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Jul 6, 2020
Hi all,

I currently have an ATOTO head unit installed in my VW T5 Transporter that has been a bit of a nightmare from the start (not even sure if it's been installed correctly) but the one thing that I have loved about it is running FCC Car launcher.

Given all of the hardware problems that ATOTO has given me I am looking to replace it with another unit but this time would like to replace it with one that works well (most if not all features available) with FCC Car launcher.

What would be your recommendations? Would be looking for good digital radio here in the UK and quick boots, maybe even an internal battery so that when away on trips each start of the van there is no long wait for the head unit to boot.

Thanks in advance,



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Feb 18, 2009
@SpeedFire- his morning intrigued by the split screen I wanted to try, after setting the tick and on home FCC split does not come out but only FCC and logically it does not work for me, I am using version 102


Nov 16, 2021
I've got a feature suggestion, don't know if it would interest others?

As the minimap can go into auto mode for day/night can we have some setting which automatically changes the wallpaper at the same time or at least similar eg day/night?
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Dec 27, 2010
Any way to apply geoid to the altitude widget?

The problem i have with navradio+ and the fcc music widget appears only when i use fcc play,nexr or previous buttons.
If i inly use the wheel butttons then fcc music widget works amazing. Shows the correct station and the correct logo.
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May 4, 2017
I recently bought this app, thinking it was the perfect app out there for cars. However i have issues with Album art and other music widget. It's malfunctioning. Sometimes i noticed if the player was running before opening the launcher, the music widget works. Any solution for this. By the way, im using 3.442? Is this the latest version?
Also why cant i change the font of the screens? When i change the font in the settings, only the settings menus font changes.


Apr 24, 2008
Great App - Dumb Question

Like I started with, I'm liking the launcher and can certainly appreciate the level of effort put in so far. I've tried a lot of launchers and paid for Agama but before I purchase the premium of FCC (as I really do like it's customizability). I have a couple of questions and one is really dumb :)

1) FM Radio, this seems to be the default music app. My question is, is this a 3rd party android app or are you referring to the Head Unit's built-in radio? I ask because I'm trying to get the quick buttons to start my head units' radio NOT an android app. If this is an android app, which one? There so many radio FM, FM radio, etc...

2) How does one select any other application to use in the quick launch apps? I'd like to add say "BT Music" not spotify, chrome, Android Auto, but any application I'd like.

3) The music player widget does seem a little wonky. It doesn't seem to play album art or title & artist consistently and sometimes not until you go into the app first then back to home screen. ie: if you link Spotify as a quick button and something else, can you switch between the sources without having to launch the source app and just press the play button of the widget?

Again, great app and my only two things are What is FM Radio that is being referred to and can I put my head units' radio app onto the quick launch buttons?

My units is a Aliexpress clone. I've just recently updated firmware to Junsung UI 3 and works well. (better than OEM).

I'm using the

Model: 825x_pro
Device Type selected:MTK
MCU: TS-G5.201021(H)
FCC build is 3.442

Thank you


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Jan 5, 2010
My player text booted fine, then halfway through a song wallop giant text and I mean 20mm high!! Restarted, then had four players, rebooted back top the correct three. Also new one I think. In the player widget, there are normally two lines of text. Track title and underneath Artist. I get the correct track title but for Artist, quite often it just shows the letter "M". Hope this helps.


Apr 24, 2008
Personally @Mr80s there is only one FM radio app worth looking at and that is NavRadio.
Thanks @HatManSan , it's more the question of is the "FM Radio" referenced within FCC and throughout this thread the head units stock Radio or is it a separate app?

Whenever I click on it, it flashes a quick can image of a satellite and then "try again".

Is it possible to put the head unit's original radio in the quick buttons?



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Oct 24, 2012
@SpeedFire-: As several users have reported, the Player widget doesn't consistently update the album and track information and the album art, especially after switching players. I also have problems with this.

Today I had a closer look about what goes wrong and now I have an idea about what needs to be fixed. I don't know if it's a general solution for this issue, but it should at least fix a part of it.

As you know, I'm using DAB-Z, NavRadio+ and GoneMad Music Player as the three media apps in the Player widget. I also have activated the 4th player option in the widget settings.

Every now and then I see "FM Radio" as 4th player, even though I have deactivated it in the MTCE factory settings, i.e. the radio app com.microntek.radio app is frozen (which I also double checked with Titanium Backup). Therefore "FM Radio" should never ever be shown as 4th player on my setup, because the radio hardware (MTCE radio interface) now is solely controlled by NavRadio+.

Even if I don't see "FM Radio" as 4th player, it often happens that I don't see the NavRadio+ broadcast intents in the Player widget after switching to it, but the raw information of the MTCE radio interface (i.e. just the station number and frequency). Then only after switching FM stations in NavRadio+ or after switching to a different player and back to NavRadio+ the Player widget shows the proper NavRadio+ broadcast intents in its display.

