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Find X2 Pro Update Thread

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Jul 12, 2015

C.74 on europe dual sim too.


Nov 6, 2021
Europe EUEX too


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Oct 30, 2020
Tried VPN to every country in EU does not find the update :)
Edit: France worked now.
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Nov 17, 2020
It is likely that you have activated one of the thousand functions that does not agree with the qhd + resolution. Try looking at what you have active for display adjustment. The message says that as long as you have activated "video motion enchaced set at 120 fps" you will not be able to activate qhd + ". I have set both resolution and frequency to auto.


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Nov 17, 2020
Distribution of ColorOS 12 is proceeding well, although not yet in Europe. There are already several smartphones that have updated to the stable version in China and the roadmap of the Global version has also arrived a few days after the Chinese roadmap in December. We specify, as already mentioned, that the Global version is not yet rolled out in Europe: the update plan for now refers only to Asian markets outside of China. However, the ColorOS 12 Global roadmap based on Android 12 already allows us to have an idea of which smartphones will receive the first update on the European market, so it is definitely worth consulting. There are actually two roadmaps released: let's find out.

Roadmap ColorOS 12 Global Stable of December 2021 (Europe excluded)

Below are the smartphones that will receive the update to ColorOS 12 Beta outside of China in December.

From 10 December
Reno6 Z 5G: Thailand and Cambodia
Reno5 Pro 5G: India
Reno5 Pro: Pakistan
F19 Pro +: India
From 15 December
A73 5G: Saudi Arabia
From December 28th
Reno6: Indonesia
Reno5: Indonesia
Reno5 Marvel Edition: Indonesia
A74 5G: India and Indonesia

December 2021 Global Beta Roadmap (excluding Europe)

Here are the smartphones for which the beta testing phase begins in international markets.

In progress
Find X3 Pro 5G

From 20 December
Find X2 Pro: India and Indonesia
Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition: India and Indonesia
Find X2: India and Indonesia

From 22 December
Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition: India
Reno6 Pro 5G: Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
Reno5 Pro 5G: Saudi Arabia

From December 28th
Reno6 5G: India, Indonesia and Vietnam

coloros 12 global roadmap dicembre 2021


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Jun 20, 2009
I have to admit, I'm greatly disappointed by the entire update system by OPPO and if things stays the same, this is my last phone from them. Getting regular updates is game called "using VPN catch the correct EU state to get update". I don't understand, why the updates aren't released at once to all regions.

Similar disappointment comes from the Beta program, which is almost always Asia exclusive. Official reply from OPPO is "GDPR issues", but I call this bullsh.t since other manufacturers are able to make it work.

OPPO made progress in recent years and they are trying to keep the phones up to date, but still years behind the relevant competition in terms of customer service and after-sales. Another example, in my country X2 Pro won't officially run 5G or VOLTE, although it is capable of doing both.


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Nov 17, 2020


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Nov 17, 2020
Yes I’m aware but doesn’t answer my question. I’m from the U.K. and if I VPN to India can I get coloros 12 update?
Your question is answered in half: for India the date is 20 December. And for the second half you can't answer, there are too many variables: the region of your phone, what state you are in and where your ID is in the ranking; but if you want an opinion instead, I don't think that on December 20th you connect to a VPN India and that you receive ColorOs 12. And most importantly, if Oppo changes its date or mind, and this is confidential information.


Nov 25, 2021
Your question is answered in half: for India the date is 20 December. And for the second half you can't answer, there are too many variables: the region of your phone, what state you are in and where your ID is in the ranking; but if you want an opinion instead, I don't think that on December 20th you connect to a VPN India and that you receive ColorOs 12. And most importantly, if Oppo changes its date or mind, and this is confidential information.
Thank you, it’s a shame that they are hiding behind the usual excuse of GDPR which makes no sense.


Dec 6, 2021
Hello I'm desperately looking for help.. I buyed my find X2 pro 8month ago. I still have not downloaded any updates . My android version 10 CPH 2025_11_A.31.. I live in Lithuania, it's part of the European Union so I don't understand why I don't receive any updates because it's against the law. I'm not very good at hacking around my phone , maybe there is some simple way to deal with this problem. I hope to receive help 🆘.

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    The update thread talks about the updates and not the missed nights of sleep to inquire.
    Oppo's beta china roadmap for find x2 pro spoke of the first half of 2022.


    The last roadmap I saw was about December 31st, but I think it was referring to china beta and not europe.


    But with Oppo you never know, maybe he could anticipate ...
    agreed, it seems to be a bigger mess than iOS
    Ios has to Optimize 3 models per version even if lately the hardware between the models is more and more similar: if every year they launch 3 phones and they are supported for 5 years the optimization goes for 15 models, the reduced number decreases the possibility of little optimization and despite everything they have bugs. Android calculates the models the brands the years, you understand that optimization is more problematic, moreover Ios is only 1 company, many Android that compete and mess, not to mention google that already provides it buggy ... Ios then almost everything is done at home and optimizing the software for very few hardware models is easier and the result is better. It is different than doing it with pieces of various brands, only the socs for Android are different, and companies now want to make their own by increasing the number of socs for example: snapdragon mediatek Exynos, add the rams the roms etc etc etc Ios has the bionic ... It is normal that you win easy ... indeed you should tear everyone up on everything ... but it is not so and over the years the distance has shortened a lot. However, comparing 2 completely different things leads nowhere. The choice remains with who uses them and gets along well with one or the other. On this blog, however, we are on android 12 and more precisely of oppo find x2 pro. Who is here is certainly because he has one he is fine otherwise he would have sold it and passed it on to something else. Let's hope that the update arrives more than quickly with a few minor bugs.
    No, As you know there are some major bugs in coloros 12, why rush to update?
    I only wanna update because c_75 update kills battery much quicker.
    That's also no surprise.. The very last tiny innocent "security" update before the much delayed whole version update is killing battery. Trying to deliberately moving people towards their latest flagships..
    My household has a Oneplus Nord too, it was the exact same last year January. There was a "bad" update with super fast battery drain just before the new version update.. Same happened with an Huawei P40 Pro too.
    Hello Apple and iPhones practices... All these manufacturers are the same. They learn from "the top dogs".. Samsung & Crapple.. haha

    There is no new under the Sun.
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    The name of the thread should have been changed to Moaning thread....
    11:35 am Spain time... Nothing to VPN Asian region update C61 from single-sim

    still wait :)

    Listen buddy why don't you let us know when you DID find an update instead of when you did not, mkay?
    This is a place to discuss OTAs & update details, changelogs etc. Not whether you should buy a Samsung, please stay on topic
    Moderator Information

    I would like to put a reminder here that we all should be civil to each other during any discussion on XDA. I fully understand the frustration when your issues could not be solved easily or others XDAers just post a questions without any searcing in the forum. I feel you and I got mad some time too, but that should not stop us from helping each other ... in a gentle way.

    Feel free to report any spam posts or rule violating posts to moderators and we will clean the threads to keep it on topic. Thanks.

    Hope you all have a good holiday. :D

    This episode of updating is going on since past 3 months and oppo still not uploading the ozips for 11. Very stupid company