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Dec 2, 2008
FingerKeyboard2.1 is now available HEREhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=501122! This version is obsolete!


FingerKeyboard2 - public release



Hello everyone! As promised - we are back with much anticipated FingerKeyboard v2! The goal was to create a very stylish keyboard with great key layout and some very cool features that will make your everyday typing a great experience.



Keeping it short, let's go through the main features:

- one of the most (if not the most) touch screen finger-friendly keyboards out there
- great looking :)
- supports both portrait and landscape modes
- supports WVGA & WQVGA / QVGA cab and VGA layouts available in post #2!
- supports different language layouts
- has a numeric layout for fast typing of numbers
- supports selectable color schemes
- supports Windows Mobile Contact name suggestions
- supports Windows Mobile Word suggestions (DOES NOT SUPPORT T9!)
- has excellent layout of buttons in both portrait and landscape
- many cool functions: text selection, cut+copy+paste, home, end, single word deletion, single line deletion, whole text deletion etc.
- preset emoticons for fast typing of smile-faces
- preset web browsing shortcuts for fast typing of web and e-mail addresses
- highly customizable (requires editing txt files, tough)
- supports click sounds when typing
- has a configuration utility that allows selecting lanuages and color schemes
- now comes in a .cab file for easier installation



- English
- Russian
- Romanian
- Croatian
- Bulgarian
- French
- Polish
- Greek (multiversion!)
- Danish
- Italian
- Norwegian
- Arabic
- Hebrew
- Hungarian

- other languages (click on the links):
Turkish 2



- IF YOU HAVE OLDER VERSIONS OF FINGERKEYBOARD, PLEASE UNREGISTER THEM BEFORE INSTALLING V2! If you need to unregister and don't know how to do it, check THIS post.

- after unregistering you have to soft-reset the device. Then you can proceed with installing FingerKeyb2.

- Run the attached .cab file (recommend you install to device memory)

- The keyboard will install into /Program files/FingerKeyb. There is also a link to Configuration tool in the Start > Programs.

- After installation, a Config window will open. Select language layouts you wish to use, and select a color scheme (both can be changed later)

- Select SMS name and WinMo word suggestion options in the second tab

- Click on OK and softreset the device

- Open up your standard keyboard (in SMS for example), click on the small arrow next to the middle keyboard icon and go to "Other input options"

- FingerKeyb should be listed there, select it and you're good to go



Go into Settings > System > Remove programs. It is listed as "Exidler's FingerKeyboard".



We received A LOT of feedback, and from that big pool of suggestions, here's a part of what's coming in next version of FinkerKeyboard!

Keyboard click sound will be optional in Config tool.

Vibration feedback implemented! Optional in Config tool, with ability to select how intensive you want the vibration effect to be, ranging from barely sensible to long hard vibration.

Press delay time will be changeable in Config tool.

Backspace behaviour will be changeable in Config tool, separately for small caps and caps lock mode, as well as single-click and press+hold!

Undo option will be implemented.

Users will be able to select whether they want bottom WinMo menu bar displayed on screen or covered by FingerKeyboard, separately for portrait and landscape mode.

Bug fixes in layouts + new language layouts that were not included in previous version.

Stay tuned!



There is now a FAQ / Help section in post #3! Please read it before asking for help!



A cab that will disable XT9 globally, across the whole system. Installing this means that XT9 will NOT work on any keyboards you have on your WinMo system.


Installing this will allow you to keep FingerKeyboard as default keyboard after you soft-reset the device. For this to work you must increase the timeout delay to at least 50 seconds!

You will notice there are additional "Compact" zip files with portrait layouts below. These are default portrait layouts with just one different feature: they have smaller row space in portrait mode. For users who are used to touch screens, this will be a nice feature, because it will free up some screen space (the keyboard screen size is smaller, and thus it will allow approximately 1 more row of text to show up in SMS for example). But for people who are not really used to touching tiny things on a plastic screen, or have bigger fingers, it might be easier and more precise to type with default larger row space. To install this, just overwrite the old portrait skin txt files, found in Program Files/FingerKeyb folder, with the attached txt files.

Same as default black skins, but with green accent colors. Made by HJ200.



Created and programmed by Exidler
Designed by Rozenthal

Big thanks to people who made additional language layouts, tested the FingerKeyboard 2.0 beta, worked on new graphics, helped with ideas and advices etc. (in no special order): Berkut_G, Cerato, Schreda, Panosha, JBouRas, SBS, BadCluster, Taiseer999, Borchert, Hanackin, Iligcons, Allbercik, Ombre.px, Nvidia32, derfler, ilovepunani, elite-fusion, RoozbehDream, Giannis86, parasite81, bugsykoosh, Reefhunter49, Chompy18 (if I forgot someone, please PM me!)

