Few questions about the S6

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New member
Oct 31, 2009
So, ive been out of the loop for awhile, so here is the jist.

Been using my s6 stock since i got it about 2 years ago, its now out of warranty, the battery is almost dead, and i would like to scrap the touch wiz nonsense and debloat it, ive also ordered an S7 edge battery for it ready to mod it.

For Roms, what would you folks suggest? clean, simple, and daily use ready would be preferred.

When it comes to calibrating the phone for the S7 edge battery, is it just a case of cycling the battery and letting the phone calibrate to the new capacity? or is it more envolved? E.g. a Kernal swap, or adjusting numbers in the Android Rom ill be using?

I dont use the wireless charging or nfc, i understand that they are intergrated into a flexible panel that sits on top of the battery and behind the back, is this safe to remove?

Thanks in advance!
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