35- Call recording quality settings.
    36- Fashlight settings when ringing.
    37- Advanced network type selection settings.
    38- Setting the network type when making a call.
    39- Connection timers.
    40- Advanced battery indicator settings.
    41- Fixed the counter of notifications on the icons.
    42- Possibility on / off. sound when you connect and disconnect the charger.
    43- Possibility of manually selecting the color of the LED from the palette.
    44- Possibility on / off. screen when connecting / disabling. charger.
    45- The ability to set the color of the percent text (own, gradient, default).
    46- Endless scrolling of desktops.
    47- Gestures anywhere on the screen with the ability to assign any actions to them.
    48- Assigning your application to a combination of buttons.
    49- Sound delivery report (SMS).
    50- Modified stock dyker and the application "Phone" (the ability to turn on the maximum screen backlight when you call and configure the action after the end of the call).
    51- Cut excess Chinese applications.
    52- Own firmware and patch repository.
    53- Assembled on the basis of Chinese weekly firmware (China Dev.).
    54- Pop-up message was disabled when selecting the " 3G only ".
    55- The ability to set your application to hold the function keys.
    56- Camera tweaks (shooting modes, 4K and shooting with the screen off, noise reduction, etc.).
    57- On/Off vibration when unlocking with a fingerprint.
    58- Screen off animation.
    59- A-GPS settings.
    60- Switching tracks with volume buttons.
    More and more options and controls you will find and discover. Also this ROM is too smooth and fast.

    Installation Instruction​
    For Clean Install :
    1- Reboot into TWRP
    2- Wipe : System - Data - Cache - Dalvik/ART Cache
    3- Flash The ROM zip From Recovery
    4- Reboot and enjoy ;)
    About Hardware encryption for this ROM you have to remove MIUI encryption by Formating Data not Wiping.
    Note: Magisk is already included but i think it was v16.2 so after booting successfully into the rom just reboot into TWRP again and flash Magisk v17.2 or anything if you want to do.

    Screenshots have been uploaded here ;)
    Thanks for the supporting.. :)

    I will update this ROM weekly or monthly depending on the version if it was stable or beta..
    Status: Beta
    ROM OS Version: 8.1.0
    Current Beta Version: MiuiPro 10 (8.12.20) Beta
    Based On: MIUI
    MIUI version: MiuiPro 10 (8.12.20) Beta
    Now MiuiPro (8.12.6) is now available with all the special features working on the Main Post, see it. ;) and sorry for being late. :)

    If this Rom is made available for a payment - how can it be okay that it's shared here for free?

    Because i have bought it with my money so i'm free for what i'm going to do with it or share it i didn't steal it then shared it so be helpful man
    MiuiPro new versions from Vietnamese moder. They add Vietnamese language, some tweaks
    1. Mixos : http://s1.mixos.net/ota/

    2. Miuipro 9.1.17 by VH : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sCQi3jRFo4e_g4EYBxMI7c2tZueSrxt0/view

    You should try !

    Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using Tapatalk
    ScreenShots for This Rom ;)
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