[EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q V8.7.3 04/30/2022

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Mar 24, 2021
good night all right!!i'm having problems the rom is not getting 4 g.why will it be ?:EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q V8.7.3 04/30/2022


Mar 24, 2021
Instalei a rom EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q V8.7.3, mas não demora 4g, alguém poderia me ajudar com esse meu modelo: de um device note 4 sm910c eu já procurei no post xda não fiz encontrar qualquer coisa para corrigir isso!

**Mod Edit: Translation Provided**

I installed the rom EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q V8.7.3, but it doesn't take 4g, could someone help me with this model of mine: from a device note 4 sm910c I already looked in the post xda I didn't find anything to fix it!
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Mar 24, 2021
falha ao entrar em contato com os servidores do Google. N916s. alguem pode dar o kernel do link que voce esta usando esta rom? obrigado

falha ao entrar em contato com os servidores do Google. N916s. alguém pode dar o kernel do link que você está usando nesta rom? obrigado
Yes bro, sad note 4 sm910c user face, i installed RR cusrom on my device 4 sm910c working fine but the signal does not appear. 4g ( Signal not registered / No signal / No service network) This happened to my device yesterday😭


Mar 24, 2021
yes bro, sad note 4 sm910c user face, i installed RR cusrom on my device 4 sm910c working fine but the signal does not appear. 4g ( Signal not registered / No signal / No service network) This happened to my device yesterday😭


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Mar 25, 2008
Baliuag Bulacan
yes bro, sad note 4 sm910c user face, i installed RR cusrom on my device 4 sm910c working fine but the signal does not appear. 4g ( Signal not registered / No signal / No service network) This happened to my device yesterday😭
I managed to get gsm/LTE (N916S) working by flashing the right Bootloader+Modem. But, the main problem im facing is whatever GAPPS I installed (Arm-10), it cant connect to google servers so there's no way to use Google Playstore and its services which is very important for me. Should I install ARM-9? what Android version this rom was based on? Hope anyone can give me a hint on what should I do. I really love the rom. Tried LOS17.1 and its giving me same "cant connect to google server problems. Regards

Here is my log

EDIT: I think its a build tree problem? tried the discontinued Havoc 10 and to my suprise! no issue on that rom. N916S + micro arm gapps 10. hope this helps


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Sep 25, 2022
The OPENGAPPS FOR ANDROID 10 Q Samsung Note 4 exynos is not working. Kindly advise the solution


Jul 28, 2015
Regarding DEcryption, as far as i am aware it is meant to be done through TWRP on custom devices, however samsung's encryption is not supported in twrp, hence why we cant read data in twrp to begin with. so it is a one way street.

MOST flashables (Magisk, opengapps too i beleive) are fine installing post encryption, as they switch to using the cache directory for temp files, and the packages / files are installed at SYSTEM partition which is not encrypted. only /data is encrypted. you will have to obviously flash through external SDcard or USB OTG adapter.

my default setup is ROM + magisk v23 + opengapps package. then encryption.

MicroG requires a framework mod which is not there by default in RR/LOS, so we have to include it manually and recompile all 10 builds (5 builds for each rom). including it by default is not recommended. im not very familiar with microG in bitgapps for example, so havent tried it myself to see if it just works without framework support. if/when i get the chance i might compile microg for the treltexx variant only, as it is the most popular

Hello mate, the issue with S/L/K models is they use unsupported audio EQ filters, refined nougat (the nougat rom) and all lineage/rr roms use open source audio drivers which also do not support said EQ filters, this makes the sound robotic.

Nemesis refined (the marshmellow rom) i remember we created special fixes for S/L/K variants, but i dont recall if it removed the robotic sound issue, if i have to guess however, you likely need system/etc/tinyucm.cfg and default_gains.cfg from stock n916 rom, if that did not work, you likely need to replace the audio.primary.universal5433.so in system/lib/hw and see from there.

if i recall, the SLKFIX zips where made for refined nougat, but i cant recall if nemesis refined included it too, so try to replace the above mentioned files from stock and hope for the best. i made that rom very long ago
Hello myfriend, I set up Magisk. Successful.
I want to install Xposed Can you please link to my xposed upload? Thank you.


