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Sold the device,
if anyone wants to keep the thread, create the same and i'll ask this one to be deleted.


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Dec 12, 2005
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I spent two days talking to OPPO customer service, but still no luck.

They either don't understand what I mean or just don't care but they keep saying it's a Gmail problem...

Which is not as I can add multiple widgets on OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung as well.

So I thought I would add it here, hopefully will be added to the next update.

My problem and probably others as well is with the widget limit on apps.

For some reason ColorOS only allows one widget per app. This is mainly frustrating for Gmail Widgets.
You see I have multiple accounts on my phone but I can only add one Gmail widget to my homescreen...

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong or is this a knows limitations for others.

Thank you!

Just download and use a different Launcher. try Nova Launcher.

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    Theming Options:
    - Changing Status Bar Icons
    (One of the issues that users from other brands face are the different designs on the status bar icons, having an option to select between Oppo and Google icons would allow the users to theme and easily recognize some of those icons).

    - Add options for Status Bar Clock
    (Likewise to make it easier to users preference, to be allowed to change the status bar clock between Left, Center, Right, Off, with a extra checkbox to hide it on Homepage from Oppo Launcher. This can be seen in any Xiaomi device that automatically hides the clock when going to the homescreen).

    - Add Battery % next to the Icon on Status Bar
    (Add an option to allow the user to choose to have the % of battery next to icon).

    - Change Theme accent
    (Allow users to have personalized experiences and allow them to change the theme's accent. That change would affect every toggle colour, active icons on notification bar. This can be seem in every OnePlus device).

    - Change Folders Background
    (Allow the users to change the folders background).

    - Possibility to change lockscreen style
    - Since the Theme Store is not acessible on Europe. An app like Samsung Good Lock would be the best way to people to personalize the lockscreen in terms of Clock Style, Shortcut Icons, Fingerprint Icons.

    Oppo Launcher:
    - Double tap to lock the device
    (This change would make the stock launcher experience much easier without having to use physical key to lock the device).

    - Google Feed option to replace Smart Assistant
    (The way Google Feed is implemented on Launchers would make the stock launcher experience much better to use and would contribute to people to don't change launcher just to have this change).

    - Set Home Screen to a random page
    (Allow the user to set a random page as a HomeScreen)

    - Custom Icons
    (Probably one of the most important features on customizing your phone. Allow the launcher to use different icon packs).

    - App Drawer
    (Ability to sort by other than date order eg alphabetic - ascending and descending options etc. Possibility to have folders inside it).

    - Notification Badges
    (Notification counter badges on all Apps Installed that have Notifications).

    General Changes:
    - A Better Always on Display
    (Having a Tap to show on AOD instead of using the Proximity Sensor).
    (Always On Display to be always ON like it should be, at least give a option to be always active/smart/off)
    (To show every app icons that have notifications active)
    (Bigger Notification Icons)

    - ROM Updates Links
    (Having a place with links where people can download the latest OTA files. This would make the update process much easier for everyone).

    - Optimized Charging Features
    (Following several studies saying that higher Watts hurt the battery and not every user needs 65W all the times having an option on developer settings or anywhere else where we can select lower Watts to charge the phone to maximize the battery life).
    Also some Settings to stop the charge when reaching 80% (a few studies show that you should keep your battery levels between 20 and 80%)

    - No Animations to Fingerprint Scanner
    (Having no Animation as an option will make the phone to be faster to unlock the device and since the finger physically hides every animation it's a major improvement since when unlocking speed is the key function. This can be seen in any OnePlus device).

    - Missed ROM String Translations
    (In every ROM update, the Portuguese (Portugal) language at least has some flaws. In this matter i can easily and gladly help translating options properly).

    - Camera and Microphone access indicators
    (Much like the implementation in iOS 14, Access Dots should show colored dots whenever the camera or the mic is in use. Although the dots usually show up at the top right corner of the display, you should be also to choose the location for the dots from within the Settings. You should also be able to choose from different colors for the camera and the microphone and change the size of the dot from the Settings).

    - Lockdown Mode
    (Introduced on Android 9 Lockdown mode aims to protect those who want to keep their private data from the prying eyes of thieves and others. How lockdown works is by blocking fingerprint sensors, facial-recognition, and voice recognition. Once lockdown activates, the only way to enter your device is via PIN code, password, or pattern. Considering fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, and voice recognition are more easily bypassed than PIN, password, or pattern, this could be considered a must-use for those who consider security a top priority).

    - Virtual LED Notification
    (Since most OEMs removed the LED it would be good to have a more permanent alternative to Horizon Lights implemented by Oppo. This feature only happens for a couple of seconds which is not the best idea for the users. Having a small dot appearing randomly on the screen would be a viable option besides the Horizon Light. This LED Option should be able to customize the dot colour per app, move the dot to avoid screen burns and must be permanent until the user dismisses the notification).

