How To Guide Fastboot version of miui 13 Global,EEA and miui 13 China beta, stable.

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Mar 2, 2013


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Oct 22, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 11
Je viens d'emballer la ROM de récupération officielle dans une installation fastboot. Vous pouvez trouver le journal des modifications ici . Je ne publierai pas le journal des modifications, vous pourrez le rechercher en utilisant le nom de la Rom fastboot sans le "Fastboot_". La version fastboot que je poste est exactement la même que la ROM officielle de récupération, je n'ai rien changé.

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    I want to update that from now I will update DEV china versions less frequently as there are very low count of downloads. Other firmware including EU,EEA and Indonesia will be getting fastboot versions very close after they are releasing, as normal.
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    Disclaimer :
    I am not responsible for bricked devices. Please think twice if you want to follow this guide .

    I made a Fastboot version of miui 13 Global,EEA stable, a12 miui 12 global and miui 13 China stable as peoples reported issues with installation of android 12 miui versions on TWRP .
    Download link for fastboot versions of the firmwares-
    This link contains all the firmwares including stable,beta Chinese firmwares and stable Global, EEA, Indonesia.
    Note for VENUS_V13.0.4.0.SKBCNXM - Restore from miui backup cloud do not work for me, it buggy and do not let you finish the first setup.
    There are two ways to install it. For clean install, you need to run "windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat". It will wipe your internal storage.
    For upgrade, run "windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat" (Only choose it if you have a firmware version of android 12 miui 12 Global)

    Some early impression of miui 12 a12 global stable firmware compared to a12 miui 12 beta China and miui 13 beta/stable China-
    The overall smoothness of the ui seems to be worse compared to the latest a12 miui 12 beta China version and miui 13 beta/stable.
    It does not have lags (big frame drops ) in gmail, speed test, google messages and some other apps as a12 miui 12 beta China and miui13 beta/stable .Miui EU 13/12 does not has this issue as they disable system wide variable font which caused this issue. Unfortunately, I did not find a way to disable it on the CN version .
    You do not need to press allow every time you try to copy text to other apps on A12 miui 12 Global stable and miui 13 stable .
    On some apps If you scroll fast, it will stop scrolling for a while when it loads new data .This bug present on a12 miui 12 beta China and miui 13 beta/stable as well .
    The brightness slider wont change to the right slider position when you are on landscape mode.This bug was fixed on lastest version of a12 miui 12 beta China and miui13 beta/stable.
    Can not download or import themes on a12 global stable.
    I will try to make fastboot versions of new miui 12 global stable firmwares if xiaomi will release .I also do it as they will release miui 13 global version .If someone find a newer version of global miui 12 a12 or global miui 13 beta, please post a link in the comment .
    Please write if the fastboot version works for you as it worked on my device .
    First Indonesia miui 13 firmware added, V13.0.1.0.SKBIDXM.
    New fastboot firmware added, Global miui 13 stable V13.0.1.0.SKBMIXM.
    There is miui 13 stable release

    Does it have the same laggs on Gmail/Twitter/Reddit.. please give us feedbacks if only you can.. thanks
    Yes, miui 13 stable has these lags but A12 miui 12 Global stable does not have them.
    Finally you have made that a lot of people asking to dargonswim, make a fastboot version. But i think it's too late now, even purpose lastest MIUI 13 in all languages, it's useless to install this "old" SK version 12.5.

    However i'm waiting your "maybe" fastboot MIUI 13 version from Global MIX for sure when Global MIUI 13 will be available
    It took me quite a while to figure it out how to repack the super.img for this device. I will defently make a fastboot of Miui 13 after it will get released as the apps lags issue with a12 chinese version is not present on this global a12.
    If someone find a newer version of global miui 12 a12 or global miui 13 beta, please post a link in the comment .