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    I just heard that Asus had just collaborated with Garmin and produced an Asus-Garmin phone which runs on Android Eclair.

    Here's the link :

    So anyone into ROM dump? However I don't think it's legal..... hmmmmm... :confused:


    Update 03/03/2011

    Ok so it seems that this is still ongoing and I saw several members post a request to get specific files in order to extract the app out and make it compatible with other android devices.

    And here's an elaboration from ajape.

    The actual problem is that there are two version of this program, and the one that can be downloaded from the link provided in the last page is NOT the one we need. After all, all this is about having access to our Garmin maps WITHOUT having to have a full time internet or 3G connection, otherwise why even bother with anything beyond google maps?

    Anyways, I digress, there are two versions of this program: Garmap Online and Garmap Onboard. The one we all need is Garmpa Onboard for android, that's the version that reads your maps from a folder in your SD card, the one in the link posted in this thread is not... well, completely useless I guess, but it's still a far, far thing from what we're all trying to achieve here, which is to access our Garmin maps in our Android phones.

    Anyways, here's the info about Garmap Onboard app that we need:


    Garmap for Mobile Onboard has no reliance on network coverage, making life simpler and more convenient.

    With Onboard navigation users enjoy:
    - Turn-by-turn voice prompts
    - 2D/3D city map views
    - POI dialing
    - FREE safety camera alerts
    - Preloaded maps
    - Optimal itinerary planning with waypoints
    - Network independent allowing easy travel across borders

    What’s New


    Garmap’s advanced lane assist pop up will help you navigate those complicated intersections by indicating which lane to use. Never miss an off-ramp again!


    Plan your route using Garmap’s advanced ‘Itinerary’ option and optimse your route to save time and fuel.

    Guys, I may not visit this thread frequent, but I do visit XDA often. So should there be any updates which you want me to post here, kindly PM and I would be more than happy to update the current progress.
    Thanks for your encouraging report.

    Which version of Navitel did you use?
    That's version 3.5, it was a repost from when I originally posted this report on this same thread a while ago. But 3.5 doesn't work on GB (Don't know about ICS, but I should think not as well), you need version 5.0.x or better now, and beware that some of the versions don't accept maps in nm2 format anymore, while some do. I think it's (full version apk, mind) or something like that which you want. This is because anyone can convert any IMG format Garmin map to nm2 very easily just using GPSMapedit, while this is not the case with the new Navitel format nm3. Please remember to convert tiles or maps that leave you with an nm2 map file no larger than 16MB, that's a very common error. Ah! And also, the NavitelContent folder on the root of your SD Card must not have more than 61 nm2 maps at the time, otherwise NAVITEL will give you an error when trying to create it's Map Atlas. And don't worry, Navitel will make Navigation seamless even if your maps are cut differently for conversion purposes than they were originally cut by Garmin. Also, converting NT maps to nm2 may give you an error citing routing issues, if this is the case then you can also repair the routing errors manually and it will be fine, although I personally never actually managed to learn how exactly to go about those repairs in GPSMapedit. But I understand it's not rocket science either, so don't worry and go for it! :)

    probably one or more of these files...
    Guys, finally? :good:
    Garmin StreetPilot for Android v1.49
    It´s been a while since Garmin has been available for Android already, it´s just really complicated to get it to work properly. Over three days in my case, although it was definitely worth it. Now it´s up to version 2.16, up from the 1.49 you mentioned::


    The whole super complicated process and all pertinent files can be found here, note that you have to register in this board also to have full access. Good Luck! You´ll most likely need it, hehehe ;) :good:

    Install Garmin Street Pilot v.2.16 Android 4.1.2 Detailed Instructions&Pics

    This works only on 4.11 and 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
    This doesn't work on Android 4.0.x or Android 4.2.x
    NOT SUPPORTED and NOT Working on:
    -NVIDIA Tegra 3
    -MediaTek MT6575
    -MediaTek MT6577
    -MediaTek MT6589