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    For those looking to flash their devices immediately, U1 firmware is now available via Frija and other such tools that pull from Sammy's servers. Manual Entry is required, XAA sales code.

    Phone: F936U1UEU1AVGA

    Standard MO for Samsung is to remove the Manual Entry requirement once the official launch date hits. Once that date comes, you should be able to pull it via Automatic.

    I do not own this device nor will I ever so I haven't actually tried flashing. But it should work with latest Patched Odin 3.14.x

    Happy flashing!
    Thanks, I was using the 2.0 branch of Frija, didn't realize I needed to use Manual (Legacy) mode to pull down the files. Got it now :)
    Use Frija and these settings (manual):

    Patched ODIN to flash:


    Security patch level is still showing July so a newer update should be released soon. May be September at this point! ;-)
    Thanks for the report
    Yep, versions are identical. Just change F936U to F721U
    Thanks again! Got the flip 4 firmware as well. My project for today was flashing the Fold 4 VZW firmware and getting the phone to be as like my Fold 3 as possible, before sending in the Fold 3 for my trade-in. Next project will be the Fold 4.
    There was an update that came out a day or so ago, ending in "VHH". I can only see it for TMK and TMB. I have it installed now no issues but wondering would they usually release an incremental update for U1?