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[Expired as Official Released] Moto APAC leak-25*1 / Apps2ext / Themes

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On 26-11-2011, member ed213 informed us about a Moto test release received by a operator ( which one is not known ), presumably in Hongkong. It was not a sbf ,but they received their milestones updated to the latest release. He has provided us with a nandroid backup of his phone. The following is the kernal details from my phone after i flashed the nandroid.

Build date is Wed Jan 19 00:39:50 CST 2011.

All credits go to ed213 for the release information / nandroid backup.

What works

  • The nandroid had the vulnerable recovery flashed, so you can start using OR.
  • Root and overclock works.
  • Market autoupdates.
  • Multilanguage support ( English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Polish, Turkish, Chinese , German )

Download links

Original stock

Original Stock without moto apps

Nandroid backup with updated apps/overclocked

Nandroid with apps2ext enabled

You can also check this thread for more details starting from post no 56.



Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file ( the nandroid folder ) to the nandroid/openrecovery folder of your sdcard and choose " restore all" in the nandroid menu of OR. Once the contents are extracted, the directory structure should look like this. If the nandroid/openrecovery folder does not exist in the sdcard, you will have to manually create them. Once copied the directory structure should look like this.

nandroid/openrecovery/nandroid/img files+md5 files

Then follow this post for detailed instructions.

Procedure to get apps2ext working

1. Install the nandroid of your choice ( not the one which has apps2ext already applied )
2. Reboot to recovery. Run AOR. In console type the following.

mkdir /system/sd ( note, there is a space between the command and the path )
cd /system
It should show the sd folder. Check if it is present. Type exit to get back to AOR.

3. Apply the attached apps2ext zip file

4. Reboot
5. Install busybox from market
6. Reboot to recovery. Wipe all. Reboot
7. Install your apps and check if apps2ext is working.

People who are comfortable using adb can follow this guide to get apps2ext working. This is also for people who are having problems with their sdcard after creating ext partition.


First Impressions

Overclocked to 900Mhz, Feels a little more smooth than the Vivo Release, battery life is very very good ( check here )The app lag that one felt in the Vivo release is still there, but a little less. Will keep all of you posted of any developments.

Tips, tricks, mods for better performance

  • For better flash and video performance, try this. ( Thanks Luca )
  • Overclocking ( check here ) ( procedure for overclock here ) . The new updated Milestone overclock available in market is reported as working, but i haven't tried it out ( does not work).
  • For protected apps not showing in market, try this ( Thanks Kabaldan )
  • Apps2ext is working. Check this link for the procedure to get it working.


Themers please look at this post for a solution to modding framework-res.
  • Matrix theme, check this post.
  • Honeycomb theme, V2 - here / V1 - this
  • MotoArc theme, check this post.
  • Gingerbread theme, check this post.
  • Sensebread theme, check this post.
  • Gingerbread Blue theme, check this post.
  • Galaxy S theme, check this post.
Stock theme

For people finding it difficult to get the stock look back while retaining the reboot mod, please flash this file over your existing setup after wiping dalvik/cache using AOR.

Issues reported by users

Check here.
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Sorry. Caught up at work. Will update in half an hour. No sbf available. Only nandroid backup.

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Dec 3, 2010
In Your Hearts
Can u Plz extract kernel from this rom and make a recovery update.zip file so that i can use this kernel in MIUI.... i love MIUI and its user interface.... plz look on this ....... thanks a lot....


Oct 18, 2010

Is it possible to port it to a greek milestone?If yes how can i do that?I'm new in android so don't know much for that.
Also if i port it in i will be able to get the update when releashed?
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Is it possible to port it to a greek milestone?If yea how can i do that?I'm new in android so don't know much for that.
Also if i port it in i will be able to get the update when releashed?

It should work. If you don't get your network signal after use, try flashing the Greek baseband using Androidiani OR.

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    Here are the first looks of the ROM.

    1 hour of intensive web browsing with 3G. 36 minutes of music playback via Bluetooth Audio Device. And about 30 mins of Fruit Ninja. And the battery still hasnt dropped 10%. I just hope this isnt the regular moto Battery cut-off stop thats not showing the discharge. Whaterver be it, this is definitely the best battery life Iv seen in a long time on my Milestone.

    Just had one force close for the messaging application. but after one reboot, nothing else. Looks seamless. There does seem to be a little lag with opening applications and menus, as seen with the Brasil leak, but this ones a lot less laggy. And with battery performance like this, I honestly dont care a rats ass about the minute lag.

    In a nutshell, If this is the test release of the official FroYo update for Milestones from Moto, Im pretty sure the official release is gonna instill my faith in Moto again.

    Fingers still crossed.
    First impressions

    Many thanks to ed213 and Silesh for this!

    Running this firmware now - first impressions:
    1. Camera picture quality has slightly improved
    2. Supports Apps on SD card
    3. Feels smoother, faster (have to test JIT, Flash though)
    4. Market auto-updates
    5. Battery life is much better - will post an update on this after 3-4 days
    what OR you are using?
    the Androidiani reccomended...

    Androidiani 3.3
    The MD5 File for cdrom is missing in the download.
    After 3 times trying to port kalagas theme for this version, i always get boot loop at bootanimation!
    Dont know why!:eek:
    anyone play asphalt hd with this rom...? gameloft opening video cant play normal not like other games... any solution...?

    ps.. rooted n oc 900 with androidiani....

    I can play GT racing from gameloft,so nothing wrong with rom.