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Sep 22, 2022
Hi newbie here.

I wonder if anyone has been able to use S Health successfully here.

I have an N910S, and when in stock ROM, I could use Samsung Health with heart sensor and spO2 reading well.

But with RR, even using Sensor Test, the IR and Red Light sensors do not work.

Note that in stock mode, I went through the *#0*# diagnostic routine and the sensors were fine.

Combing thru other threads in the forum involving Samsung Health though, I couldn't find any instance of Samsung Health working on custom ROMs involving Note 4, not just this one.

Not that there are many people using N910s, and using Samsung Health at that, that queries on them leave behind a dead end.

Is there some functionality, as far as involving sensor firmware, that has to be added in, to enable functionality in the form of a module or app or SDK that isn't in this custom ROM?

To provide some specifics, I used an app called Heart Rate Analyzer, and I would get this log when an error occurs as I try to use it. Perhaps it could help explain my predicament:
time: 1667895869794
msg: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.samsung.location.SCurrentLocListener
stacktrace: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lcom/samsung/location/SCurrentLocListener;
at com.samsung.android.sdk.sensorextension.SsensorManager.<init>(Unknown Source:105)
at totallibrary.sensor.CSensor.Start(CSensor.java:525)
at totallibrary.sensor.CSensor.Start(CSensor.java:450)
at totallibrary.heart.CTabHeartRate$3.onClick(CTabHeartRate.java:382)
at android.view.View.performClick(View.java:7259)
at android.view.View.performClickInternal(View.java:7236)
at android.view.View.access$3600(View.java:801)
at android.view.View$PerformClick.run(View.java:27897)
at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(Handler.java:883)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:100)
at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:214)
at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:7398)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
at com.android.internal.os.RuntimeInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(RuntimeInit.java:493)
at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:940)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.samsung.location.SCurrentLocListener
... 15 more


[email protected]

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Nov 24, 2022


Thank u so much, i really appreciate uar work,​


Rom is running perfect, customization is amazing:):):)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
except there is no samsung stylus app,
Can someone please tell me how to get samsung PEN app


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Sep 10, 2011


Thank u so much, i really appreciate uar work,​


Rom is running perfect, customization is amazing:):):)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
except there is no samsung stylus app,
Can someone please tell me how to get samsung PEN app
i think there is none. This is why i went for SimplROM for 3 of my Note4 devices which i use them for controlling some drones and 3D printers. AOSP roms does not support sensitive pen inputs as much as touchwiz roms


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Feb 22, 2020
Hello everyone.
Is there anyway to disable automatic network selection in build prob?
I have an issue with automatic network selection which change the network mode from automatic to manual . I've already change the telephony default network value from 7 to 0 . But again sometimes the network automatically switching to manual and i cannot call anyone. So i need to restart the phone.

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    Resurrection Remix Q

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    --> ROM is stable for daily-usage. <--
    --> Only the N910C version is tested by me. <--
    --> All Exynos models support full functionality (Sim , calls etc) <--
    --> For Stable Camera (Photo/Video) Use this GoogleCamera or XDA Thanks @Kaper_20 and enable camera2Api <--
    --> RR-Q DOES NOT support dualboot patcher! <--
    --> The kernel is fully customizable using HKTweaks by corsicanu: Github <--

    --> Personal Notes <--
    Release notes :

    RR builds are now in sync with latest lineage 04/30/2022 release, RR builds include FaceUnlock and system info overlay

    I have also moved to releasing everything on sourceForge, and ive made Bootloader / modem update packages for those who need it, Head over to WiKi for instructions

    20220421 Lineage Release notes :

    Hey everyone! Glad to be back again for another release, This one has been in development for couple months now, and comes with massive upgrades and improvements, the most major is a full transition into Exynos7420 Oreo graphics drivers, which modernizes our device graphics stack significantly, and finally allows us to use proper OMX media codecs which solves many issues including the dreaded low quality playback! (You no longer need to flash FakeDeviceInfo)
    Further more the new GPU driver significantly boosts performance in games and UI which is always a welcome (including fixing graphical glitches in games)

    Other major fixes include full encryption support, Please refer to Updated TWRP to perform first time encryption setup, i must warn however, Encryption might interfere with future rom flashes, so only use it if you can keep your data backed up, as it will fully deny you access to it from TWRP.