Another big "thank you" goes to all of you who showed us big support here on XDA forums.



v2.0 - official release of updated FingerKeyboard
v1.4 to v2.0 beta - closed beta testing (link to 1.4 thread)
v1.4 - alternate language layout for landscape mode. New vertical num pad.
v1.3 - updated landscape graphics and layout, fixed bugs.
v1.2 - updated vertical layout, now supports limited landscape mode, new .dll and register files.
v1.1 - vertical support for 2 languages + numeric keypad, new graphics, new layout
v1.0 - exidler's original version


  • FingerKeyb-2.0-WVGA.cab
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  • FingerKeyb-2.0-WQVGA.cab
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Dec 2, 2008
Reef's VGA portrait compact cab - by Reefhunter
These are the fixed and updated Reeefhunter's latest VGA layouts. All languages from official release included (both portrait and landscape)! If you have older VGA layouts installed, I suggest to replace them with these.

Cab attached - run and install!

If you have any trouble with space bar not showing up in landscape. Just Rename key_space_normal_le to key_space_normalL.

You can also check THIS thread about VGA version of FingerKeyb2, as well as some new skins. [UPDATE] In this thread there are now also available some cool new functions for FingerKeyboard2! Check them out!

QVGA cab by JBouRaS
Below is Fingerkeyboard 2 cab with QVGA version with English and Greek layouts! Enjoy :)


  • FingerKeyb2.0-QVGA.cab
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Dec 2, 2008
[ FAQ - frequently asked questions ]

This will be the place where we'll try to answer some of the common questions and suggest solutions for people who have problems.

Attached below, you will find Fingerkeyb_debug.dll file. This file will create a debug log which you can then send to us, so we can detect problems and try to fix them in the next release. It is mostly aimed at solving the problem that some people have with landscape mode, but it can be used to track any other problems as well.

To start using this, you will need Resco Explorer or Total Commander CE.

Go into FingerKeyb folder (Program Files).
1. rename Fingerkeyb.dll to something else (example: Fingerkeyb_.dll)
2. Copy FingerKeybd_debug.dll to Program Files/FingerKeyb directory.
3. Rename FingerKeyb_debug.dll to FingerKeyb.dll
4. Softreset the phone
5. Open the FingerKeyboard, press 1-10 keys on keyboard.
6. Minimize the keyboard, rotate the phone and open the keyboard again, after the phone is in landscape mode. Try to press 1-10 keys again.
7. If you encounter the landscape bug, switch to HTC keyboard, making sure that it shows in landscape correctly.
8. Rename file FingerKeyb.log in working directory to FingerKeyb_test1.log and after that select FingerKeyboard again.
9. You will now have 2 log files in Program Files/FingerKeyb. Send Fingerkeyb.log and Fingerkeyb_test1.log to Exidler or Rozenthal.

If you do not have Resco File Explorer or Total Commander CE, you can try this procedure:

0. Unregister keyboard using the old Fingerkeyb_register.exe (found in v1.4 thread) and then softreset
1. same as above
2. same as above
3. same as above
4. Register keyboard with the Fingerkeyb_register.exe
5. same as above
6. same as above
7. same as above
8. same as above
9. same as above

The log files can be sent to us via private messages here on XDA.

The logging tool will seem very slow, that's normal - it needs to write a bunch of info on every keypress, so take it easy. After you're done, you can simply reverse the procedure: remove the debug.dll, rename back the original Fingerkeyb.dll, and continue using the keyboard normally.


First of all, many of the questions have already been answered and explained in release info. For example, how to make the keyboard stick as default even after soft reset.

How to switch to full CAPS
Press and hold the shift button.

How to use text selection

To select text, switch to full CAPS mode and then use arrow buttons to select text.

How to use cut / copy / paste
Switch to full CAPS mode, select the text you want to cut or copy, and press and hold ^c or ^x characters. Then press and hold ^v to paste. On some layouts these are named "cut", "copy" and "pst" (V, B, N).

How to use Backspace delete functions
- short press on Backspace will delete a single character.
- long press on Backspace will delete a whole previous word.
- going to CAPS lock mode (or just pressing shift) + short press on Backspace will delete one whole line of text
- going to CAPS lock mode (or just pressing shift) + long press on Backspace will delete whole text

How to minimize the keyboard
Short press the keyboard toggle button (the one with small keyboard on it). Long press on this button will switch the FingerKeyboard to default WinMo keyboard.

How to disable click sound
Go into FingerKeyboard folder, open up Skin-01-global.txt (in Notepad preferably) and delete the following line:
ClickSound click-0.wav
You can also add ";" at the beginning of the line - it will have the same effect.

About problems with landscape mode:
- after installing the keyboard, if you notice a bug with portrait skin being used in landscape mode, please try to soft reset the device. Also, try to minimze the keyboard before rotating (there is a dedicated button for this on all layouts - use it!). Open the keyboard back after you rotate to landscape mode. This should work (at least this is how it works for me, on the latest Dutty ROM without any aditional rotation software).

Installation problems:
If you encounter the following message while installing the FingerKeyboard: FngKbdConfig.exe NullReferenceException, one possible solution is to unpack the cab file (use WinRAR or similar software), makes necessary folders manually, copy the files inside and register the new .dll file by using the old Register.exe from version 1.4. You only need to use old Register.exe, not the old .dll file.

