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Sep 22, 2010
Here's a Gingerbread mod. It replaces the old sliders with the 2.3 ones. I didn't see this posted before, but I didn't look too hard either.


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Nov 20, 2010
Hollywood FL
i really dont know why people here are having some issues on doing this.... it just unzip, replace the pngs, re-zip signed install... :confused:

ADB tool is the best way to do this my fweds;)
if ur having issues Pm me if i have some time ill help you.
Merry Xmas to all here:D


Nov 19, 2010
I was curious if anyone knew if there was a way to change the font color for the clock and date that shows up on the slider for the sense ui slider? I'm not sure if I'm missing it somewhere in the settings either through Widget Locker or on the phone itself, but if someone could point me in the direction that would be great! :)


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Aug 22, 2010
i really dont know why people here are having some issues on doing this.... it just unzip, replace the pngs, re-zip signed install... :confused:

ADB tool is the best way to do this my fweds;)
if ur having issues Pm me if i have some time ill help you.
Merry Xmas to all here:D

You don't even need to unzip anything. :p Just replace the .pngs in the zip and re-sign the zip and install.


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Nov 8, 2010
used APK Manager and it works perfectly. Had some issues with Java in Win7 but it's all good.

One problem i think i'm having is on the lock screen, instead of only being able to unlock the phone using the slider, i can actually press the end call button (mine has a dedicated red end button) and it passes the lockscreen. Anyone know why that would be?


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May 28, 2010
works everytime!!! thank you max_pain!! :D

Originally Posted by Max_Pain View Post

You absolutely do not need to install the apk to both places!

I wish this issue was finally resolved...how many posts on this thread are about people who can't get the mods to work rather than posting about the mods?

Copy .apk from /data/app to sd card, copy to pc, extract .apk with apk manager 4.9 (option 1), edit or replace files as desired, using apk manager 4.9 zip .apk (option 3) and choose option 2 to allow resigning, then using apk manager 4.9 sign the .apk (option 4).
Copy the signed .apk back to the sd card. UnInstall your existing copy of widgetlocker the regular way. Then install modded (signed) version like you would any other app.
This works every single time...so much so that I just typed this from memory!

No need to adb push anything, or ninja morph or meta morph or install two copies of the app!

This works, like I said, repeatedly (i change mine a lot) on my HTC EVO on 2.2...and technically should work for everyone.

Swyped from my HTC Evo 4G on the MetroPCS 1X network!


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Oct 31, 2010
For the people using apkmanager and getting force closes when sound is turned on to unlock or lock. Before doing the mod, set the compression level for apk's to 0 (I believe option 19). See if that helps.

THANK YOU. This did the trick. I've been looking for a solution that allow me to keep the lock/unlock sounds.


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Jun 30, 2010
no lock

So I was getting tired of having CM's stock unlock screen popping up before widgetlocker. I decided to try and app called No Lock to disable the the lockscreen, and now when I wake my phone there's no more lag to wideget locker. I highly recommend using No Lock with these mods. Hope this is helpful to some :)


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Aug 22, 2010
dunno who stole whos design but the "just simple" one looks like ultralinx's locker

lemongreentea posted his lockscreen here 14th December, and UltraLinx posted his own on 17th December, and it's the same lockscreen. 20th December it was modified.

Anyhow, couldn't care less about UltraLinx, since he started to beg money and selling his stuff. But enough with the offtopic.

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    - Settings and custom sliders
    - How-to create a theme [UPDATE SOON]
    - Future updates and wishes

    The thread is full of answers and questions. If you do a quick search you might find the answer you were looking for. If you can't
    find it, don't hesitate to ask. There are other users here willing to help you. Feel free to comment in this thread or send me a PM
    if you feel the thread needs an update on any of the steps.


    After initial setup you can personalize your settings some more. The first thing you're going to wanna edit is the Layout

    - The grid size: If you're familiar with LauncherPro or ADW you should know that grid sizes determines how the screen will look.
    WidgetLocker allows for up to 10x10 grid. Try it out and see what you like best. The grid size also changes the way themes look.
    You can think of it like changing your density, unless you use the anchor. It will automatically resize the theme to the appropriate
    size. It doesn't work in landscape mode, though.

    - The wallpaper: The issue is that the system can only have one wallpaper and it's shared globally. So WidgetLocker's custom
    wallpapers are just images that WidgetLocker displays as a background. The best fix for this might be for WidgetLocker to let you select
    a file, using gallery or astro or whatever, and then have WidgetLocker do the cropping itself. This way it gets the actual image and can still
    crop it or scale it down (sanely) to avoid using so much memory, but can be done without banding. If you want to do it manually in the mean
    time and are rooted you can replace WidgetLocker's /data/data/com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker/files/wallpaper.png with your own. Just make
    sure the resolution matches your phones. Then disable/reenable WidgetLocker to get it to reload.