    This release also includes fixes for the random reboots, and Audio leakage, sadly this does not address the tiny microphone quality, so that remains an issue, Please refer to bugs for an uptodate bug list and instructions on how to easily report new issues

    Big thanks to @ISoreo and @TrisTanster for a ton of help with testing

    If you appreciate the effort behind this, don't hesitate to leave a thanks, provide constructive criticism and maybe consider donating some "totally not illegal stuff" over at my paypal

    Submitting new issues/Requests
    --> First read existing issues and the F.A.Q Below to ensure its not a duplicate/workaround <--
    --> Head over to universal5433 for logging and issue reporting guide <--
    --> provide as much info as possible and upload your logs on the forum <--


    --> Footej and This GoogleCamera or Custom Opencamera XDA can record videos only <--
    --> Kernel is Permissive <--
    --> Microphone quality outside of calls is weak <--
    --> Issues Page <--


    - Our project is also at SourceForge

    - My builds (3.5.9) WIth encryption support - XDA

    -> Additional <-
    ROOT Method

    - Simple follow Install instructions , Make sure to enable Magisk Hide to restore SafetyNet functionality
    - i recommend Magisk V23 + Magisk hide for most usage

    Google Apps
    Open GApps
    - Pick ARM > Android 10. No MicroG support currently

    - Pick ARM Package


    - Odin3 v3.13.3

    - Glass Echidna

    - Latest Packages here

    Resurrection Remix Source
    Exynos5433 Source

    @bonuzzz for his work in los-15.1 and exynos5433 Tablets and @dl12345 for his los-14.1 contributions
    @Stricted for help throughout this project, and porting modern BSP for exynos5xxx
    @Alastor89 for help with custom powerHAL and contributions from Galaxy S7
    @ripee & @tripLr for contributions to maintain the trees and build server
    @RaymanFX & @erickwill for their work in maintaining this device on CyanogenMod 13.0
    @lineage project and all team members.
    If you helped with this project and I forgot to add you, please PM or mention below.

    @Fuadmoin for extensive N910S/L/K Testing
    @ISoreo for extensive N910C Testing
    ck on telegram for N910U testing
    @Voytec83 @claude96 @Enginyaman @MrNova @podiwadda @muddii_yasser @Mohelsayedplus @SypeR_ @exalented @Seemanthinis @clewisit

    -> RR Team <-
    XDA Developers
    Phhusson for Treble trees
    LineageOs Team
    Omni Team
    And Of Course To All The Supporters, Donators And Users
    XDA:DevDB Information
    Resurrection Remix Q, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    Source Code: https://github.com/universal54335433/

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Bootloader/Modem and TWRP
    Based On: AOSP RR-Q

    Version Information
    Stable Release Date: 2022-04-30

    Created 2019-10-11
    Last Updated 2022-05-01
    Downloads and changelogs

    Track changes on RefinedChannel : Telegram
    Come hang with us on our chat : Telegram
    My TWRP (3.5.9) For all Galaxy Note 4 Exynos Variants With Encryption : XDA

    --> Downloads <--
    Resurrection Remix Q v8.7.3 (04/30/2022 - STABLE)

    N910C/H (treltexx) MD5 : 533d759dd2dd7dbe8e8768947b1ae699
    N910S/L/K (trelteskt) MD5 833e67df2d3143ae65051d394be0bc3c
    N915SLK (tbelteskt) MD5 : 92e6a946f5d06c9a3714ae152e8ab3d0
    N916SLK (tre3calteskt) MD5 : 1d2a660d0a33d6891ce84eca71b68a9c
    N910U (trhpltexx) MD5 : b3ca4cf4e424b746e302ada4221c8c00
    SourceForge : Download

    Old Builds (Only on AFH)

