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Features hidden in Settings

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Dec 13, 2017
So I just searching around for some hidden settings and I discovered that the Ambient Display and Dolby Atmos are there but those functions doesn't work but the question is why didn't they added in this port.

The Audio Settings doesn't have a equalizer (wich is strange because older models have that, I had an XA1) but in the settings shortcut has the "DolbyEffect" wich is the Dolby Enhancements but it's not functional.
ALSO there's an app called "Wireless playback quality" wich does nothing.(it's closing when openned)

The Ambient Display is there even has some settings turned on,again not functional it's set to when it's lifted but it doesn't work.
In the STAMINA setting says it should disable the Ambient Display but it's not existent.

Why did they pulled off,I don't know? Kinda sad because it's a mid range phone such as the Samsung A series.
This should be added in a software update.

The apps--https://ibb.co/KVmmPmW
Dolby Atmos--https://ibb.co/RPV1PLm
Ambient Display--https://ibb.co/0MpbqfG
Ambient Action--https://ibb.co/hXj4GB4
Ambient Stickers and Photos--https://ibb.co/99G2Qh4
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Mar 9, 2014
About the Dolby stuffs, It could be the similar case to Xperia X. The Xpx originally not intended to take 4k video using the 4k recording (It's a part of the slow mo camera app package), but if I remove some apk file (not exactly remember where or the name of it) the 4k option will be available in the stock camera.

It is possible that some of feature is just somehow disable. We might be able to enable it. Of course you need root.