F.A.Q. and useful guides for TCL TVs [Flashing, Firmwares, etc]

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Apr 11, 2010
Hello people, since discussions about TCL TVs are very populated, and sometimes it's difficult to find what one searches, here's a bunch of posts that can be useful to everyone.
Some questions are asked constantly so I decided to collect them in a unique thread.

First of all.
This is how to read Firmware information.
This is important because it tells what kind of FW you have, so that you know which one to download.

This is the difference between Android TV and Google Tv firmware.
And again, the difference between Original and Custom Firmware.

So be careful on what you choose.
Remember: You can change ANDROID TV into GOOGLE TV only with IMG file.
OTA will not turn ATV into GTV.

Once you find the proper firmware for your TV, you have to properly prepare a USB drive.
Remember to use FAT32 formatted USB 2.0 drives on the 2.0 ports of the TV.
There's an important difference between IMG Update and OTA Update.
If you are not satisfied and want to downgrade to previous Firmware, ALWAYS USE IMG.

Prepare the USB and install IMG or OTA.

These are the 3 methods for OTA update

This is the method for IMG file.
Another guide for IMG file

After installing the new firmware, remember to "Reset all" and "Reset shop" from Service Menu

You will have a perfect clean installation!

This is how to enter the Service Menu.
Yet another guide for Service Menu.

TV Settings > Picture > Advanced > Brightness > Contrast and type

1950 - General Service Menu (Design Menu)
9735 or 6428 - Subsection Factory Menu
9705 - Subsection Service Menu
6405 - subsection Hotel Menu
6425 - TV Running Time and quick access to reset (Reset All and Reset Shop)

Use it only for Reset all & Shop. Use it at your own risk!

If you notice some strange writings after the reboot, you may need to DISABLE "Sita P Mode".
So enter the service menu and
Select “9-Sita P mode” and turn OFF
Or Factory menu → Factory hotkey disable

If the TV is stuck on Recovery Mode after reboot, unplug and wait for 10 minutes before plugging it again

Your TV is ready now... here's some general tweakings to enjoy it!

Calibrate colors following this video!
I will upload my colour settings as soon as I can.

Speed up your [GOOGLE] TV.
Video is from a Sony Bravia but it works on Google TV too.

Enable Hands Free.
That means: how to switch the mic on or off.

Hope this guide will help you find immediately what you're looking for.
I will try to keep this guide updated!
I wish to thank all the people involved in this forum, especially mr @stasiof for helping us all...and for constantly repeating what I wrote in one page only :)
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