    Resurrection Remix Q v8.7.0 (6/30/2021 - STABLE)
    N910C/H (treltexx) : AFH | MD5 : 729b7000fc8e96d7fadfac49add853c9
    N910S/L/K (trelteskt) : AFH | MD5 : 6b904260f77e67eb93d35221de6eef5b
    N915SLK (tbelteskt) : AFH | MD5 : 7c96a1a7d695a10be271a95feac13355
    N916SLK (tre3calteskt) : AFH | MD5 : f511947031c692ece1b1f360584c1ff7
    N910U (trhpltexx) : AFH | MD5 : 27e2fe1346cd9ae450c1d55559a13b37
    Google Drive mirror : Download
    FakeDeviceInfo v2 : GDrive | AFH (Read more about it in F.A.Q)

    ->> Resurrection Remix Pie builds (10/19/2019) [LATEST]
    N910C/H (treltexx) : AFH | MD5 : 47d28aab6df51628e6b09f6bbf243f67
    N910S/L/K (trelteskt) : AFH | MD5 : 7814250d8a7efb6cfd81a81a7ef15b60
    N915SLK (tbelteskt) : AFH | MD5 : 36878ec58ee4dedf85376f712d9c5f6f
    N916SLK (tre3calteskt) : AFH | MD5 : e536e02efb45873a351fc5dec8d1f372
    GoogleDrive mirror and test folder : Drive

    ->> Resurrection Remix Pie builds (11/10/2019) [LATEST]
    N910C/H (treltexx) : AFH | MD5 : 42e7f3ddf8fd0a148bc8c55595791ca3
    N910S/L/K (trelteskt) : AFH | MD5 : cfb14fb04ad7564bc184e795195d3d86
    N915SLK (tbelteskt) : AFH | MD5 : fc58f1e8bdf981439aa5108d12b71384
    N916SLK (tre3calteskt) : AFH | MD5 : 2c534cc6c9042673a987b04c051a68d2
    GoogleDrive mirror and test folder : Drive

    --> Changelog <--
    Resurrection Remix Q v8.7.3 (04/30/2022 - STABLE)

    - Include VR Support Pacakges
    - Fix bootloop caused by encryption
    - Resync latest RR Source
    - Include FaceUnlock support
    - Include System Information Overlay support

    Resurrection Remix Q v8.7.3 (04/21/2022 - STABLE)
    * This is a cumulative release of the past couple months

    - Fix interactive governor performance issues
    - build missing OMX hidl
    - update media configs to fix some playback issues
    - Switch to N935FXXS7CTJ2 OMX to fix video recording (screen record/footej)
    - Increase min cpu clock to 700mhz
    - restore stock little cpu boosting frequency
    - Revert Agressive hotplug power saving mods
    - Fix bluetooth audio suttering when screen is off
    - Switch to Exynos7420 Oreo R22P0 GPU
    - Update Gralloc to oreo buffer
    - Patch camera to work with new gralloc
    - Fix AdaptivePlayback low quality issues
    - add 4K camera recording profile (ofc wont work)
    - re-do media configs and bunch of other **** for oreo graphics
    - update power_profiles to use proper power values
    - Fix Power management in PowerProfile switcher (Balanced / Powersaving and performance now properly apply)
    - Add custom audioroute which fixes various Audio issues (leakout in headphone jack, some echo, other audio route issues)
    - Enable AOSP dynamic audio processing
    - Reserve 128MB of internal storage for critical system operations (to avoid losing data when internal is full)
    - Fix parse errors in media configs
    - Fix MFC dec/enc permissions
    - Improve RIL mobile data stability / latching onto network
    - Remove unused things such as DRK, F2FS and deprecated camera configs
    - Add Encryption support (Follow F.A.Q For how to get encrypted)
    - Add 2017 August Vendor patch level
    - Fix USB MIDI mode crash
    - Remove unsupported audio sampling rates to avoid extra processing
    - Fix WiFI Direct / P2P
    - Significantly reduce Drain caused by broken P2P
    - Add back GPS NTP server configs
    - Fix-up and update XTRA configs for GPS
    - Remove unsupported software decoders
    - Revert broken audio processing in the lineage audio HAL
    - Fix random reboots caused by invalid GNSS/GPS config
    - Disable legacy hardware keystore
    - Switch from proprietary keystore/tee to OSS for future support
    - Various fixes to USB / MTP
    - Add a fix for WiFi turning off after doze
    - And a bunch of other minor things here and there in the device trees