Also after switching from NavRadio+ to a different player I often see "FM Radio" as 4th player and the raw information of the MTCE radio interface (station number and frequency) for a fraction of a second until the proper information (e.g. artist/title information and album art of the now activated media player) is displayed.

So what's happening is that the Player widget not only reacts to the broadcast intents that NavRadio+ is sending, but at the same time also reacts to the changes in the MTCE radio interface (which in this case is controlled by NavRadio+). But actually the Player widget only needs to react to the changes in the MTCE radio interface when the stock FM Radio app is in use.

Depending on the order in which the Player widget receives the NavRadio+ broadcast and the changes in the MTCE radio interface (randomly one of them can be the first and the other one the second), it displays either the wrong or the correct information. This is also evidenced by the fact that I often see "FM Radio" as 4th player for a fraction of a second when switching to NavRadio+. After this the 4th player button disappears again, NavRadio+ is shown as the selected player and also the correct station name and logo (which are broadcast by NavRadio+) are displayed.

Conclusion: This issue needs to be fixed. :) I suggest that you implement some conditions to the Player widget code, so that the part of the code that listens to the MTCE radio interface is not executed when either
  1. NavRadio+ (com.navimods.radio) is installed or
  2. the stock FM Radio app (com.microntek.radio) is frozen/deactivated or
  3. the user has activated an option (which you would have to implement in the Player widget settings) to ignore all actions on the MTCE radio interface and only listen to broadcast intents.
Of course you don't have to implement all three of these conditions, just one of them would be fully sufficient. Just pick the one that is the easiest to implement or the most universal (e.g. it could be that non-MTCE users have similar problems, so the 2nd condition would not work for them).

I hope that this fix will vastly improve the accuracy of the Player widget display. 🤞 Please let me know what you think about this.
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Jan 5, 2010
If I may, I have noticed that when my HU starts and FCC loads, no player operates. I have it set like that. However sometimes I have to press "Radio" several times to get it to a/ change colour and b/ to play. Sometimes moving between "Radio" and "Music" (Poweramp) I have to press Music twice before it changes. I often have no album art, even though the is art in Poweramp. The most recurrent issue with reference to the player widget is giant text and the letter "m" appearing instead of Artist info.

On a different note. Is it possible to buy or make use of the latest mapbox map files?


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Oct 11, 2011
Hi everyone,

Just a quick update. I'm currently working on a "sleeping mode" for android tablets (which may also be useful for some head units which cannot go to sleep properly).

This requires stopping all the Launcher's background services and processes to save power as well as properly restarting them after sleep.

This showed some existing issues of the Launcher, including those with the text size.
When fixed I hope this will result in overall better performance. However I need more time for this.

Currently I have two major issues:
- Only a partial update of the widgets after sleep (for example all Icon Widgets have icons, but don't have labels and do not launch anything when clicked)
- Zombie processes. Some Handler Threads are not properly killed for some reason while going to sleep. When launcher is resumed there are 2 or more copies of these processes which is not good and not efficient.

Of course I have the second option - to hard close the app while going to sleep. But I think it is more important to be able to soft close all the existing processes.

After fixing all of this I will return to your feature requests and bugs. So please wait a bit.

Best Regards
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Dec 27, 2010
From my side at least i hope i did not make you feel like i am demanding things.
I am just reporting findings. Nothing more than that.
So yea i at least can wait. So thanks for your work up to now man.
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Dec 27, 2010
Not at all. That was not a reaction to any post.
I just wanted to explain the silence from my side :)
Then, no news is good news.

Keep on reporting.
The widget that shows how many km you have done and how long is the driving time and the still time is not reseting every day. I think that is the normal behaviour. Solution is to reset it by hand.

I think i managed to have minimum problems with fcc tpms. In two weeks i had to force stop it only once. It starts normally after reboot or sleep. That is on hal9k rom.

Trying to change anything on the time widget, resets the font size as soon as widget settings open. Solution is just set up again font size and save. This happens everytime this widget settings open.

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    I think I have a good LogCat that captures the issues with the player widget. Everytime, in my case, NaviRadio or PowerAmp is in use, the instant the headlights come on the album art changes to a SAT icon. It only returns to the album art or radio station logo, if, a/ the track changes b/ the track or station is changed or c/ I swap between NaviRadio and Poweramp or vice versa. There are no ifs or buts, it happens every single time the headlights or sidelights are switched on, either automatically or manually. Hopefully the Log has captured me changing tracks etc. Please let me know if more information is needed. Thank you

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    @SpeedFire- will you look at the bugs?
    Yes. A little bit later. I have a busy time at my main work until the end of April.
    New test version attached:
    - Added support for 'pinned shortcuts' which adds support for apps like the Shortcut Maker https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rk.android.app.shortcutmaker&hl=ru&gl=US
    - An option to launch an app in a split screen mode is returned to the Icon Widget settings (I don't remember why I removed it when switching to the new settings menu).
    - All libraries are updated to the lates versions so if the issue with the google map renderer still exists this may be related to something else.

