[FinalBuild][patchrom] [6.0.1] FlymeOS 6 [SM-J320FN]

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    FlymeOS ROM For Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)​

    FlymeOS 6 is aftermarket firmware by Meizu. Flyme team work on Flyme ROM to make stable but good-skinned. FlymeOS 6 is AOSP Marshmallow 6.0.1 based with focus on latest Google security patches.

    instalation instruction:
    Boot to recovery
    -Make a Nandroid Backup (Optional)
    -Wipe Data, System, and Cache
    -Power Off the Device and boot back up To recovery
    -Install the ROM zip
    -Reboot and Enjoy

    what's working:
    Everything Works well

    Known Issues:
    - front Camera need fix
    -the same as lineageOS bugs

    fix solutions (by @DeblaGaming):
    How to Fix Sim-Card not detecting

    -Boot to TWRP
    -Install the ROM file (Without flashing anything)
    -Boot back up
    -All of your data should still be there
    -Check if the Sim-Card is Detected
    -And enter the Sim-Pin if prompted

    How to fix Back Camera bad Scaling Picture Mode
    -Open Camera
    -Click the Gear Icon
    -Click the Resolution Option
    -Set it to 6M
    -The Scaling should be fixed now

    front camera fix:

    How to fix Brightness not Changing
    The auto brightness it activated automatically for some reason so deactivate it in Setting/Display and Brightness and click Automatic Brightness Control

    Magisk Root is Supported but Xposed Isn´t

    - If u found any bugs or issues tell me

    Download Links:

    FlymeOS 6 ROM build 1

    FlymeOS 6 ROM build 2

    GAPPS(OpenGapps) <- select pico
    search on app store google apps installer and click search other app stores


    If u face any boot errors or stuck on bootlogo(Samsung logo) replace the boot.img in the rom zip with LineageOS 13 boot.img

    (build 2)
    -fixed theme
    -removed kernel isnt seandroid enforcing
    -added log report
    -removed autorolate lockscreen string

    Special Thanks to:
    FlymeOS Team
    @[email protected]

    Enjoy! Thanks :)
    Source Code: https://github.com/FlymeOS

    ROM OS Version: 6.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version:

    Created 2018-02-16
    Last Updated 2018-02-18
    Hello Galaxy J3 2016 Users :),
    As some of you know I am DeblaGaming was also known as -wDOS- (on Discord). And also some of you have speculated that I'm trying to build MIUI for the J3. And yes that is true but because of the lack of time and a lot of rejects (about 40) I have stopped the building and basically abandoned it.
    But, I'm planning to try to build FlymeOS 6 using the latest LineageOS 13 ver (by fastial). When that's successful I'm going to try MIUI :)

    Wish me luck
    Hi can you send me photo of lockscreen and main menu plz:good:
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