    Kernel :-
    - Fully re-do USB upstream to fix weird issues with MTP
    - Fix FBE Encryption
    - Switch to OSS Mobicore driver
    - Remove default Boeffla block list as it broke WiFi and other parts
    - Update interactive governor
    - Disable broken/unused governors

    Old releases changelogs

    Lineage 17.1 Update (6/30/2021 - STABLE)
    - Sync GPS headers with exynos5420
    - add patch for our old gps hal
    - remove custom LMK stuff
    - add ZRAM configs
    - cleanup LMK
    - add binary to detect device and set 3g/4g and proper codename/fingerprint
    - support devices with engineering bootloader
    - Remove problematic old commits from kernel
    - re-do memfd and sdcardfs updates for Q
    - backport zpool/zbud/zsmalloc and zRAM drivers
    - Disable ZSWAP, and samsung swap (vnswap)
    - Enable 1.5GB LZ4 ZRAM
    - add proper LMK driver
    - improve powerHAL frequency changing
    - Downgrade sdfat driver to 2.0.6 to fix random reboots
    - Add FreeForm multiwindow lineage patches

    Lineage 17.1 N910U Update (3/08/2021 - STABLE)
    - Fix simcard recognition
    - Fix mobile data
    - Fix voice call verbs and scenarios
    - Now fully functional Sim calls, 3rd party calls, SMS and mobile data

    Lineage 17.1 (3/04/2021 - STABLE)

    - Fix modem startup on N910C/H/U that caused random reboots and sim issues overtime
    - improve modem stability and fix a bug that caused the phone to panic if you unlock it fast after boot
    - Enable Full screen gestures (See F.A.Q for how to enable)
    - Replace custom fingerprint service with stock AOSP one
    - Disable camera debugging and custom params that cause issues
    - Rework media profiles to improve camera video quality in gcam
    - Fix media performance issues to fix playback issues (Read F.A.Q for quality fix for instagram)
    - Remove buggy AptXHD bluetooth codec and keep Aptx only
    - Rework DRM service for full L1 support (No secure L1 playback yet)
    - Disable absolute volume to fix bluetooth audio issues
    - Add Wifi/Gps wakelock group to prevent issues on long uptimes
    - More fixes to disable buggy P2P/WiFi Direct spam
    - use low-end video profiles for smoother playback in some apps
    - Add back and fix missing NFC
    - Massive Audio rework to fix issues listed below :-
    - Fix calls on earpiece, speaker, bluetooth and headphones for C/H/S/L/K
    - Fix microphone issues on speaker calls
    - Fix microphone issues on video calls
    - Fix bluetooth call issues on all models
    - Fix an issue that caused headphone volume to leak from speaker
    - Fix an issue that caused earpiece to work when doing bluetooth calls
    - Add custom workaround to fix no incall volume and other audio routing when you boot muted

    Lineage 17.1 (2/17/2021)

    - set default gpu clock to 600mhz to fix instability
    - add FB notifier for power hal
    - reduce mobicore logging
    - fix HMP up/down tune to fix performance issues
    - disable P2P Spam
    - add support for lineage/twrp recoveries in the device tree
    - add odex optimizations
    - let aosp only compile the needed resources for our DPI
    - add RAM pinner and pin SystemUI, graphics and runtime to RAM
    - organize ramdisk into vendor
    - add FastCharging hidl to turn on / off fast charging in settings
    - add improved SQLITE overlays for app database optimization
    - add custom max_volume warning for headphones
    - remove guard that made flipflap (sview) not compile on korean variants
    - build custom powerHAL
    - add stock interactive profiles in powerHAL (balanced, performance and power saving)
    - let the powerHAL manage CPU FREQ for all 3 modes and use stock powersaving freqs for max clocks
    - overall powerHAL now has real management now and multiple tunable presets
    - remove camera param debugging that clutter logs
    - rebrand our custom hardware HALs into universal5433
    - enable vibration intensity control in settings for some options
    - update calling overlays and signal overlays
    - organize app overlays in device tree
    - add some props for HWC
    - add mali gpu props
    - fix-up core services startup in ramdisk
    - let zram go across all 1.5GB of swap
    - add AOSP RCS packages
    - disable NFC debugging
    - properly override AOSP APNS
    - remove outdated configs and features from tree
    - add fixes for random reboots
    - update and improve audio hal / policy
    - add basic support for audio cancelation (not fully working yet)
    - re-organize stock aosp audio effect support
    - fully reworked audio mixers
    - redo mic quality / gains for all mics including headphone mic
    - redo verbs and channels for audio recording
    - reduce and remove clutter from mixers and update the used paths for speaker/earpiece and heaphones
    - let camera use both left and right microphones when recording
    - remove useless BT code and try to improve stability in media (untested in calls)
    - commonize mixers_path for all variants