    - Installing a custom slider: Since WidgetLocker 2.0 custom themes are supported and come in the .wltheme.zip format. This means you can
    open it and your phone will prompt you to Install and Add the theme. The themes are saved on your SD card (/data/com.widgetlocker.teslacoilsw/themes).
    You can also copy the theme.wltheme.zip to the folder on your SD card. Naturally the theme will be unavailable once your SD card is mounted to a
    computer or something similar. It will return to normal once you unmount it again. You add the themes you've installed by longpressing the screen and
    choose Custom Slider. There you can do even further settings, like slide from right to left. If not you simply press "Add".

    - Advanced settings: You can use Root Helper to avoid seeing the standard Android lockscreen if you have root. This is not something the developer of
    WidgetLocker can do anything about. Check the information found in the application regarding root and standard lockscreen. An alternative is downloading
    NoLock from the Market. If you've got root and a custom ROM loaded you can probably disable the lockscreen under Power Settings.


    1) Create a new document.

    The height of the slider is 150 - but we're going to add two extra pixels. WidgetLocker uses _3.png which allows for up and downsizing of the sliders. That means the
    themes can be used with basically any device, ranging from HTC Wildfire to the Motorola Xoom. It's still not a hundred percent - but it's a hell of a lot better than the
    old way of theming. More on _3.png in the next step


    2) The black pixel (_3.png)

    As you can see in the image below I've added a 1x1 pixel on the very top of my image. You can either zoom in a couple of times or create a smallest box you possibly
    can in full view. The pixel has to be 1x1 if not it'll be shown in the theme. Which doesn't look good. In the picture below I'm zoomed in at 200 % (I think).


    Continue making your design.


    3) The slider

    The actual size of the slider you can change around just as much as the background. I usually go with the same height, that way aligning the slider and background seems
    easier. This is pretty self explanatory, see the below image.


    Continue making your design.


    This is what you want your themes folder to look like. The slider_right is fully transparent. There's no need to actually make it transparent. If your background doesn't contain
    any text you can include a second arrow (like above) but the other way so other users can choose themselves if the want to slide left or right. (Protip)


    Then finally .zip the themes-folder!




    Email between zHk3R and [email protected]


    The image heights don't allow sliders to appear on the very bottom of screen. This goes especially for the iphone themes. The slider
    and background height don't look the same height no matter what I try in Photoshop. There are other users that are reporting this; Is it a user issue
    or something that should be addressed?

    It's my fault for poor examples and documentation, but can be handled by themers. I should've made the default iPhone background 152px tall so themers
    would know to keep that, but didn't. Themes assume HDPI, so one standard slider row is 150px tall. Three Patch images have the 1 pixel border on all sides,
    so a 152px tall background will perfectly fill out one standard row. WidgetLocker will scale/stretch the image if the row size is different. I've attached an ugly
    iPhone theme to demonstrate.
    Same idea for the sense slider, it defaults to two rows, so 300px background, no need for the 2 extra pixels since it's not a three patch.

    Is there a possibility to disable the Sense clock?

    I'll add this soon. Not 2.0.1, but probably 2.0.2.


    More ways to unlock the screen! It'd be great if we could make a slider like the one attached. That'd be freaking awesome to be honest with you.
    That's something people have even have been sending me PMs about!

    I think the attached could be done, remove the Anchor then resize an iPhone slider to be vertical. But the theme would like kind of funny horizontally since WL
    rotates the other direction.

    I'm definitely planning on some more unlock methods. HoneyComb for sure, possibly something like MIUI, and maybe the Samsung puzzle unlock as well as the Samsung
    sweep glass (Which is kind of similar to that WP7 one, except for the transparent part.

    Android 2.1 and 2.3, but not 2.2, could handle transparent WidgetLocker pretty easily, 2.2 has some bug where lock screen interactions are difficult for a transparent activity.
    I can work around it, but it's a pain since most of my users are on 2.2. But it's on my radar.
    [ empty space ]
    [ empty space ]
    Hi everyone :3

    How do you like the new WidgetLocker? I love it.

    So, now that 2.0 is on the Market modding WidgetLocker this way is pretty much obsolete. The new theming system makes it a hell of a lot easier. As for a new thread to keep mods: Do you guys want me to start a new thread?

    I want to thank anyone who has contributed with mods, suggestions and fixes. I apologize for the lack of updates on this thread but I've been busy with ..life. Yes, poor excuse but that's the one I'm going with.

    As for themes here are three I made recently:

    MNML Gradient
    MNML Light
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