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Factory re-set from "no command" on Bootstrap tab.

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New member
May 30, 2021
Android 11. T-Mobile USA Moto G stylus (2020). Symptoms: Not booting past the pretty colors. In a loop. [vol key] + [on/off]. Error msgs: "AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Secured). OEM Locked. Tools Mode Config. Disabled." Boot lock up occurred in developer mode after enabling USB data cable.

These instructions to enable a factory reset are culled from nice personnel at the Motorola Help Desk -- USA 800-520-6412. (1) Using [vol key] scroll through to "BOOTSTRAP" tab. Press [ON/OFF] once. You will get a screen that says "No command".

Quickly, Press and hold [ON/OFF] button.
Concurrently, Press [Volume] up.

Release [Volume] up.
Release [Power Buttion]

At that point, you will be ain the normal set up for these phones with Google. You will put your phone back onto a wifi net. Then have your Google email account and password information at hand and the phone will download and recover IF you backed up to your google account.