    NOV 24 limited Test build changelog
    - Fix OpenCL and Vulkan devices
    - Improve UI performance and scrolling
    - Disable loggy script to not fill /cache and cause issues. use adb for debugging
    - Add fixes for bluetooth SCO (calls)
    - Switch to better dalvik-heap config
    - expose our opencl and vulkan devices to apps
    - properly set max surface buffers to avoid lag over time
    - Fix APN issues that broke LTE , 3G on some phones
    - Fix Bluetooth stability issues / stuttering
    - Increase proximity detection range to match stock
    - overall graphics and UI improvements

    Lineage 17.1 (11/23/2020

    - Rebased trees and update to lineage 17.1 running android ten
    - resolved an issue that broke GPS + RIL Connection and affected GNSS Locking
    - Updated widevine and implemented clearkey to match modern devices with netflix playback support (requires magisk hide + reboot and some time to show up on the store)
    - Updated kernel net driver significantly to resolve connectivity issues
    - Remove broken/unsupported WiFi display that caused severe draining
    - Fixed Fingerprint for android Q (read F.A.Q For more details)
    - Allow direct booting from offline charging mode
    - Added logging service to help with user debugging (When facing issues zip me /cache) read F.A.Q if you want to disable it
    - Improve network scanning for RIL
    - Improve graphics performance
    - Early boot system for faster booting speeds
    - Include official lineage power HAL which works better on our phones
    - Apply fixes for media playback that required hacks previously
    - and everything else Android ten brings!

    Lineage 16.0 (11/01/2020).

    ROM :-
    - Updated to latest lineage sources with October 2020 Patch
    - Switched to new BSP to compile most blobs (including video , display etc) big thanks @Stricted
    - build and update OMX from BSP to resolve many codec issues
    - Fix graphical glitches / issues during games (pink stuff)
    - remove unused shims from the trees and do general cleanup
    - update GPS shim and and improve its stability
    - implement MultiHAL Sensors wrapper to resolve rotation and other sensor issues
    - Disable broken CPUSETS
    - update WiFi Configs and disable broken wifi features
    - update TCP and other throughput configs
    - Fix spammy P2P wifi logging
    - bring back argosd service to fix slow WiFi / lag when downloading (tested upto 260mbps)
    - Fixes to Wifi during Doze
    - build open source bluetooth blobs with some call fixes
    - update and adjust SWAP rates and switch to ZRAM
    - disable nearby service by default which makes wifi unstable when bluetooth is active
    - use second mic when using speaker calls to avoid echos
    - other misc mixer and audio changes
    - Disable GPU errors caused by unsupported screen fade effect
    - Fix Front camera in stock/3rd party
    - fixed video recording in footej camera and its quality to 1080p
    - Fix headphone mic one more time
    - Add workaround for muted incall audio

    Kernel :-
    - Remove broken wakelock controls
    - implement devfreq boost driver by @Lunarixus
    - update LMK driver to resolve issues with memory leaks
    - properly kill GPU DVFS control from the driver
    - adjust GPU interactive governor
    - Fix an issue that made the GPU stuck at 100% utilization with min frequencies (this also resolved serious lag issues)
    - bring back stock input booster settings (to maintain decent performance).

