[Final UPDATED!!! ]Windows Mobile 6 for Typhoon/Feeler/Amadeus WWE Edition Released!

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Oct 22, 2006
Windows Mobile 6 for Typhoon/Feeler/Amadeus WWE Edition Final Released!

You can download it from this Page: http://www.coolcode.cn/andot/windows-mobile-6-for-typhoon-feeler-amadeus-wwe-edition-released. This is my blog, if you like this ROM and want to contribute, you can click the google ads in this download page. Thank you!

I can say this is the best WM6 ROM for Typhoon/Feeler/Amadeus, It has more features, more storage, more memory, and is more quickly & more stable. This ROM only has OS. NO IPL, SPL, GSM & SplashScreen in it.

Now, the download ROMs add ClearType version. it removes Nina, and adds segoe.ttf, segoeb.ttf. Chinese characters use 3M YaHei. If you don't like Nina, you can download the ClearType Version now!



  • Based on Another wm6 for feeler.
  • Change the backlight driver, low battery usage!
  • Change the usbfn driver, you can use WM5torage, now!
  • 1.3 megapixel & 0.3 megapixel Camera Driver in ONE ROM! You can switch them freely on “Settings->Camera Driver” Control Panel, and you also can disable it. In fact, the camera is default disabled.
  • Automatic Time/Time zone is enabled, and you can set it on “Settings->Clock & Alarm->Date and Time” Control Panel.
  • You can change SMS Service setting on “Settings->Connections->SMS Service” Control Panel.
  • You can change charging over USB on “Settings->Power Management” Control Panel.
  • You can change GPRS Authentication on “Settings->GPRS Authentication” Control Panel.
  • You can change CSD Line Type on “Settings->CSD Line Type” Control Panel.
  • Disabled FATFS cache and Enabled Power Management, this tweak makes lower battery usage!
  • Add Bluetooth FTP Explorer.
  • Add Bluetooth Dial-up Networking support.
  • Add HTC Quick Notes.
  • Add SIM Manager, and you can launch it from Contacts menu.
  • Add GPRS Off, you can find it in Accessories.
  • Add Voice Tag support.
  • Show date and time in the message list.
  • Looping alarm.
  • Perfect Windows Media Player. It can play so much Audio & Video, such as midi, aac, amr, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, avi, etc.
  • Perfect Ringtones support. It support midi, aac, amr, awb, qcp, mp3, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, etc.
  • Perfect Picture & Video, it can preview more mediae than before.
  • Reboot in Quick List.
  • Application Unlocked.
  • Missed Calls Sms Fix.
  • Perfect Chinese support, beautiful small Chinese characters.
  • No shortcut keys defined, but some tools in Extras(Celetask & HTC IA Camera) will defind some shortcut keys.
  • No module overlaps, so it is more stable.
  • Add Comm Manager, you can find it in StartMenu & QuickList.
  • Add Internet Explorer Key Maps Settings, you can find it in “Settings->Internet Explorer->Key Maps”.
  • Add Internet Explorer Advanced Options, you can find it in “Settings->Internet Explorer->Advanced Options”.
  • Add Black Color scheme.
  • Fixed some bugs on coldboot.


This ROM is 27 MB. you can flash it with old wm5 spl(recommend), when you flash it, you will get 27.96 MB Total Storage, and nearly 25 MB Available Storage.


Error Report, STK, USSD & Camera driver are default diasbled, so you can get more memory than before.


  • removed OS & OP red text on boot screen.
  • removed Total Commander.
  • removed Tao JMM 10.
  • removed CeleTask (better version in Extras).
  • removed STK (because it can not work).
  • removed USSD (because it can not work, too).
  • removed T9 IME (The default IME is Microsoft ABC).
  • removed GPRS off (You can use Comm Manager to disconnect GRPS).
  • removed some useless files.


  • ArcSoft MMS for Typhoon/Feeler/Amadeus. It also has English & Chinese mui, and maybe it only works perfect on this ROM. (Updated)
  • Celetask 2.2.2433.4986 English & Chinese cab. It can enable or disable Bluetooth Audio, and it’s free. Long press Home button can launch it.
  • WM5torage 1.75 English & Chinese cab. It can work well on this ROM.
  • HTC IA Camera (0.3 megapixel & 1.3 megapixel) cab. It has English & Chinese mui, and you can launch it in Picture & Video. (Updated)
  • Microsoft Office Mobile cab. It has English & Chinese mui, too. you can install it on your storage card. (Updated)
  • WMA & WMV Codecs for TCPMP. You can extract it into \Windows folder.
  • Windows Live for Smartphone cab.
  • Regedit.

Feeler Shortcut Keys:

  • Short Press Camera Key — (\Windows\Keys\CaSP.lnk )
  • Long Press Camera Key — (\Windows\Keys\CaLP.lnk )
  • Short Press DO Key — (\Windows\Keys\SP1.lnk )
  • Long Press DO Key — (\Windows\Keys\LP1.lnk )
  • Short Press MO Key — (\Windows\Keys\SP2.lnk )
  • Long Press MO Key — (\Windows\Keys\LP2.lnk )
  • Long Press Home Key — (\Windows\Keys\HomeLP.lnk )

DownLoad Mirror:







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Oct 20, 2005
Tel Aviv
Looks great.
Couple of questions:
Does this ROM fix issues with previous wm6 roms for feeler, like:
use of extra media buttons?
camera button?
any key wakes up from standby?



Aug 2, 2007
Ooohhhh....this looks good!

Is it stable thou?
The install program - phone dies (service lost) issue, has that been sorted?

I'm about to flash it - will report back.

Thank you!!


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