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Fire 7" 5th gen models SV98LN and KFFOWI -- are they the same?

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Aug 22, 2011
eBay search: Amazon Kindle (5th Generation) 7 in - 8.9 in Screen Tablets shows SV98LN

Wikipedia: Amazon Fire tablet show KFFOWI

This XDA post Help me unbrick my Kindle Fire Gen 5 mentions both SV98LN and KFFOWI.

This XDA post Bootloader Unlock Ideas has the text, "I bought one of these 7-inch Fire Tablets (5th generation) during the $35 sale a few weeks back. I purchased it from a big chain store, so it has model SV98LN rather than the KFFOWI reported by others in this forum.

A Google search for "amazon SV98LN kffowi" gives a top result of Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB

When my Fire 7" was still alive, it said it was KFFOWI, but then it crossed the Capacitor Bridge to heaven and I started looking on eBay for a replacement.

TL;DR I can't find anything official at amazon.com that explicitly states SV98LN is the same as KFFOWI. What am I missing, and what would I get if I bought SV98LN off of ebay?