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Finally play station 2 emulator YES pcsx2 for android

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Jun 22, 2008
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Apr 17, 2009
San Antonio
i would love to see this happen. especially since they finally made the ps3 controller app. and it worjs wonderful... ps2 on a phone would make me upgrade regardless of the price. and i usually get my phones for dirt cheap. like my current dx was $50 :) i just passed up a chance to buy a dx2 from a friend who said he didnt like it for $75 :(

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Nov 3, 2010
The PCSX2 on the PC is still not yet stable as some high ended hardware is also not compatible or unable to support the PS2 games. Unless it receives a lot of support from a lot of developers, it will takes a long time.
how about we quit naysaying and someone compile the bloody thing or post an apk so we can start testing, ive had pcsx2 running on an old acer laptop i overclocked for ages so im pretty sure my samz galaxy s2 or asus transformer could cope as they are both rooted and overclocked. No one expects 60fps or hell even 30 but I'd be psyched just to see proof of concept before i buy a kal el core tablet and give the transformer to my wife :p
Nothing yet, apparently people are having issues compiling the code. Last update I saw was a month ago. Now I've got my Galaxy S3 I really want this to happen more than ever, MHL out and Bluetooth Ps3 controller = God of War in your pocket!

Any devs here up for the challenge? Wouldn't mind starting a bounty for this as I'm sure plenty of us would love it and happily pay for the chance even if it was just a proof of concept similar to the dreamers emu I've seen floating around.

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Jun 14, 2010
Lisbon, Sintra
This thread is the sad truth about xda-developers comunity these days... About the topic, even some powerfull x86 computer has issues (lag, texture problems and more), do you imagine how will this run on a mobile processor?

Cores don't translate to power, only to multi-threading, mobile processors are not the same processors you use on PC, on the technology we have today, this is not doable.

(and i can't find it possible, that people just say somethings like "someone just compile it and give us the apk"...people like these have no idea of what programming is...this is not organics)


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Jul 9, 2008
I left this in the Development forum in the hope that there would be some actual development work on this project. Since that's not the case I'm now moving it to the General forum.

Thread moved.


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Nov 4, 2010
Pc's are running the ps2 emulators and more with a dual core and 2 GB RAM, and at least a nvidia GTS
Probaly we should wait for nvidia tegra 4, coming in 2013
It pretty much could be done there was a Dreamcast emulator that was being worked on for android it had crazy taxi and a few other games running so the possibility of a phone to play PS2 Games should be doable since my old laptop could play most PS2 games perfectly but struggled to play some Dreamcast games if this was done it would be amazing although saying this EPSXE PS1 emulator is on Google playstore maybe they might try making a PS2 emulator but games/roms will take up loads of memory

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