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Nov 12, 2020
This morning I manually checked for updates and it finally found the android 11 update.
For those with UK sim unlocked phones purchased from Amazon, etc...
Now I just want to have the dual sim and I can be happy with my phone


Dec 3, 2020
These things are missing in my EU Version:
- oppo sans not available (only roboto)
- clean up space function in phone manager app went missing

Has anyone else experienced these ?


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Feb 22, 2009
Mine is from John Lewis but I imagine it should be the same. Did you manually check for updates?
Yeah checked manually and tried via WiFi and Cellular also, it's bizarre just how they are doing this rollout, we should be the same SKU you would have though, must be down to the network level now as i'm on 3UK (even tho the phone is sim free/unlocked) o_O


Dec 27, 2010
Unexpected Android 11 update waiting for me this morning, in UK and bought via O2 just last week.

All seems to be working well.


John N G

Jul 23, 2020
Which launcher are you using...I am using Nova and it is having issues
Hi. Have you resolved the issues you were experiencing with Nova? I got the Android 11 OTA update yesterday and, despite also using Nova, I've only seen one issue, which I've resolved.

I found that setting the default launcher to Nova wasn't remembered, whether I set it in Nova or in the Oppo's settings menu. I discovered that many people have reported the same issue, but there is a simple resolution...
1. Go into settings, app management, default home app and select System Launcher as the default.
2. Exit settings.
3. Go back to settings, app management, default home app and select Nova as the default.

For me, as well as others, this ensured that the phone no longer unexpectedly reverted to System Launcher as the default.

If you're experiencing other ongoing issues, I'd be interested to learn what they are.


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Oct 30, 2020
C. 57 here issues so far.
More battery drain on Coloros 11.
Overnight drain 7-8% Wifi on. This was a 7 hour period. Before was 1-2%.
Overnight charge protect feature worked for 2 nights now it does not activate while plugging in charger before bed...
New bugs I've found:-
Gboard overlays on places it shouldn't, in any app, only way to fix is to close the app completely.
Game Space app resets everytime I restart my phone, additionally, unhides games, meaning I've gotta flick the switch each time.
Oppo App Market, when I update a app and press install, the install prompt repeatedly refreshes even if the apps installed successfully, only resolve is to close the app completely, and refresh the update page.

UI bugs haven't gotten any better, gesture sensitivity/response is still touch & go, Android Auto still broken & the lack of app drawer customisation is still really annoying, hopefully all is resolved with some updates soon.

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    I don't think C57 has rolled out everywhere yet, I've been on C06 for about a month. It's dated the 7th November, so guess the next update will be due any day now. I'm still on Singapore EX region so will be interesting to see if the update gets to the masses first on Multi-Lingual EX or Singapore EX.

    FYI, updates normally roll out in waves, e.g. 1% of devices for the 1st wave, 5% for the 2nd wave, 20% for the 3rd, etc, etc. Hence why some people get it before others. Just because you haven't got it yet when someone else has, doesn't mean there's something wrong with your phone, it just means we're on a later wave. Just need to be a bit patient :) If we haven't got it in a couple of weeks then we can really start moaning! 😄
    theres a refresh rate indicator in developer options, apps that are 60hz are default youtube (vanced is 120hz as you can see here), also, google photos, movies are 60hz, youtube music is 120hz, so strange

    I updated OTA to stable android 11 and now my phone is doing this:
    please can you help me
    i have this version in my oppo find x 2 pro
    CPH2025_11_A.19 android 10
    hiw can i instal colors os 11 manually because I don't have ota update and what mi s the right version should be installed on and the link of file if possible thank you