    Lineage 16.0 (10/19/2019)

    1- Fixed low quality video in instagram/twitter and so on by fixing AVC decoder (And encoder was improved)
    2- Fixed offline charging animation
    3- inline encryption with stock (untested)
    4- Tons of fixes to WiFi, will remain working when screen is off, and more stable in games (and enabled background scan/batched scan)
    5- Generally improved the quality of video playback / recording (to inline with stock)
    6- LowMemoryKiller tweaks added that should help with the memory leak issue
    7- Enabled burn-in protection
    8- Added some fixes for mediaserver and made it more stable (It will crash less often now, but it will if you try hard enough)
    9- Many changes to ramdisk to fix missing nodes (NFC, DVFS, GPS And sensors)
    10- Adjust LowBattery warns (to inline with stock)
    11- fix some errors in miracast so it works more often
    12- Entire rework to the GPU to fix Graphical glitches, crashes and many more to heavy games (PUBG, CSR, COD etc)
    13- Removed 100mhz GPU clock, set default min 266, max 600 as stock, removed 800mhz overclock option (Max is 730)
    14- Sync with latest lineageOS source
    15- And other misc changes to fix performance and battery in general

    Lineage 16.0 (10/10/2019)

    Cumulative changes from all the previous test versions
    1- Re-work Audio fully with a new mixer_path based on stock tinyucm conf
    2- Fix call echo in all scenarios (3rd party calls not tested)
    3- restore stock gains (the ones we had were all over the place)
    4- fix headphone mic in 3rdpaty apps and in calls
    5- add missing wideband/narrowband scenarios
    6- update the lineage audio hardware hal
    7- restore mic level to stock without hurting voice recorders
    8- Fix memory issues (with improved LowMemoryKiller and swap)
    9- fix random shutdowns due to low memory after long useage
    10- Set the minimum GPU frequency to 160
    11- Set the GPU to be always online (due to lack of HWC, this fixes performance issues)
    12- reduce the effect of touch booster to save battery
    13- Disable swipe-up gestures
    14- Massive liveDisplay fixing (ColorProfile , Displaymode (Night/day) , Color temperature , Outdoor mode And color calibration support)
    15- Other performance improvments
    16- Improvments to calls by reverting some broken changes
    17- removed AudioFX (Qcom only)
    18- added lineage vibration hal
    19- removed custom gnss hal that wasnt needed
    20- more fixes to GPS
    21- slight changes to sensors
    22- built healthd hal (still no offline charging)
    23- enabled and fixed HWC
    24- added a prop that helps with performance
    25- Fixed NFC so it no longer ****s everything up when its turned off (and now can be turned on without also ****ing said things up)
    26- other misc changes you can see in git
    27- Fixed all HWC leaks (therefore you shouldnt have random reboots anymore)
    28- Disabled always_on GPU for better battery saving
    29- Animations and layers will have improved performance
    30- removed a workaround that delayed boots
    31- critical kernel changes to remove many workarounds we had by :
    32- updated sdcardfs driver to remove legacy stuff
    33- updated sdfat driver and enabling it for exFAT
    34- updated EXT4 driver and using it for EXT2/3 instead of dedicated drivers for both
    35- updated USB and ADB so we dont need legacy stuff anymore
    36- updated and enabled F2FS Driver (support not tested)
    37- patch a ion leak
    38- updated wireless/wifi driver to remove the need for workarounds
    39- Added back AudioFX as it works
    40- DRM changes
    41- default hotspot name
    42- fixes to rotation sensor (it works fine with/without location enabled here, but if it as slow, enable location)
    43- remove duplicated tether config
    44- fix nfc config
    45- Updated powerprofiles
    46- slight changes to meda and camera set for the future
    47- synced with latest lineage sources

    TLDR : tons of fixes, better performance and having an actual usable phone.

