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extract boot.img to root the tablet T8100 Allwinner A100

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Mar 24, 2013
Hello !

A lot of people like me got this 'gift' tablet (in Spanish, we call it "the lamentablet", because it is "lamentable" = "terrible"):

https://www.the-china-office.com/t8100-tablet (here you can see full specifications)

That b***c allows us to unlock its bootloader, but in order to root it, we need to have the boot.img to apply magisk on it.

But the thing is that we cannot obtain it, nor dump the firmware, just in case... So, we are stuck.

Also in the docs on that webpage, it's a mention to a link with the firmware, but it is not available.

There is also no OTA update to play with...

Is there any way to obtain that boot.img / get all the partitions ? I've tested to make an adb shell to make commands to dump the partitions, but it says "it's closed", so not allowed.

I've tried to find a TWRP version but hey, guess it... There is none.

So, ... Got any ideas, you... GREAT "TECH GURUS" ?

Thanks in advance !


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