If you're upgrading from v1.4 and have problems removing the old version, you will also need to use Register.exe, unregister the keyboard, soft-reset, delete the complete FingerKeyboard folder, soft-reset and then make a fresh install from the latest v2 cab. Deleting the FingerKeyb folder is the safest way of making sure you unregistered the old version!

Editing instructions:
You can use the existing layouts to make it custom layouts! The easiest way is to open one of the layout skin txt files and replace the existing characters with your own. Experiment a bit, and you will soon get the hang of it. Same applies if you want to make your own skin - edit the included bitmaps, and change the appropriate lines in txt files.
You can also change the behavior of the keyboard (such as shorten the long key-press delay, or change how backspace work etc.). This will require a little bit of more effort, but it's nothing too complicated.
Everything you want to know about FingerKeyboard actions, layouts, colors and resolutions is explained in "doc-about-skin.txt" that is located in the root of the FingerKeyb folder. Read it first before asking for help!

"Where is XYZ language layout? Why is it not included!?"
If your language layout isn't included, it is simply because nobody volunteered to make it when we were in Beta testing of v2. If you want a certain language layout, first check this thread if someone maybe already made an additional layout and posted it here. If not, the best thing you can do is to make your own layout and share it here with other people. If your layout is good, we'll probably include it in next version cab. Please do not spam us with "I WANT THIS LANGUAGE!!!" messages. All language layouts depend exclusively on the community to produce them. If no one can't be bothered to make your language layout, we can't really help you.

For Samsung OMNIA users
If you're using FingerKeyboard2 on Samsung Omnia, you've probably noticed there's a font-size bug in 3 out of 5 available skins. This bug has been fixed, you can download the updated Skin txt files HERE.

Other stuff
About some errors or missing letters in some layouts - we jumped from 2 layouts to 17 layouts, from 1 screen resolution to 3, from 1 skin to 5... I didn't honestly expect it will all be error-free. The language layouts were made by our beta testers (and I thank them once again for their work!) so I really can't help with requests "can you please put letter XYZ instead of ZYX" because I don't have a clue as to how all of these different language keyboards should look like. I can help with English and Croatian and Exidler can help with Russian, but that's it. These 3 layouts are most bug-free, anyway.

It's now up to you, the users to try to fix errors in layouts and share them here with others. I think it's really not hard to edit layout txt files, and I'm glad many of you already started playing around and sharing your custom txt files. If there's a character missing you can't live without, the easiest solution is to open your language skin txt file and simply put it in yourself.

Some layouts having square boxes instead of characters - I'm assuming it's simply a matter of regional settings and localized versions of devices. I would guess that, for example, the Arabic layout will look normally for people who have set their regional settings accordingly.

It would also help that when you write about problems, to tell us what device are you using, what ROM and if you have any 3rd party rotation programs installed. Be precise! Describe the problem in as much detail as possible. I will not be bothered to answer posts such as "it don't work for me, help!".


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Dec 2, 2008
sweeeeeet !!! :D

BUT how do I remove the feature "when taping then theres a short sound, like click"????

Its kinda anoying!!!!

Open up Skin-01-global.txt in notepad and delete the following line:
ClickSound click-0.wav

Make sure not to edit in Word, use the simple notepad you have in every Windows.


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Dec 2, 2008
How about making another thread where people can post their homemade FingerKeyboard 2 skins!!!!

Cuz eventualy we all get bored seeing the same stuff everyday!!! :) :D

Well, you can post it here, I've left 2 reserved placeholder posts for things like that, and I will follow this thread as I have done before and when there's a few good custom skins accumulated, I'll repost them on the front page!


Dec 30, 2008
Since you didn't have Swedish I made a Swedish config file for portrait and landscape.

Edit removed.
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    Ok please don't all jump my throat for this one. I feel stupid enough as it is asking this question.

    Where the hell or how the hell do you use the symbols like ?, !, & etc.

    When i hit 123 it only allows me to use some of the symbols and all of the numbers how do you use the rest that are on the keyboard.

    I feel embarassed enough asking this so take it easy.


    It depends on what layout / language you are using. All of them should have ? and !, but "&" might not be available in some. Different people make the various language skins and so it depends what characters they included in their skin. If you see them on the keys in the regular keyboard, then they are available. If they are smaller on the top half of a key, then tap+hold for a second or so. Also, press shift and see if you find them in that mode too.

    In the upcoming version of Fingerkeyboard2, you will be able to set a certain number of keys to display what YOU want. So, just keep checking back for the new release.
    Keyboard layout issue on HTC HD2



    I've got an issue with this wonderful application. I'm trying to use french keyboard layout on an HTC HD2 and showed keys are in french but typed letters are in english (reverse with english skin - both portrait and landscape). I've tried to modify skin's files but nothing occurs worse, keys are disappearing.

    Someone could help me ?