Question External Bluetooth keyboard layout

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Nov 11, 2019
I'm trying to use an external Bluetooth keyboard and my Find N language is set to English. But since I need to have Portuguese layout, I have installed SwiftKey and the layout is in Portuguese (no problem with that).
When I connect and pair my external keyboard (also with Portuguese layout), I can only write with the English layout on the external keyboard. So, I went to Android external keyboard layout and set it to Portuguese but I cannot use the Portuguese layout on the external keyboard.
I also check the configuration on SwiftKey keyboard and removed all layouts except Portuguese, but the external keyboard still "writes" in English. I downloaded, from PlayStore the extra layouts and apply it to android, same issue, no Portuguese layout.
Thinking that SwiftKey had some problem, I changed the default keyboard to Oppo's Baidu keyboard, but it's the same issue. Also in Baidu keyboard, I changed the layout to one of the available layouts but the keyboard still is using English layout.
Then, I tried a USB keyboard (not Bluetooth) with Portuguese layout and the same issue happens. Also, I made the same tests as mentioned above.

The problem is that, in the past, I was able to use Portuguese layout on my external keyboard, but after a reboot, I'm not able to change it, despite all configurations saying Portuguese layout.

So, my question: did anyone had a similar issue using external keyboards with different layout than English? Is there any adb command I can use to force a different layout on the external keyboard?