Question Experience any bugs on the Vivo X80 Pro? Let's share and help each other!

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Jul 14, 2012
Kuala Lumpur
It has been 5 month I using Vivo X80 5G. What dissapoint me is when in Video Portrait mode, the video captured very focuses so teribble, and shaky on subject. I don't know what happened, but there is no setting can correct this. If anyone face same issue, please share how you solved this. Thanks

Vivo user.
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Jul 13, 2012
It has been 5 month I using Vivo X80 5G. What dissapoint me is when in Video Portrait mode, the video captured very focuses so teribble, and shaky on subject. I don't know what happened, but there is no setting can correct this. If anyone face same issue, please share how you solved this. Thanks

Vivo user.
Yes, I also have the same problem if you mean the cinematic mode. There is shaking and the focus can only be on people while the rest like objects doesn't work like on the iPhone
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Jan 6, 2009
I have problem with my X80 Pro
With Software - PD2185F_EX_A_13.1.11.10.W20

NFC seems have problem.
I can read the data from NFC
But when i tried to top up NFC tap card using NFC it cannot be done and always failed.

Is anyone have this problem?


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Oct 1, 2013
Small inconvenience :
- get the phone from pocket, wake up the screen does not work from the first time. Not with 2 x tap, not with slide upward to unlock.
- on camera, colors are brighter. In reality the colors are darker. This was the same on Oneplus. They fixed a little with Hasselblad.

The built in weather app does not work as it should. It shows only the town & the temperature. No details like any weather app.
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Oct 26, 2021
yeah, that's my experience as well
really happy with phone, W10 variant
120Hz works anywhere I want too (as you can see in youtube)
seems like OriginOS is better optimized than Funtouch
It's 120hz because you are not play video. Try to play one then you see screen drop to 60hz, even you make scroll comment or related video, no change, still 60hz and phone is very lag

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    New trial update:

    The phone would sometimes open the lock screen as if I touched it without actually touching it, waking the phone and canceling the deep sleep mode.

    There are some annoying lags when switching between apps at times, it's probably due to bad LTPO3 implantation.

    Battery is really the biggest issue here, it sometimes last 4.5hr before going to 25% battery, sometimes 5hr, it's very not consist despite that I use the phone the same way.
    Same bugs here. Overall, the UI feels like a rushed and unpolished effort. A good example is the duplicate power management options. If you go to an app's app info >> menu >> battery and choose "unrestricted", what you set there doesn't change the settings for that app in Settings >> Battery >> Background power consumption management. Which one applies?

    Overall, the implementation is whack. For Facebook, I have background power usage restricted in both menus, yet last night, it took place number 4 in background battery usage, responsible for 4.5% of the phone's battery drain overnight. On the other side of the spectrum, there are certain apps that the system closes way too aggressively: if you switch to another app for 30" and go back, it's put it to sleep and when it reopens, you're back to the home screen, not the specific page/tab you were on. Sometimes this is extremely annoying.

    There are apps that I don't use often, that would cause considerable background battery usage if left unchecked, so I have to keep them "restricted" (in both settings menus), then switch to "unrestricted" (in both places, which makes it doubly annoying) when I'm going to use them so they aren't killed by the system when I switch apps to quickly reply to a message, for example.

    Or my banking app: It uses a lot of background CPU if left unchecked, . so I'd like to restrict it, but that kills all notifications (for transactions, which are important). I've tried "Smart control" but it seems like it switches between all or nothing: sometimes the system lets it do as it pleases, and it uses a ton of battery in the background, other times it completely kills it and I don't receive notifications at all. Not sure what kind of algorithms "Smart control" uses, but they aren't very smart...

    Overall battery drain continues the same here. The max. I ever get, like you, is 4.5-5h SoT, and background battery drain is awful. Last night it dropped from 80% to 67% in flight mode and with battery saver on. Android system + Kernel amounted for 47% of all battery drain. 🤦‍♂️

    Another small thing: Am I the only one who finds it annoying that in notifications, all app icons are all the same color (system accent color), instead of the colour the app's icon would usually be?

    So far the X80 Pro is a great phone with big potential but buggy software and poor battery life, have to say i'm considering the ROG6 phone due to the battery mainly.

    For me, it's a FANTASTIC camera and a very mediocre phone. Great specs, yes, but as a daily driver, not up to the task. Bad battery life, a CPU that might shine in intensive applications but is very power-hungry, an unpolished UI that's laggy (defeating the purpose of such a powerful CPU), unpolished and feels dated, bugs-galore...

    Personally, I would not recommend this phone, especially at this price-point, and I won't be buying a Vivo again.

    Now that Samsung's confirmed that the S23 series will be shipping with SD globally, and Qualcomm has confirmed that all their chips will be manufactured by TSMC (and no longer by Samsung), I think I might try my luck the the S23 Ultra come February. I've been staying clear of Samsung for years because of the terrible Exynos chips, but with these news, and after having experienced Funtouch OS and what a truly unpolished OS looks like, I think I'll switch. Maybe their camera still won't beat the X80Pro's, but to me a phone needs to be the whole package, and this phone falls short in way too many aspects. Ah, I wish the Huawei ban would come to an end... 😭

    Another lesson learned: This is the last time I give reviews any credibility (neither Youtubers nor sites like GSM Arena, Tech Advisor, PC Mag, etc.). And if I do check out any reviews, I think it's important to focus on what they don't say, or what they only hint at subtly, and remember that reality is going to be a magnified version of that. "Average battery life" means "terrible battery life" and "a few slightly annoying bugs" means "a UI that makes you want to throw the phone out the window" 🤣
    Why run at 60hz when you can at 120hz? it's one of the best features of any flagship phone.
    Other than that, sounds good.

    I did a bit of test today, i put youtube on an 1440p video for an hour and half with poweramp playing in the background, lost 7% with wifi.

    That's not bad at all.
    have you tried?? i am getting a 9-10 hours SOT if i don't use the camera and 6-7 if i use the camera

    Unfortunately, it limits too many background services I rely on the get my notifications. It would be nice if it offered the option to choose which apps we want to remain active in this mode...
    First week with my X80 pro I'm still on vacation so cannot really compare battery life now to my typing usage.
    With ambient temperatures around 32-35°C, average 20-30 photos and 2 videos per day, poor wifi and 4g, I'm getting around 5 hrs SOT. Overnight drop is 3-4% with wifi and data off.