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Fennec Alfa 2 Released

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Senior Member
Feb 25, 2007
The Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version for their Firefox browser for Mobile devices.


Alpha 2 brings the following improvements:
Improved panning performance
Newly designed theme
JavaScript error console is now built in
Improved add-on support
Numerous bug fixes
Improved UI polish
Unfortunately it would not be an Alpha is there were not plenty of bugs still. A major one may be that panning and scrolling in iframes have not been solved yet, meaning web sites like Google Mail and Reader remain difficult to use.

Download the latest alpha, for the HTC Touch Pro specifically, HERE. Might work on other devices as well, I have not tested yet.

Found info at WMPowerUsers

I posted in another fennec thread but nobody even looked at it so thought I would start my own. Sorry for another fennec thread.
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Oct 12, 2008
tried it on my vogue, its supposed to be alpha 2, so they are exused, but still, never saw a program so worthles at its alpha stage, just wondering why they release it all? whats the point? bug reports? are you kiding me? its one big bug!
one new thing I noticed, it now does support touch screen keyboards, so you can now try it with devices that do not have a hardware keyboard.
makes me wonder why its not mentioned in the release notes.


Senior Member
Sep 28, 2005
Tried this one and the previous ones on my HTC Fuze. It doens't really work quite right and the things is really really slow. ...but hey it IS an alpha version - I will wait and try the next realsed one cause this one is worse than the first one...ha