    If they stopped payment in Google that would be a real pain for all hardworking developers in Russia, especially for @SpeedFire-
    We need to find a workaround for this if there is any.
    Yes, there are several issues with payments:
    - Google stopped payments to my main bank account. I entered the alternative bank account which was accepted but no payment has been done so far.
    - I will add a Huawei AppGallery support (with a slightly lower price) for those who want to pay outside the Google universe. However the documentation is not perfect for in-app purchases there. This may take some time.
    Today I made a test with YouTube Music instead of DAB-Z and recorded a video and took a LogCat of it. These are the issues you can see in the video, which I recorded after waking up the head unit:
    1. At 0:07 I switch to GMMP (after first switching from YT Music to NavRadio+). You can see that the Player Widget immediately shows the title and track (but no album art yet), although GMMP hasn't been started yet and thus there's no GMMP notification yet. So at this time no title / track / album art should be displayed.
    2. At 0:13 GMMP started playing, but the album art still hasn't been updated and still shows the radio logo from NavRadio+. At 0:23 you can see that the GMMP notification is correctly displayed including its album art.
    3. At 0:31 I tap again on the player button for GMMP and only then also the album art is displayed in the player widget, but the music playback stopped at the same time, which also shouldn't happen. At 0:35 you can see and hear the same once more. Only after pressing Pause and Play again the music playback is resumed.
    4. At 0:44 I switch to YT Music again and it resumes playback, but the Player widget fails to also show the album art, although, as you can see at 0:51 in the video, the notification is correctly displayed including album art. Also tapping on the Player button for YT Music again, as you can see at 0:58, and pressing Pause and Play, as you can see at 1:00, doesn't bring the album art back.
    Issue #4 confirms an issue that @shdwkeeper mentioned in post #8,845:

    I hope that you can reproduce these issues now (please try several times, as they don't happen each time after waking up the head unit) and fix them. 🤞

    And, as I already wrote, could you please make a test version that purges the title/track/album art infos in the Player widget for the assigned players upon entering/leaving standby? This is something that should be done anyway and maybe already fixes these issues (at least some of them). Thanks. :)
    @SpeedFire-: I hope that you are well. :)

    As you already told me, you were able reproduce this issue when using YT Music.

    Did you have a closer look into it in the meanwhile to be able to fix it?
    If they stopped payment in Google that would be a real pain for all hardworking developers in Russia, especially for @SpeedFire-
    We need to find a workaround for this if there is any.
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    Hi, all!

    Welcome to the official thread for FCC Car Launcher - a customizable auto launcher for android head units (Rockchip MTCB/MTCD+ and FlyAudio) as well as android smartphones/tablets.

    Its major features:
    - Full function launcher with supports of all standard third party android widgets
    - Deep integration with head units (MCU etc). My mission here is to implement as many functions in the launcher itself as possible. In case of Rockchip devices to get rid of most xposed modules (my deep respect to their authors, great job, but they sometimes slow down the device significantly) and replace them with the normal built-in functions.
    - Customization. The FCC Cat Launcher has some built-in customizable widgets which can help to make your home screen more personal (you can adjust widgets size, colors, features etc).
    - Built-in music widget with support of FM Radio (with ability to give names to radio stations), Spotify, Google Music, PowerAmp, PC Radio, Neutron and Stellio players.
    - One-click navigation widgets with quick route building (supports Waze, Google Maps, Yandex Navigator and other navigation apps).
    - Phone calls via connected phone using 'Ok Google call [name]' request or by clicking on built-in Contact widget.
    - Other features.

    1. I love MiniMap but can you put other navigation app there?
    Unfortunately this is not possible. MiniMap is part of FCC and is based on Google Maps API for Android. It is not another app (not even a Google Maps app), that can be just replaced within the FCC interface. Android does not allow to integrate third party apps (navigation apps) inside another third party apps (FCC Launcher).
    If your head Unit supports Split Screen (ie can display Two apps at the same time), this can be partially done with split screen.

    2. Is it possible to cache maps for MiniMap for offline use?
    - Yes. In the latest FCC Launcher beta version you can select Offline Mapbox map and download it to your device.
    - For Google Maps - No. Caching is directly prohibited by Google license for using Google Maps API (MiniMap). Moreover, Google even does not provide developers with such a caching API. Therefore you will need a constant internet connection to use MiniMap. The somewhat good news is that the map itself does some short-term caching on your device, so it saves some data (but not too much).

