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Find CSC code without turning on the device? Flashing S8 in boot loop with Home_CSC, no root

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Oct 21, 2021
My S8 G950F got stuck in a boot loop after an update. At first it would try to install updates on boot, then reboot, start turning on with "optimising apps" message but start rebooting again once the app count is finished. Now it shows "no command" after trying to install update on boot and goes to recovery mode, or tries to switch on and optimise apps again if put on charge.

There is a following error line showing in recovery mode log:

#fail to open recovery_cause(No such file or directory)#​

(Photos of the top and the bottom part of the screen in recovery menu attached - apologies for the quality)

Before this update (I didn't press update myself, it randomly started when rebooting) I had not updated for a while and had little space left, but "lacking storage booting" or safe boot do not work either. Partition cache wipe did nothing too.

My goal is to backup or pull the files from the phone. It is unrooted so adb backup doesn't work (there is an "update from adb" option in recovery mode and some sideload commands work in that mode but it doesn't seem to be useful). I would like to try and flash it with Odin - from what I understood flashing with HOME_CSC instead of CSC should leave files intact.

However, I read that it is important for CSC to match my current one and since it won't boot I can't access software information and don't know where to look for it. I am in the UK and bought the phone unlocked so it would suggest that the CSC code is either BTU or XEU, but I bought it on Amazon so wonder if it could be different? Can the CSC be different from the region I bought it in/am currently in? The only information I see in recovery mode above the options is:

This last bit, as I understand, is PDA. Is there a way to find out what the CSC is?


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