Facebook Chat For Windows Mobile: Fim v2.28 + WM6.5 CHome plugin (8 SEP 2012)

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Jan 10, 2012
I guess he's dead jim
i agree with ericksonik, i think FIM for WM is already dead. He doesn't reply here, nor on his page on Facebook. His page is blank too.
If he could give me the source code, I think i can fix it the login module and set it for the new login policy of Facebook. Thats the only problem with FIM for WM, otherwise the integrated browser is working. I won't take credit for fixing that, just to keep one of the best apps for WM still alive. :)
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    Fim v2.10

    Fim for Windows Mobile (5,6.x) was updated. the new version fixes the recent connection issues.

    You can download the installation cab directly to your device : http://get.mosko.mobi

    If you still having problems to sign in you can try to disable login notifications and login approvals on your facebook account settings -> Security.

    Facebook Instant Messenger

    Features: Facebook Chat, Status Feed, Notifications & New Messages Indicators, Picture & Video Uploads Directly From Your Phone,
    Integrated m.facebook.com Browser, All Display Resolutions, Touch Friendly, No 3rd Party Registration, AppToDate Support


    Download the mobile installer (.cab file) to your desktop. Sync with your mobile phone and copy the .cab installer to your phone. From your phone go to Programs -> File Explorer, navigate to the .cab file and select it. The Installer should do the rest.
    or navigate to http://get.mosko.mobi on your Windows Phone, choose open, the installer should do the rest.

    Optional: WM6.5 CHome ("Titanium") Plugin

    If you like this software, Please Donate, so i can keep maintain it. thanks :)


    * To move between tabs you can use horizontal swipe gesture. in some cases you can also use Tab key,left arrow key & right arrow key.

    * To access some friend related features, make a long press ("context menu") on his name in the friends list. you can also second-click his icon on the black bar.

    * When browsing, click the fim icon on the black bar for browsing related functions (back, refresh, zoom-in, zoom out, open in new window, close)

    * Double click on black bar toggles full screen mode

    * On some devices you can send the chat message by long click on hardware-enter-key

    * You can copy line from chat by selecting the line, and do a long press on it. that way you can also paste text to the input box.

    * If you received a chat message with link in it, double-click will open it in your web browser.

    * Facebook emoticons doesn't show on fim, but your chat companion will see it on his desktop chat.


    "Connection Failed": usually due to email or password typed incorrectly. if you are positively sure you entered everything correctly then if you have special characters in your email or password replace them. only numbers, English letters and of course @ at the email allowed, also keep in mind that facebook passwords are case sensitive.

    WM BUILDS 6.5.3 / 6.5.5 blank web pages: to fix the internal browser problem use the cab from this post

    touch/x/iphone/lite.facebook.com: doesn't open the way you expect in the integrated browser, which is the same as explorer in wm6.1, so there is not point integrating it.

    WAP: fb chat needs solid 3g/wifi/gprs internet connection. even if your operator allows some facebook features thru its wap proxy, not sure it will be enough to use chat feature of facebook

    3G: some 3g issues were fixed since version 2.2.8, If you still can't connect over 3G, check the settings on: Start->Settings->Connections Tab->Connections->Advanced->Select Networks->Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using.. You should choose your operator's internet connection and not its wap portal.

    WM 2003 SE: Setup CAB will not work, unpack it and use standalone executable (fim.exe)

    Smart Phones (Windows Mobile Standard with no touch screen): supported since version 2.2.7, if you have problems/comments/suggestions post them in this forum

    Photo/Video Uploads: If you are having problems with photo or video uploading, update your .NETCF to 3.5

    questions / comments / bug reports are welcome.
    * please post on this thread, and not on a private message
    * report any error messages you got from the software
    * when reporting first check if your question haven't been asked or your bug haven't been reported yet.
    * make sure you have installed the latest FIM version available by checking menu -> about
    * don't forget to mention your type of device, os/rom version and type of internet connection used.

    Site Owners / Distributors:
    When posting this app on your site, u are obligated to add a link to this site. also make sure you always host the latest FIM version.

    Happy New Year!

    New Fim version is available..

    * added option to send message using the enter key
    * fixed some 3g connection issues
    * fixed browser back capability

    direct download http://get.mosko.mobi
    New FIM version 2.35 fixed sending messages error.
    an update to FIM is available.

    direct download v2.15 http://get.mosko.mobi