    3. Notifications are only popping up for a split second / flashing. How to fix this?
    That means that animations are disabled on your device.
    - Go to the device's Developer settings: FCC settings - System - Advanced - Developer settings (if it asks for code - it's "7890" for AllWinner T8).
    - Scroll down and change 3 parameters "Window animation scale", "Transition animation scale" and "Animation duration scale" from "Animation off" to "Animation scale 1x".

    4. Routing on Google Maps in MiniMap doesn't work. It asks for API key. What should I do?
    - Turn-by-turn navigation in built-in Google Map fragment is directly prohibited by Google. Therefore it is not possible to use it. .However if you have your own Google Developer account (Google Maps API key) you can use it to draw a simple route line on the MiniMap. Please note that it will NOT have any turn-by-turn data like distance to next turn or estimated time of arrival.
    I do not recommend to purchase Google Developer account just for this feature:
    - Google Developer account will cost money for you (a one-off payment) which is reasonable only if you really want to develop android apps.
    - Routing requests cost money. But currently Google provides a 200$ per month free usage for Maps, Routes, and Places every month which should be enough for individual usage.
    Links: Get API key, Pricing. Don't forget to enable Maps API and Directions API in your Google Cloud Console.


    Translation to your language
    Guys, many of you suggested your help with translation of the app to your native languages.
    I have setup a translation project on OneSky site.

    channel: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.speedfire.flycontrolcenter
    Beta channel: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/ru.speedfire.flycontrolcenter
    (I would suggest to stick with the release channel since beta channel can be really buggy sometimes and is intended for beta testers only)

    As a developer I will be happy to discuss with you any ideas or issues.

    Here is a couple of tutorials:
    1) Quick look on home screen setup process:

    How to write LogCat log:
    You need to have ROOT:
    1. Install LogCat Extreme LogCat Extreme
    2. Select VERBOSE level of details (very important) Video 1
    3. Write and send log: Video 2

    Initial setup (do this if you see black screen):
    Important checkbox during first setup:

    Please make sure to check that checkbox "Always allow FCC Launcher to add widgets..".

    Full setup process:
    pity that the developer is not dedicated to solving several bugs of this fantastic launcher, too many bugs for daily use is not so good unfortunately

    How the Hell can you say that when @SpeedFire- has dedicated 100's , if not 1000's of hours developing this launcher, and for peanuts !!

    I remember a time last year when he was on vacation, and even then, each night he worked on FCC, fixing bugs and greatly improving what was already there.

    FCC is probably one of the most COMPLEX apps on Playstore.

    My understanding is that he basically developed FCC for HIMSELF, because he was not satisfied with what was currently out there, and was good enough to share his work with anyone wanting to try it.

    Because of technical complexities, this launcher is designed and developed for a limited number of Android systems, but that number is increasing all the time as he add new Units to those currently supported.

    If you go out and purchase some obscure, budget China unit, that is not supported, you cannot blame anyone but yourself, if then you experience issues.

    Just because you paid the developer a few dollars because YOU CHOSE TO DO SO does not mean that you OWN him, and can demand that he jumps at your every call ... it's not his work -- it's his HOBBY -- and you probably knew that going in .. so lighten up and stop giving him such a hard time.

    BTW, I am also a developer, and I can tell you, if anyone else got involved in this complex app, it would most likely get totally screwed up, and dye -- that is assuming one could even find someone who would be willing to put in the time for next to nothing, while having the technical ability to actually contribute anything to the project.

    Thank you @SpeedFire- for clearly the best Android launcher on the market, and for all your time and dedication in constantly improving it. It is very much appreciated I am sure by the majority of those using it, and you will always have my full support going into the future.
    It seems that I've found the best solution for Normal / Split-Screen modes. Take a look:

    Here is a short demo of two modes in the alpha version:
    1) Normal mode - launcher does not support split screen (bad) but behaves as a normal launcher and is not visible in the list of recent apps (good).
    2) Split screen mode - launcher supports 50/50 multi window mode (good) but is visible in the list of recent apps (bad).

    Every user can select the preferred mode!
    The app is now returned to the Play Store :)
    New beta is out:
    - All skins are re-designed for 6x10 grid (instead of previous 6x7 grid). You need to re-apply skin if you want to switch to a new skin.
    - You can choose your favourite skin during first time setup process.
    - Time widget has new options to granually change Time and Date font sizes as well as to swap Time and Date positions
    - Re-written code for album arts in Player widget. Hopefully this will fix most issues.
    - Some other fixes.
    - For built-in skins Icons are automatically setup when put on home screen or moved (based on skins' settings for particular Icon slot).