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The best way to get/download apk files is ASTRO File Manager.

1. Download Astro from google play FREE on your android phone
2. In Astro! click Application manager and choose app you want to backup
3. Send app from you phone by mail, dropbox, AirDroid .....etc

That is all

sorry, but this isn't the "best way".
First you have to look at the motivation of this extension:
It is for NOT using the play market. As for people, woho don't want the spywa...google products on their device.
This said, your solution is not possible.

if you just want to get your apks out of your phone.. this is an easy one, as there are many backuptools in different kinds and shapes, which mostly are able to do this.


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Dec 20, 2013
APK Downloader

im trying to download the call of duty ghosts app on my tablet but its not compatible so i downloaded the apk downloader and went to the play store and now its saying im not compatible with my device or country. please help and would appreciated if someone could get it for me in the mean time. thank you :) sorry i cant post a link i havent been a member long enough


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Mar 30, 2006
As of a couple of days ago APK Downloader v2.1.9 Chome extention has
stopped working, and just hangs.
Tried it on different computers and with different active google
accounts but the same thing.
Any possible suggestions, or perhaps google stopped it again?

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