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Find X2 pro bugs

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Sep 21, 2004
Let's collect our discovered bugs of this device. Here are mine:

  • Default Launcher setting is lost upon reboot. In my case I set Hypersion as default, reboot and the setting is gone. I have to reset and sometimes eben force close the stock launcher or I will still end up on stock when I go back from an app.
  • GPS coordinates are often wrong in exif of taken photos.
  • Android Auto freezes as soon as the phone goes into standby.
  • 9gag stays empty and needs to be closed if it was in background.
  • Google Photos is super laggy due to scoped storage limitations in Android 11. Especially while deleting pictures. Maybe not an device specific issue.


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Aug 4, 2016
  • Gboard overlays on places it shouldn't, in any app, only way to fix is to close the app completely.
  • Game Space app resets everytime I restart my phone, additionally, unhides games, meaning I've gotta flick the switch each time.
  • Oppo App Market, when I update a app and press install, the install prompt repeatedly refreshes even if the apps installed successfully, only resolve is to close the app completely, and refresh the update page.
  • Notification panel stays grey even with enhanced dark mode.
  • App drawer cannot be customized at all, not even row layout.
  • Swipe up gestures seem to have a hang when swiping up from the centre, also affects keyboard too.
  • UI glitches in certain apps.
  • Oppo App Market now persistently requests read app usage permission.
  • File Manager has a hang upon opening varies between 1-4 seconds.
  • Microphone volume on social media applications is ridiculously low.
I realize that app drawer customisation & notification panel colour, aren't bugs, however they're very annoying.


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Jul 15, 2012
  • Pressing "Close all" disconnects Garmin watch, as it seems to shutdown Bluetooth in the process. Reported to Oppo. No response.

It does not shutdown Bluetooth but the plugin app that is running in the background and is needed to communicate with the watch. Same thing with Samsung active plugin - when I hit close all I get a notification that the plugin restarted itself.


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There are plenty in the Color OS 11 update. Here's another one... Using "Keep screen on while charging" in Developer Options to circumvent the annoying Android Auto issue, and Navigation pops up with no way of canceling it, even after the phone is disconnected from USB. The only way to get rid of this notification is to restart the phone. Oppo really shouldn't have pushed such a buggy update without proper testing. 😡

Edit... Seems this bug doesn't even need to have android auto activated, just charging via my car's USB port will trigger the navigation bug. Any way to rollback to Android 10? More problems than this is worth. 🙄


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Jun 8, 2021
Good evening from France to the whole XDA community!


I have a problem on my Oppo Find X2 PRO: it often happens that when I call or someone calls me, no sound is picked up by the phone when I speak. My caller can't hear me.

I wonder if this is related to the use of a Bluetooth device (my speaker, my headset) before?

Has anyone experienced this problem and if so, how did they solve it?

I would add that a simple reboot is enough to correct the problem...

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