    Lineage 16.0 (9/21/2019)
    1- Full hardware video playback (no lag even on 1080p60 playback)
    2- LiveDisplay enabled (color mode changing) with more features to be added later
    3- updated and enabled back ambient and aod (not fully tested yet)
    4- added and updated APN and SPN configs
    5- improvments to camera and include camera2 instead of snap
    6- fix a mic bug that introduces artifacts in audio recording
    7- OMX and media fully redone based on herolte
    8- Rotation sensor should be more robust now
    9- few changes to spen
    10- Bluetooth range and issues fixed
    11- improve RIL for SLK variants
    12- Fix NFC issues on N916 variants
    13- improvments to NFC on intl variants
    14- set default color mode to cinema for vivid colors
    15- Removed a binary that caused SLK variants to over-heat
    16- latest lineageOS sources
    17- compiled stable builds for N910SLK|N915SLK|N916SLK
    18- overall the build is more responsive and stable due to MFC/OMX fixes

    Lineage 16.0 build (9/16/2019)

    1- Fixed Video playback for 3rd party apps
    2- Youtube and other social media apps will no longer freeze randomly
    3- fixed an issue that took a toll on performance
    4- over all the rom will be noticeably smoother

    Lineage 16.0 initial build (9/14/2019)

    1- Updated and reworked the tree all together
    2- A decent powerHAL modded to N4
    3- Bluetooth APTX errors resolved
    4- Fully fixed RIL (no workarounds needed)
    5- Entire Kernel has been built from scratch
    6- New binder, sdcardfs, and WiFi drivers
    7- all the features of HeliosKernel built it and customizable
    8- Updated brightness tables to conform with stock
    9- removed ugly workarounds and hacks
    10- Audio much more stable
    11- stock APN , TCP configs and much more
    12- Added more LED modes
    13- Added AOD and ambient display support that kinda works
    14- updated most libs and shims
    15- built lineage trust and touch HALs
    16- enabled gesture support
    17- enabled smart pixels for ROMs that support it
    18- And tons of other changes covered in the github source
    F.A.Q And Notes

    Q : How to use Encryption ?
    A : First, head over to TWRP Thread And follow the notes for First time encryption setup (this involves formatting internal storage while using that twrp, This is mandatory as previous twrps did not create proper partition state for encryption), Then head over to settings > security > encryption > Encrypt Phone, the phone will reboot once or twice
    Warning : Encryption will prevent TWRP from reading your internal storage at all, And encryption is very sensitive, any untested customization or mods might brick the ROM, and putting your data at risk, only use if required

    UPDATE : You will bootloop if you did not set PIN/lockscreen in setup wizard before encrypting

    Q : How to Tune for Performance or battery life ?
    A : Latest release offers proper Power profiles which can be adjusted in Settings > Battery > EnergySaver and Performance. The slider will adjust MAX CPU frequency as follows,
    Power saving Big: 1.4GHz Little: 1.0GHz
    Balanced: Big: 1.7GHz Little: 1.3GHz
    Performance: Big: 1.9GHz Little: 1.4GHz

    Q: N910H wont detect SIM / network
    A: This is due to it trying to force LTE, Go to settings > network > mobile networks And change preferred network type to 3G, then enable and disable Airplane Mode. Here is a Video by @mvrul2k20 to explain the procedure

    Q : Korean variants (S/L/K) have tube / robotic audio in calls
    A : this bug is unfixable for now as those models rely on stock audio hardware effects to fix this issue, but we cant use that and open source H/W does not support them

    Q : How to enable android 10 gestures
    A : First you need to enable navigation bar (this will disable touchkeys) then go to gesture settings and enable full screen gestures

    Q : Recommended camera app to use ?
    A : This Google Camera : Download or Footej2 from the play store

    Q : When registering FP, i dont see progress or vibration
    A : It is fine, keep enrolling your finger, and at the end it will show you pass. this seems to only happen with first enrollment

    Q: Whenever I try flashing any lineage- build, I get the following error in TWRP: Updater process ended with ERROR: 7
    A: Update your TWRP to 3.2.3 or higher available Here or newer

    Q : Device is too warm
    A : After first boot that is common, let the phone finish setting up and cool down

    Q : How to get google apps ?
    A : Go to Opengapps.org . Select ARM > 10 > [your choice] and flash opengapps*.zip after the ROM.zip

    Q : How to get Root ?
    A : Flash Magisk Root From Here (Recommended version 23.0 for better MagiskHide)

    Q : How to tune the kernel ?
    A : use HKTweaks app from @corsicanu : Github