    - Ultra Vision Engine
    (Show which apps it works with and allow more apps like Plex. Emby, Kodi.
    eg: little watermark notification saying ultra vision engine at the beginning).

    Camera & Gallery Changes:
    - Improve bokeh effect for portrait shots.
    - Improve anti ghosting / merging of HDR shots.
    - Add Focus Tracking and/or Eye tracking.
    - Improve the Front Camera quality in HDR and details.

    - Allow Auxiliary Lens on GCam
    (This change would allow the development of GCam Mods for all the Oppo devices and consequent the boost of sales since these Mods improve a lot the Camera Performance.
    Whitelist the package name "org.codeaurora.snapcam" on Camera2API to allow the access to Ultrawide and Telephoto without Root.
    This change can be seen in all the Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus 8 Pro and other brands).

    - 48MP Mode on GCam
    (Allowing 3rd Party Apps, in this case GCam to allow 48MP Modes. This would mean a lot to every user that can consider this device. This change would allow a better development of GCam Mods for all the Oppo devices and consequent the boost of sales since these Mods enhance the Camera Performance.
    This change could benefit Ultrawide and Main Sensor. Front Camera is capped also to 8MP instead of 32MP.
    With a simple camxoverridesettings.txt it will be activated maxRAWSizes=1 <— activate array 1 ( 8000 6000 )
    This change can be seen on the latest OnePlus 8 Pro and all the ASUS and ROG devices).

    - Allow 3rd party Galleries with Stock Cam
    (When freezing or uninstalling the Stock Oppo Gallery you can't preview the photos taken with other Galleries).

    - Video on Ultrawide
    (Ultrawide IMX586 can easily make 4K60 and its currently only doing 4K30).

    - Video on Front Camera
    (Front Camera is more than capable to use higher resolutions than [email protected] For example P40 Pro with the same sensor can do 4K60).

    - Camera quality on Snapchat, Instagram & WhatsApp
    (Microphone volume on Snapchat, Instagram (WhatsApp is fine)
    For Some reason, on Snapchat specifically, the microphone quality/volume is pitiful, friends struggle to hear when in a empty room with no other sources of volume such as a TV. Tested this on most social apps & it happens the absolute worst with Snapchat, it may be something on Snapchats end rather than Oppo's but it doesn't happen with any other device.)

    - Allow more Zoom on Stock Gallery
    (On the photo gallery allow further zoom levels, so you can zoom close up in pictures. at the moment you can only zoom like 2-3 level on the Samsung devices you can zoom right in.)

    - Zoom Preview after 10x on Stock Camera
    (Like Samsung and Huawei on their Camera Apps are doing a little preview when the zoom levels are higher than 10x would make the user to know precisely where he is zooming).

    - Photo Album - Hide unwanted photo folders eg WhatsApps images
    (Ability to sort in ascending order or descending order
    Ability to remember last selection for start up eg Albums -> Camera instead defaults back to Photo category)

    Currently Bugs: (from July Security Patch Update)
    - Lock screen notification stays lit when charging
    (When receiving a new notification arrives whilst plugged into a charger, the lock screen wakes up (as set to do previouslly), but doesn't then fade out. Instead it keeps the Phone Screen on until the notification is cleared or the charger is unplugged).

    - Flare Issues (There's an issue with Flare with the Find X2 Pro in some/maybe all units. When a source of light hits the lens sideways in a certain angle it provokes a horrible and unusual flare due probably to the bad quality of the lens coating. This issue is only on the IMX689 sensor and one should be aknowledge by Oppo and fixed).

    If you guys don't mind i'll add some of the ideas you guys may throw in this thread to make it easier if anyone from Oppo checks it.
    If you guys don't mind i'll add some of the ideas you guys may throw in this thread to make it easier if anyone from Oppo checks it.
    As OP, plus:

    Stock Launcher:
    - double tap to lock
    - Google feed
    - set home screen
    - custom icons

    - tap to show

    Status bar
    - show batt % next to batt icon

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    Last ones from me that I forgot to add

    Lockdown Mode that was introduced back in Android 9 Pie should be on this device it's not even up for debate I have no idea how it's missing.

    I'd also love a to see Oppo incorporate notification dots similar to the ones found in iOS 14, it shows a green dot in the notification bar when the camera is accessed & a orange dot when the microphone is accessed.
    *This is already available through a third party app but incorporating it in to the OS would be nice, link below*
    added :)
    It'd be nice if the ColorOS team could give us a native battery health monitor too, Google for whatever reason refuse to implement it to stock Android
    & AccuBattery isn't as accurate as native, it's always good for users to be able to check battery health to see how much the original capacity is degrading, that way we know when we can expect to get a replacement battery